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Closed Paypal email

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by cupcoffee, May 7, 2013.

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  1. cupcoffee

    cupcoffee Space Hobo


    My problem is that i can't acces the email adress my paypal account was registered with.
    And my question was to what email adress do the keys get send after i complete the purchase.

  2. For the email you did input before purchase, not the paypal one. ;)
    But you should fix the paypal email, when some trouble come, without access to email you can lose the account.
  3. cupcoffee

    cupcoffee Space Hobo

    Ok but i just read the sticky's and those say if something goes wrong with receiving the email i need to contact humble with my transaction email.
  4. Yes, it happens. But that's the email you placed before paid the game. Normally it will go without any issues ^^
    If if you have an issue you don't need receive nothing in your paypal email.
  5. cupcoffee

    cupcoffee Space Hobo

    Alright , thankyou! :)
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