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Discussion in 'Corporations Archive' started by NanoPaladin, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. NanoPaladin

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    [reply sent in moderate encryption, moderately hard to crack]
    Apologies on the long delay we had some internal server issues at headquarters. We will accept this contract as it does seem just. According to the Galactic Laws 55-6705 no company, government, or other group shall supply less developed planets and species with higher tech than what their planetary means make available to them.

    I will put together a sortie and even drop with them myself to assure complete mission success.
    [end message]
  2. Gentleman

    Gentleman Star Wrangler

    Name: Sir Biron Tinalot.
    Age: Error 404 Age Not Found
    Position Desired:Anything, just so I can kill and/or defend innocent people
    Why should we hire you:Well my fellow man, I may not be the best, but I am sure good with my sword,
    I rather go with my sword then with this so called "firearms", if thats the reason you are not letting me join, so be it.
    Do you have any convictions against you: Well, unless baby monsters that lost their parents by my robot hand counts , I guess not!
  3. Commander Benny

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    (a message flashes on screen) greetings space paladins or whatever you guys call yourselves. we here at Benny's Brigade just wanted to say hello to another law abiding mercenary group. also I have a rather nice ship for sale, interested?
  4. GravityFlux

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    Um, this is a ridiculously bad necro.
    The last post was in April
  5. Commander Benny

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    GRAVITY FLUX!?! you work here (this is acting) look is my request approved or not?
  6. GravityFlux

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    Oh for fucks sake, I don't think you realize this, but this is a necro, which is somewhat against the Forum rules. And its literally the biggest necro I've ever seen
  7. The_Nuker

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    Name: Jeff "Joker" Moreau
    Age: 33 years
    Position Desired: I want to be a pilot.
    Why should we hire you: I'm the best pilot in the known world. I have bad leg but still I'm the best.
    My story line (take a popcorn and sit): Joker spent his early life on Arcturus Station because his mother worked as a civilian contractor. When he was adult enough to enlist, he joined the Navy Covenant. He got his nickname from his instructor pilot, because he's not smileing enough. However, at the end of their training, surpassed all students and even instructors. "He beat their sickly kid with a brittle, tiny feet. Guess Commander, who laughed at the graduation ceremony of the Academy." When Normandy was ordered, the Joker was chosen for it's pilot.
    Do you have any convictions against you: Nothing.

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