RELEASED Overhauled Marriage Candidates (v1.2.1)

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    Disclaimer: All of the normal (read: first) expressions are made by ConcernedApe (with maybe a modification here or there). Thank you ConcernedApe!
    All of the other portrait expressions have either been drawn by hand or Frankensprited by me.
    All of the overworld sprites have been created by GianTDIX. Thank you GianTDIX!

    There is now a Nexus page, if you prefer that to the forums.

    Since many people have expressed a dislike for the vanilla marriage candidate portraits, here is a mod that aims to replace them to a version from earlier in development with matching sprites.


    [MEGA] Click here to download! (v1.2.1)
    Changelog for v1.2.1:

    -Adjusted Leah's phone portrait to look less awkward, and actually give her a thumb

    Installation Instructions:
    If you want all the portraits and sprites:
    1. Extract or open up the .zip using your extractor of choice.
    2. Drag the "Content" folder into your main Stardew Valley directory.
    3. When asked to merge folders, choose yes and replace all the files.
    If you only want some of the portraits and sprites:
    1. Extract or open up the .zip using your extractor of choice.
    2. Go inside the "Content" folder in the download (not your game "Content" folder)
    3. In both "Characters" and "Portraits", copy/cut the characters that you want to replace and paste/replace them in the matching directory in the game's folders.

    Older Versions:

    Feedback, suggestions, and problems are welcomed.
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    • ketsueki01

      ketsueki01 Intergalactic Tourist

      Thank you so much for this! A decent amount of the older portraits are just what I was looking for. I really appreciate your and GianTDIX's contribution and sharing this with the community. (In fact, I made an account JUST to comment on this thread, because this has, by far, made Elliot much easier on the eyes for me. Thank you, thank you!).
      • cantorsdust

        cantorsdust Existential Complex

        Updated your link in the OP to point here. Still a fantastic mod.
        • Sky303

          Sky303 Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Hey! This is awesome. Thanks :) Is there any way that we can select other older portrait art for some characters? For example I want a different beta pic of Penny, Is there any easy way for me to do this myself?
          • efferus

            efferus Void-Bound Voyager

            Thank you! I used this for Elliot and Harvey~ I love their looks like this.
            • Rupert484

              Rupert484 Title Not Found

              Thank you guys very much for the kind words!

              The only way to really do this is to create the portraits yourself, or have somebody else do it. There have already been mods to change Leah and Maru, so I wouldn't be surprised if one for Penny pops up.
              Which Penny do you have in mind?
              • Sky303

                Sky303 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                Did you re-create these pixel portraits based on ConceredApe's design? (I thought maybe he had released the earlier versions) Props man! I think what I'll do is tweak them to my liking and just post different versions. Do you mind if i stuck any edits here, since I'm using your base work? You can take any credit or whatever. I just wanna play around with it.
                • Rupert484

                  Rupert484 Title Not Found

                  Yeah. I used a portrait from the character timeline on the wiki and drew (sometimes frankensprited) the other expressions.
                  You're free to do whatever you want to the sprites, be it editing or posting or whatever. I just drew the expressions, I don't own the property as it were :p
                  • Sky303

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                  • Old Man Jenkins

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                  • Duplo

                    Duplo Big Damn Hero

                    I really enjoy the replacements, though I must say Leah's chosen past portrait is one of the more awkward ones. The second one on the top column is the best of 'em in my opinion. :)

                    Regardless, good mod, good sir!

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                    • Kysska

                      Kysska Seal Broken

                      That's pretty close to the Elliot portrait I was looking for, thanks for this!
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                      • Rupert484

                        Rupert484 Title Not Found

                        You see, I thought hard about using that portrait, but I didn't want for one of the bachelorettes to have a 3/4 view portrait while all the others looked straight ahead. Now that I've seen a lot of people make requests for it, I'm not sure if it's worth it since there's a lot of other mods that replace her portrait to the one with the ponytail. :p
                        • Non-Entity

                          Non-Entity Intergalactic Tourist

                          Could you point to me which ones? It's really difficult to find anything in this forum.
                          • Duplo

                            Duplo Big Damn Hero

                            All of the bachelors are already looking at that angle, it'd be fine by me since it probably melds better with the style of the other bachelorettes. :nurutease:

                            If it's already a thing, could you point me toward it? Non-Entity's statement is rather true, hard to find specific mods like that in the haystack. ;)

                            Would the mods conflict with each other by the by? Just wondering.
                            • Rupert484

                              Rupert484 Title Not Found

                              Leah here and Maru here. Both by Galebourn.
                              Even though it's not stickied (according to the last time I checked), you can find most notable mods on the modding list and discussion here.

                              And yeah, installing other portrait mods will conflict with mine. The way to do it is to either install mine first and install others' over it and replace, or to pick and choose which files of mine to install or not to install (if you already have someone else's installed, for example).

                              Still, I might do another set with 3/4 versions. It feels weird being done with a project :unsure:
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                              • Dreamliss

                                Dreamliss Void-Bound Voyager

                                Hi! I love Maru in this mod! So beautiful! Does anyone have this portrait of her but in her nurse uniform? Thanks for the awesome re-skins! LOVE the Elliot one too!

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