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RELEASED PBR Starbound Mod V2.1.05

liquids, weapons, tools, armor, instruments, ABC Music, Music Items, add your own music & many more.

  1. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    Mod looks fantastic - just added it to the featured list.
    Also I have no idea what PBR stands for.
    My best guess is Peanut Butter Redux.
  2. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi xxswatelitexx,
    Wow <3 <3 <3
    i feel very honoured to be added to the the featured list!
  3. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    sorry just seen the rest of your message
    it can mean anything you like!
    Peanut Butter Redux is a great guess, lol
    here is a few of the other guesses people have given me over the years,

    People Be Ready
    Personal Best Record
    Paint Ball Rules
    Point Blank Range
    Pink Barbie Radio
    Public Broadcast Radio
    Private Business Radio
    Professional Bike Rider
    Professional Bull Riding
    Permit By Rule
    Packed by Removalist
    Pokemon Battle Revolution

    but tbh it's actually an abbreviation for the name of my old recording studio "Pow Bwa Recordz" which i owned when i started making this mod.
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  4. Death 2

    Death 2 Void-Bound Voyager

    When I try to enter is says error, Fatal Exception caught: (MapExeption) Key 'tentaclejuice' not found in Map::get()
  5. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Demise updated PBR Starbound Mod with a new update entry:

    flame shooters

    Read the rest of this update entry...[DOUBLEPOST=1447670859][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hi Hi Death 2
    that's very weird you are having that problem as i don't have any tentacle juice in my mod, could you let me know what other mods you are using that add liquids
  6. crystalcrasher

    crystalcrasher Big Damn Hero

    HI! First of all, I adore this mod. I've had it a day and I love it.

    Unfortunately, I hate to be a downer, but 2 things are seriously hindering my ability to fully enjoy this mod:

    1) the vault is so huge it extends off my screen a fair bit i assume, haven't counted the squares exactly but a good chunk of the N in starbound was offscreen, and I'm fullscreened (this is not the real deal breaker here, since i have the tf2 mod and robocrates are more than enough storage-to-object size ratio for me)

    and then - here's the big issue - 2) once i place a PBR object, it's, like, giga-locked, or something. By that I mean, every single one of them is made from pieces of Indestructo Tanks past. Even your op as geddout drills can't break them. or even begin to. No shaking, nothing.

    Also, I the wings won my heart :rofl: thank you so much for these.
  7. Death 2

    Death 2 Void-Bound Voyager

    I'll try download the version that was recently released, it was released yesterday so I didn't know
  8. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi Crystalcrasher

    I would recommend you use the PBR Drill 001 for removing any of the PBR items, (the PBR Drill 001 is the most powerful out of the 3) hold shift to make it only one block big and it should only take one or two hits to remove something.
    with the vaults i have plans on making smaller ones (still bigger than the normal game ones) just haven't got that far down in my list of things todo yet lol
    but i can always push them up higher if people really want to see something happen sooner than later.

    Really happy to hear you are liking the wings, they are one of my must have items too when i get to play ;P[DOUBLEPOST=1447736120][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hi Hi again Death 2

    Yh def try the new v2.0.14 and see if you are coming up with the same error, if you are just give me a list of all the mods you are using that adds liquids and i'll see what i can do
  9. Death 2

    Death 2 Void-Bound Voyager

    I downloaded the new version but it keeps coming up with the message. So far the only mod that I know adds water is Lily's-Star, CLeF and Frackin' Universe
  10. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi again
    well Frackin' Universe should be fine as one of my testers uses that mod and they have not reported any conflicts,
    I tried searching the other two you said about but couldn't find them so would you give me the links to where there are on the starbound forum.
    also would you do a quick test for me to see if it is one of them, just take out all 3 of them from your mod folder and keep the PBR starbound mod in and see if the game loads up, if it dose don't go into any of your saves just quit the game and then add just one of them 3 back into your mod folder and try the game again, keep doing that process until you find what is causing the conflict and then let me know what mod it is causing you the problems and i'll take a look at what i can do to get it fixed.
  11. Death 2

    Death 2 Void-Bound Voyager

    I took them out but it still come up with the message. Also the other 2 mods are only included in a ModPack (The one full of different mods, not the file ModPak) http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/lillypak.2936/
  12. crystalcrasher

    crystalcrasher Big Damn Hero

    I'm starting a new modded race, the ourans or something they're called, Reptile pacifist people, and your mod mad making a new home so nice after you told me i could break the blocks with the ultimate drill ^w^
    And now, the wait is on for a more balanced form of the mod. but this drill certainly makes core mining more fun, ha! Thanks for your help ma'am!
  13. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi Death
    If you took them mods out and where still getting the same error then it's another mod causing the problems, what you'll have to do is take out all mods (just put them in a folder on your desktop for now) except the PBR Starbound Mod and load up the game to make sure it works without the error, if everything loads fine then one at a time put one mod back into the mod folder with the PBR starbound mod until you find which mod is causing this conflict. remember while doing this test never load up any of your saves just let the game load and if everything is fine just close the game and carry on adding a mod.
    We'll get to the bottom of this conflict in the end lol >.<[DOUBLEPOST=1447821989][/DOUBLEPOST]
    lol to the drill :p
    Awesome def give me a link to your mod when your have finished it, i don't get to play starbound much these days but i will certainly give it a go :D

    with the balanced version of this mod i have no plans on remaking at this time so you might have to wait a while before i do get back around to re-making it, even in the balanced version when i made it last alot of the op item stats i never changed it was they just where not available until much later in the game and i made the crafting of them very hard too so you would have to find and process lots of the harder to find mats.
    but a friend of mine was recently asking if they could have a go at making the balanced version as they want to learn how to make mods for starbound, only down side to this would be that i would have to spend a lot of time teaching them & still it would prob be a few months before they would be ready to do it.
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  14. Death 2

    Death 2 Void-Bound Voyager

    I did what you said and finally it worked. Thank you so much Demise. You are awesome. I can't wait to see what is in the PBR mod
  15. crystalcrasher

    crystalcrasher Big Damn Hero

    I have all the time in the world! and lol , the mod isn't mine, i wish, i dunno how to program XP it's one i downloaded. Gyrusens+ mod. i think they're somewhere on the featured list possibly.0
    if Ii made a mod, i'd be making CAnine folk, and I would need an australian cohort because they'd be from space australia (total dbz abdrdged joke yeah but it'll be worth itto have half space dingo and tasmanian space tiger people! :rofl:)

    or sharks. I would add shark people. make them hawaiians. I mean, hawaiian weapons were paddles with shark teeth for the edge of the blade.
    hm... I AM goiing to take a graphic arts course next semester, maybe I'll pick up pixel art and find a programmer for a nice mod. I mean, with the crazy stuff in my head, this'll be the thing to do. plus, i can split the clothes off as their own mod ^p^
    and hhey'd all be half out of their minds, like their creator ^w^
  16. crystalcrasher

    crystalcrasher Big Damn Hero

    This mod, because of how ridiculouslyy easy it is to get your hands on building blocks, let me get silly and artsy. My base has a spinoff attachment, complete with platforms hooked up together to look like they're the base, which is basically a pillar at a forty-five degree angle with another pillar stood up on the end, and tha'ts in the process of being attached to a skypillar where the rave and the living quarters will be, because I've gotten all the way through to titanium level and still don't have an actual bed (that isn't from this mod and just stuck on a wall over the spa pit). This mod is great!
  17. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi Death 2,
    Did you find out which mod was causing the conflict? so i could take a look at it and see if there is a work around or so i can put up a warning on the overview page about the conflict.
    Really glad to hear you got the mod working now i hope your enjoying it.[DOUBLEPOST=1447988955][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Hi Hi Crystal
    Ahhh i see i thought you meant you where making a race mod lol my bad i must of read it wrong >.<
    you know making mods anit that hard really i would say anyone who enjoys playing starbound should give it a go at some point, there is many guilds these days on how to do certain things plus there lots of modders whom i'm sure would give help to any new modders (i can only speak for my self with this tho).
    the code writing side of modding can be a learning curve to say the least but once you've done it a few times it gets easy. then the next challenge is the artwork side of things where as people would at 1st think pixel art is easy, it can be quite the opposite as you don't have much to work, by this i mean normally you can can as much detail to normal artwork but when it comes down to pixel you got to focus on the details that matter only, lol
    It would be nice to see a mod of your crazy ideas (that's how my mod started) it was just things i wanted to play with in starbound and as i never saw them on the forum back then i thought why not try and make them my self and it kinda snow balled from there.

    your base sounds awesome, you should take a pic of it sometime and post it in here so i can see :D
    as i love seeing what people do with my mod.[DOUBLEPOST=1447990162][/DOUBLEPOST]Hi Hi everyone quick update time,
    I've been away for the past 2 days so haven't got much done over the past 2 days but saying that i had done a few things do before i had to go which i'll quickly talk about.
    I mentioned last week or maybe a couple of weeks ago (i forget lol) about a ship mod i've been slowly making well that's 99% done now and i have a tester trying it out now so hopefully in the coming week that should be up on the forum, this ship mod is designed to work along side the PBR Starbound mod, but if anyone wants to use it on it's own it will work just some items will be missing.
    I've also been working on the Space Range furniture set a bit more i've got the wardrobe and set of drawers made, the drawers animate when you open them but for some reason the wardrobe kept crashing the game when i had it animating so for now that doesn't when opening it.
    Also i have made a new vault which i manly made for the new wardrobe but thought i would make a PBR Vault out of it too, this vault can only hold 368 items which is half the size of the older vaults which held 736, but that's still tons of space to keep you items in lol
    Finally when i got home last night i started work on a sprinkler which will keep all you crops watered, they shoot out drops of water about once every 3 seconds and work over a range of about 12 blocks each side of the sprinkler, if you wish to have them shooting out water at a faster rate you can hook them up to one of the PBR timed switches, also you can switch it off by hooking it up to a normal switch :D
    so that's about it for now i'm sure i forgot to mention something as i always do lol but that's the main new items i've got made so far this week, i've got the day off today so i plan on trying to squeeze in a few hours of starbound modding
    Take care and at the latest i'll see you all again on Monday for the next update
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  18. Death 2

    Death 2 Void-Bound Voyager

    It was the mod Mysterious Stars
  19. Awbawlisk

    Awbawlisk Phantasmal Quasar

    THATS BECAUSE IT CONFLICTED WITH THE TENTACLE JUICE LIQUID. A good solution to it would be- honestly, just..

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4zy37s94yg1cxs/Mysterious Stars v1.5.1.modpak?dl=0

    Here, I updated mines so that the Tentacle Juice Liquid has a different number than "80", which is what one of the PBR liquids is currently using.
  20. Demise

    Demise Big Damn Hero

    Hi Hi again Awbawlisk,
    Your a star for doing that i was going to get to work on trying to sort the conflict out when i got up in 4-6hours now there is no need i can just get up and keep working on new content before i have to start working :D

    [DOUBLEPOST=1448063510][/DOUBLEPOST]Update for PBR Starbound mod - dew to a mix up with the PBR Ship being put on the forum before it was meant to i'll be updating the PBR Starbound Mod tomorrow instead of Monday this week, so means everyone can get to play with the new items for the weekend this week instead of after. I got the PBR Skyrail Tech working again this morning along with some new rails, I have not got the artwork for the Tech card made for this tech yet for now i'm just using another but come next week this well be all sorted.

    some of the new items which i happy to say are finished are the PBR Sprinklers
    Garden - PBR Sprinkler SS.png

    Now you never need to water another crop again YAY!

    Also there is a new vault
    Vaults - PBR Vault 001 (368).png Vaults - PBR Vault 368 SS.png
    This is smaller than the older vaults and is just the start of the vault sizes that will be coming in the next few weeks

    This update will also see 2 new Morphballs
    PBR Tech Card - PBR Morphball.png PBR Tech - PBR Morphball SS.png PBR Tech Card - PBR Morphball (Love).png PBR Tech - PBR Morphball (Love) SS.png

    along with all this there are many other small changes and other items in the update which i'll try and remember to explain when do the update details.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2015

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