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RELEASED PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. crystalcrasher

    crystalcrasher Big Damn Hero

    Demi has stated before that she's not making balanced versions as it would take too much time. she's leaving that to a friend as a training project to teach them coding.
    Speaking of coding, I have a short question for Demise: How do you change a weapon's damage per swing and swing speed? I've decided to tackle coding like i did art: slow, bit by bit, and self-taught, and these weapons are so lovely that i feel bad they're so OP. So I was going to personalize my copy of your mod to tone down the swords a touch, because seriously: glowsword, amazing. and one looks like a keyblade kinda.
    Speaking of which, could you make a keyblade? Or is that striking some sort of copyright infringement?
    Also, do you want any help mucking up some crazy weapons? I have a few good ideas cooking for a while, and with how amazing this mod is I'd be honored to muck about designing things with yas.

    P.S. I disappeared because my computer snapped in two, but Christmas is great so i'm back
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  2. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi Riganz

    1st many thnax for the bug report, i don't take anything which helps the mod grow too personal :D

    I will look into the banana bug tonight as i got a few hours free, with the PBR headphones i will take a look at them another day as it prob gonna be something in the lua which causing it to crash. i never noticed that bug as i never tend to turn off the PBR headphones when i start using them lol
    With the wings i noticed that the day after i uploaded the latest version but i haven't had time to look into why they now appear in front of the player instead of behind.

    With your requests i can say... the OP undies i have made Skill Undies which there is 12 of (if i remember correctly) each bra (chest for men) and pants have the same skill so you can mix and match. ;P
    With the wig crafting station idea i have something along that line in my todo list, which is to make some specific stations just for certain item types (like a wig station) but will still keep the current PBR Crafting stations for everything,
    and with your starbound hairs as wigs idea i can def do that, i will put that as my next thing todo after i finish making the new PBR Spears and fixing the PBR Banana's.[DOUBLEPOST=1451342107][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hi Hi NiamhNyx,
    >.< LOL! ;P
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  3. riganz

    riganz Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello Demi! thanks for the reply and hope you had a really nice christmas and i wish you have a happy new year!

    i know there are dif op undies but, all of em have a really high stats that make the game, well.. bit boring considering they give a lot of deff, health, and whatnot
  4. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi Again :D
    Yes i had a great Christmas Thanx for asking, i hope you had a great one too.
    With the OP undies yes there is a few of them but i have made some new undies called PBR Skill Undies (which will be in the next update of the PBR Starbound Mod) the Skill Undies all have just one skill/stat so like how you would like to have no fall damage and an energy regen, you can have just them 2, all you will have to do is but on the pants for no fall damage and the chest for energy regen.
    If you still not sure what i'm talking about lol don't worry as once i have finished making the abilities for the new PBR Spears i will upload the new version
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  5. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi Crystal,

    Just checking through the posts on here and i noticed i had missed reading your's >.<
    let me start by saying welcome back lol!

    With the swords being op i have a quick way of making every weapon less op which i will be adding soon, tbh i would of had it done by now just this holiday has been extra busy for me and i haven't had much time to work on the PBR Starbound Mod :(

    With your question about how you change the stats on the swords i will explain how you do it but i ask if you do change anything you keep it for your self and you don't upload it to the site.
    1st go to one of the PBR Broad Swords i will use "pbrswordbroad002" as the example so head to "items\pbrswords\pbrswordbroad002" in this folder you need to open the file "pbrswordbroad002.sword" with a word editor i recommend you use notepad++ (it's a free program so if you don't have it already just search it on google).
    now in here you need to go to

    "primaryStances" :
    "directional" : false,
    "projectileType" : "pbrswordbroadprojectile001",
    "projectile" :
    "speed" : 0.1,
    "power" : 5000000

    to change damage per swing just change "power" : 5000000 to something like "power" : 100 (the lower the number the less powerful the damage is).and to change the rate of hits just just need to change "speed" : 0.1 to some thing like "speed" : 1.0 (the higher the number the slower the rate of hits are).

    now if you want to change the speed for the animation of the swing speed you need to make the number in the duration for idle, windup and cooldown.

    once your done save the file and load up starbound find some baddies and give them a whack, then if you feel you need to tweak any of the stats exit starbound and load up the file again.

    With the working with me best way todo this is to add me on steam as i'm most active on there for keeping in touch with people (if you don't know how to find my steam profile just hit the "ask questions / get support" button on the overview page.
    also with the keyblade could you send me a link to what it looks like and i'll make you a pixely version which looks something like it. :D
  6. novkit

    novkit Void-Bound Voyager

    Demise, I have to say this mod has rapidly gone from "WTF?" on first download to "unplayable without it" in less than an hour lol.
    I've also noticed the headphones bug where it crashes when you turn them off, but I've also noticed that they only play the "Data track not found" song. Do I have to manually add all the songs or should it have defaults?

    Btw this mod + pony modpack make it possible to have a Vinyl Scratch rave party :D
  7. crystalcrasher

    crystalcrasher Big Damn Hero

    OOkay, thanks! I'm having an issue with the files locking me out from editing them so I guess I'll be hitting you up on steam a bit then, and heh, no worries about the christmas break thing, it gets hectic for a lot of us across the place, so no worries, and I was M-I-A because my computer was D-E-D, got a new one for christmas, but my worlds, and characters, gone, unless i can get a hard drive case or figure out a way to make the drive swap screens 1 and 2 so that screen 2 is the ded laptop screen that tanked the compy and use a small LCD television we never use as the main screen, without using the screen 9~9

    also, here's the kingdom hearts 2 keyblades list. MY personal two favorites, are the "Follow The Wind" and the "Photon Debugger", from the Pirates of the Caribbean and TRON sections of the game, but a good one for special flavor would be the "Guardian Soul" as it was partially superior to the other blades as it was noticeably longer, as was the Ultima Weapon, which was a nice gimmick due to how universally well it translated across the game world, and a very long, fairly fast longsword is always a nice gimmick. But, "The Circle Of Life" is a cool design for a sword, really cool. or just, preferably, your favorite key. Google those names with the world "Keyblade" after them to have the actual visual model file from the game near the top of the search for higher quality. also, the second image includes the keblades the other characters besides Sora use, like the plain golden skeleton key. That's king Mickey's very own.

    oh, would I have a question, once I get a hold of you on steam. It involves Squigly, Leviathan, and an cool head item.

    edit: fixed the file lock. it was flagged read-only, undid that, and no worries, I am NEVER gonna plagiarize you. you, and I won't upload my personal edits, i promise, and that's assuming i even knew how :rofl:

    EDIT: OH, my steam name involves Squiggles or Squigly or silver or Leviathan. take a guess at my favorite ever Zambie, although Ed ffrom ben and ed is pretty cool too.

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  8. 228alisa87

    228alisa87 Big Damn Hero

    Game crashes at version Glad giraffe stable update 3. Text of the error: " Fatal Exeption caught: (StarExeption) An error occured during loading: (ItemException) Could not create blueprint item from recite Caused by: (ItemException) No such item 'beakseedseed' ". Plz fix it.
  9. MythixDino

    MythixDino Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Is balance a thing?
    And it seems you stopped working on this mod :/
  10. itsmickib

    itsmickib Void-Bound Voyager

    It all looks so nice, but all I really want are the liquid guns. It seems pointless to download the entire thing just for one little thing...is it maybe possible to release certain aspects of the mod (such as the clothes and the weapons and wings and stuff) as separate mods? Just like how you released a pbr ship mod (which I LOVE) as a separate add on.

    Sorry for my bad english..its the only language I speak but you might not be able to tell.:nurusad:
  11. cankersaur

    cankersaur Pangalactic Porcupine

    Oh good, I'm not the only one.
  12. TylorBane

    TylorBane Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    two years since an update and half that since anybody's posted here, what a shame, i was actually interested in this mod
  13. DarkGirl62500

    DarkGirl62500 Big Damn Hero

    Hello i got some problem with your mod i got the last version of Starbound and i have the mod in the " mods " folder but when i launch the game i got the intro music but after a moment with the loading screen the game close without any sign for a error or anything else . Thanks for a answer to my problem and i would tell you that your mod is just so fucking AWESOME :D
  14. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    This mod hasnt been updated in nearly 2 years. It is vastly outdated and not functional.
  15. DarkGirl62500

    DarkGirl62500 Big Damn Hero

    OK thanks for the answer but anyone can update the mod ? its very simply i think ?
  16. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Not without permission, which the mod states is not given.

    And if you think it is easy, why not make your own mod?
  17. DarkGirl62500

    DarkGirl62500 Big Damn Hero

    Oh ... sorry for the mistake ^^' and also i would like to create my own mod but i doesn't see how to create it because i'm not a modder :(
  18. Omnipresent Microorganism

    Omnipresent Microorganism Void-Bound Voyager

    Whenever I try to open the game with the mod in, it just crashes before I reach the title screen.

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