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    Hello everyone, after knowing this incredible game and spend hours playing I met the modders community, and seeing the incredible work of some people here I fell in love..

    So I decided to make this topic a list of mods organized ideas and separated by categories, thereby facilitating the lives of those who are willing to work to give us a different experience this wonderful game.

    *First of all I would say that english is not my native language, my knowledge is basic and with help Google, I will try to fix it and write the more understandable Within my limitations, I ask that understand my mistakes and if possible help me to fix them, I appreciate everyone's understanding.

    **If you are working on a mod in Which the idea is in thread leave a message, so that we can follow the development of the same.

    #01 More animals

    Peacock and Turkey
    Example: [​IMG]

    Who knows for example add a new upgrade in the house so you can release them purchase.
    Each could obtain a certain type of material such as Peacock you could get feathers and they can be used to produce a hat or something else.

    other animal it would be cool to be added would be a buffalo, a good feature for the buffalo would put it in a unique setting his alone beyond it have the ability to attack you (taking a certain damage) when approaching him running for example so would you be obliged to approach him calmly and only then food and caresses it, after a certain amount of "hearts" he would stop attacking you.

    #02 More Map

    Something I feel is the small map of the game, in the beginning you even think it's a lot but as you evolve it ends up being too small and sometimes tedious, I believe that with the progress I've been seeing in some topics to create new areas that idea here would be nice to be implemented to the game.

    1 RED > Here for example Could be added to the boat that appears only in a specific station, it Could have an NPC that takes you to an island shown by the "2 YELLOW", this island Could have a single store and a basement with new monsters and ores where it would be necessary equipment to a higher level.

    3 PINK and 4 BLUE > Here for example you could add a broken bridge, where it is necessary to repair it to get access to a forest as demonstrated in "4 BLUE" and forest could have strong monsters and new wood that can be used at home upgrades or something else, besides NPCs with new quests or selling seeds or something.

    5 ORANGE > Here now was something more daring and more laborious, but it never hurts to let the idea ... could deploy a new small village with new NPCs and products and this village could be accessed using the BUS

    *map used for illustration only

    I received several other ideas of friends playing this wonderful game, however I'm out of time at the moment, so can I conclude the topic.

    I appreciate if you can leave a message with new cool ideas I can implement the topic, and again I apologize for any misspelling.
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      kkaracho Void-Bound Voyager

      neat idea with the bigger map, i would like that
      maybe aswell add something in the lower left on the other side of the river
      probably also a way to scale the mountain?
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