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Bug/Issue Out-Of-Bounds for PS4 Festival of Ice

Discussion in 'Support' started by nonbinaryblues, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. nonbinaryblues

    nonbinaryblues Aquatic Astronaut

    Hello! I'm reporting a relatively amusing glitch for fixing for the PS4 version of Stardew Valley. For context, I am in my 4th year, during Winter 8. I entered the Festival of Ice through the Farm Entrance, and was trying to leave through the Town Exit, before I accidentally cancelled the leave message box. I had been in the southernmost square for the Exit. From there, I can only assume that I passed the "Leave Event" hitbox, as when I started to walk down, the screen began to scroll. During multiple points, including the River, the bordering Cliffside, and the Coast below, I was able to walk out of the screen scroll just outside the right side of the screen to walk into the screen again. It seemed like, no matter what it was, if there was a piece of land that stretched into the right side out of screen area, I could walk upon it. The River and the Ocean below the coast had some wonky collision, and the Cliffside suffered from graphical layering issues.

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