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    Heya, guys. I'm making a thread to post my progress on a new mod I am making: Part of the Community.

    PotC is a friendship mod that allows the Farmer to gain friendship points passively, as well as actively in other ways.

    Right now, the features are:
    25/1/2017: Base
    • Villagers within earshot of the Farmer when he is talking to/gifting another villager will get a slight increase in friendship (every 2^n times witnessed) (Witness Bonus)
    • Villagers will get a slight friendship increase at the end of the day if one of their friends/family members gains a gift (Storyteller Bonus)
    • Shop Owners will increase friendship when the Farmer visits their shop (once per day) (Ujamaa Bonus)
    • All villagers will increase friendship simply by joining the festivities (Umoja Bonus 1)
    • Marrying/Increasing your Spouse/Child's Friendship will give an increase to the wife's family (Umoja Bonus 2)
    • Completing the CC Bundles will give a increase to all Store Owners (Except Dwarf/Krobus)(Ujima Bonus 1)
    • Completing multiple Bulletin Board Quests will give a slight increase to all villagers (Ujima Bonus 2)
    • Shipping at least one new item will give a slight increase to all villagers (Kuumba Bonus)
    Please feel free to make your opinions and recommendations here or on PM.

    Update: 14-Feb-17
    The Mod is out! Happy Valentines Day!
    SpaceBaby out!

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    • bmarquis

      bmarquis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Update 1 (29-January- 2017)

      Finished implementing the Witness and Storyteller Bonuses.
      Witness Bonus
      * The Player will gain a slight (default +4, subject to change) increase from everyone who is around the Player and Villager when the Player Talks to the Villager
      * Those Villagers targeted by the bonus will show an emote (as portrayed in the image)
      ** BUG: The Villager speaking to the Player will also show an emote. Planning on removing it or making the emote random or delayed.
      Storyteller Bonus (Not shown)
      * The Player will gain a slight (Default+ 4* Number of relations gifted, subject to change) to everyone related to the gift holder in any way (Family, Friends, Secret Lovers, etc.)
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      • bmarquis

        bmarquis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Update 2: (7-February-2017)

        Started Implementing the Ujamaa Bonus. Added an extra criteria to gain the bonus: now if the player buys an item in the store, then the bonus will be applied.
        Found a problem with implementing the bonus: I was checking if the store's stock is being depleted. However, there are cases where that is not feasible(For example, infinite items). Planning on actually checking for both the stock and player inventory for changes.
        • bmarquis

          bmarquis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          Update 3: (11-February-2017)
          2017-02-11 18-54-08.gif

          Finished Implementing the Ujamaa Bonus. The Bonus will be applied as soon as the Player pays for the item.

          Other notes:
          • Fixed Bug in which the person talking to the Player also gets an emoji.
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          • bmarquis

            bmarquis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Update 4: (13-February-17)
            Started the Umoja Bonus yesterday. Finished the Umoja Bonus Today.

            Introduction: Umoja Bonus
            This Bonus Reflects the spirit of Unity in the family and community. As such:
            * The Player will receive a nominal (Default 16) bonus for joining any festival
            * The Player will receive a substantial (Default: 240 for family members/admirers of the spouse and 120 for everyone else) bonus for marrying his/her spouse and for every child conceived
            * The Player will receive a nominal (Default 10) end of day Bonus from family members for any increase of the spouse and child's love
            • bmarquis

              bmarquis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Update 5: (13-February-17)
              Finished the Ujima Bonus:

              Introduction: Ujima Bonus
              This Bonus reflects on the dependency of one to the community.
              • The Player will receive a (Default 20) friendship bonus for completing a single bundle (not a bundle group) to all Store Owners (except Krobus/Dwarf)
                • This is retroactive, so if you completed the entire community center, you will get 600 friend points(by default)
              • Completing a recent Bulletin Board Quest will give you a max of (default 12) Friendship points, split in half for any day after for 3 days, or until the player completes another quest, which resets the bonus
              • bmarquis

                bmarquis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Update 6: 14-February-17

                The Mod is released! You can download it here or support it on <<Nexus Mods>>
                source code is <<here>>
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                  Works well so far. Thanks for this, there don't seem to be many friendship mods available after the 1.2 update so this is very useful.
                  • Techonrye

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                    bmarquis, any plans to update this wonderful mod for the new multiplayer beta?
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