Modding Help [partly solved] help with teleport and other animations for non-humanoid species

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Eralia, Feb 27, 2023.

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    (prev title: "how do penguins have unique teleport animations ?")
    figured id just ask. im making a species that has a non-humanoid body plan and id like them to have a unique playerwarpin and playerwarpout animation, like penguins, but i cant find what determines this
    [​IMG] (the red blob is my species using the wrong teleport animation)
    i know the penguin teleport animations are in the animations/teleport folder, but i cant find what makes penguins have those animations as its not in that folder or their species/penguinoid files. is it npc only? how does that work?
    for the record i have the necessary animations in my mod files, both called [species]playerwarpin/out like penguins, with frame files included. all i need is to just get them working, somehow

    for that matter, id also like to know if theres a way to change the dash tech animation for my species too

    UPDATE: i have a partial solution lower down (as well as a solution to another animation that is wrong), the only issue is i cant get the teleport animation working for the actual player, and for now it only works for the npcs, so id still like help with that
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    I feel you. I want to know too
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    update!!! this is only partly solved, but i found a lead for this, finally, by looking into status effects for an entirely different reason
    stats/effects/beamin/beamin.statuseffect has this line
    as well as this bit in beamin.lua which controls that
    as well as this bit in beamin.animation, which ensures that it does select a species here and i named my animation frames correctly then
    the beamin folder also has all the equivalents of those

    so i made beamin.statuseffect.patch, as well as equivalent patches for 3 beamout effects, and put this in it, also oops theres my species name. i mean its a very silly species but theres no point hiding it at this point
            "op": "add",
            "path": "/effectConfig/speciesTags/angrybird",
            "value": "angrybird"
    and it WORKED... but only for the npcs for some reason! so the current issue now is, how could this be fixed for the player?
    (sorry for the image quality, i did a recording so i could look at this frame by frame easier)

    for attempting to make humanoid silhouettes in other animations into non-humanoid silhouettes, i did find one that seems easier to change, which is the player death animation; its contained in the [species name]oid.config (ie penguinoid.config which ironically didnt change that animation) file, so that one is easily replaceable with something else. its too quick to tell as only one frame of the animation has the humanoid silhouette (or the one i changed it to), but i recorded it to check and it DID work! its also useful to know if you want to replace the death animation with something unique entirely

    as for the dash animation and also transforming for spheres, im still not sure here. the .tech files have nothing, and theres also no status effects that control this either. they might just be stuck as inexplicable humanoid silhouettes unfortunately, unless you can still magic something with status effects here
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    Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

    You've gotten so much closer than I ever have. I look forward to seeing where you take this.
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