OST competition - Win a copy of the game + OST

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  1. jamstronaut

    jamstronaut Poptop Tamer

    Number one: Discordia
    Number two: Homeward
    • King Toad

      King Toad Cosmic Narwhal

      Track One:
      Guerrillas on the Hunt
      Attack of the Guerrillas

      Track Two:
      Grove of Respite/Grove Respite
      Meadow Respite/Meadow of Respite
      • TheTrueUmbrakiin

        TheTrueUmbrakiin Giant Laser Beams

        [untitled 1] - Ancient Danger, Desert Scuffle, or Twist the Knife
        [untitled 2] - Serenity, Calm Winds, Peaceful Evening, or Desert Outpost
        • Genghis Ken

          Genghis Ken Void-Bound Voyager

          Track One: Abyss, Shit Just Got Real, Don't Turn Around!, Shh... Be Quiet
          Track Two: Homecoming, Freedom to Live, Rebirth, Graceland
          • SteelSoldier

            SteelSoldier Existential Complex

            • [untitled 1] Unspoken Dangers / Untold Horrors / Untamed Darkness / Dark Secrets
            • [untitled 2] Safe Haven / Night´s Mystery´s / Quiet Life / Night of Harmony
            • A1Legged

              A1Legged Void-Bound Voyager

              - Untitled 1 -
              A1 Steak Sauce

              - Untitled 2 -
              To short to live A2.
              Mmmh just that important!
              A1 for life! Damn right!
              • Dargona1018

                Dargona1018 Existential Complex

                -Untitled 1-
                War Drums
                Risen Moon

                -Untitled 2-
                Living Village
                Fallen Sun

                Also, dude, it's Chris Christodoulou!
                Huge fan of your work, man.
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                • Ashen

                  Ashen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  1st song) Revealing Tragedy
                  2nd song) Luminous Resolution
                  • Pirate-rob

                    Pirate-rob Phantasmal Quasar

                    [untitled 1] - (The) Bells of Battle, Dawn of (Death/Destruction)
                    [untitled 2] - Eye of the storm, Adventurer's Rest

                    <3 the first untitled~ Reminds me a lot of Risk of Rain/Terraria music.
                    • Dargona1018

                      Dargona1018 Existential Complex

                      I forgot to ask in my post above, is there a certain deadline of which you will choose, or is it a more "When we get to 4 pages, we'll choose then" kinda situation?
                      • AstronautDown

                        AstronautDown Title Not Found

                        We know we want to have those titles pinned down before PAX because the OST should be ready by then for promo, so there's a loose deadline in that regard. My idea was to keep this running until Friday (22nd), that would give us enough time to prepare afterwards. There will be a more "official" announcement soon :)
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                        • Dargona1018

                          Dargona1018 Existential Complex

                          Sounds like a plan.
                          • Hadies237

                            Hadies237 Title Not Found

                            *Untitled 1 *
                            Adventurer's Armed Response
                            Battle Lust
                            Monsters in the Shadows

                            *Untitled 2*
                            There's Time to Breath
                            Wanderer's Serenade
                            Nocturne de Wanderlust
                            • A1Legged

                              A1Legged Void-Bound Voyager

                              This is my real Submission, I was messing around earlier! :p

                              untitled 1 - Kill Zone
                              untitled 2 - Haven
                              • AstronautDown

                                AstronautDown Title Not Found

                                Really? Oh, no... "A1 for life" was at the top of our list... :p[DOUBLEPOST=1408574739][/DOUBLEPOST]Lovely people, I've just updated the original post with info about the climactic finale of this competition but I'll add it here too just in case:

                                I want to let everybody know that we love the titles you've all come up with—no less than 169 of them up to this moment! Since the OST is all prepped and ready to go up for pre-order very soon, we are going to be wrapping up this competition on Friday (the 22nd). So, get your last-minute submissions in and I'll be announcing the winner(s) here on Saturday! ;)

                                Good luck!
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                                • A1Legged

                                  A1Legged Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Cool I will check back in on Saturday!
                                  • Cynnacle

                                    Cynnacle Aquatic Astronaut

                                    - Untitled 1 -
                                    1. Shadow Creep (Shadow Creep)
                                    2. Creeping Shadows (Creeping Shadows)
                                    3. Threat to Come (Threat To Come)
                                    4. Unforeseen Danger. (Unforeseen Danger)
                                    The song had properties of an unforeseen danger. Maybe villains were plotting a dangerous task and doing something terrible and world changing. While the hero(s) were about their own business ,Unknowing of the Threat to come.

                                    - Untitled 2 -
                                    1. Ode to the Fairies (Ode to the Fairies)

                                    Reminds me alot of kakariko village from TLoZ

                                    Edit: I just realized you will be reading this, even if i dont win i just wanted to say i love your work and listening to it has inspired me to create so many new things. Thank you Chris, never stop the awsome work.
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                                    • SPLlT

                                      SPLlT Big Damn Hero

                                      Untitled 1- Unforgiving Purgatory OR Cue the Badassery (Actually I think I might just prefer Purgatory, as I like simple names.)

                                      Untitled 2- Melancholic Lull (Again, I think I might just prefer Lull.)

                                      First track seems like this: You have a premonition that certain death awaits if you enter the ominous door/cave in front of you, however you enter anyways. Cue the Badassery. As expected.

                                      Second track seems peaceful, however is almost sad at times, possibly a "might as well just give up now to avoid further losses" kind of theme. Or a "I've had enough, k bye guys" kinda theme.
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                                      • AstronautDown

                                        AstronautDown Title Not Found

                                        All right, we have the winners!

                                        [untitled 1] shall forever be known as... "Tooth and Nail", as christened by Mono1lith in this here post.
                                        [untitled 2] will go down in history as... "Rebirth", as memorialised into eternity by Genghis Ken in this post above.

                                        Moli1ith & Genghis Ken win a copy of the game & OST. You will be getting a message from me with instructions to get the OST later this weekend. For your copy of the game you will have to wait a little longer :) Congratulations and thank you!

                                        Runners up are:

                                        TheTrueUmbrakiin (Twist the Knife). This was our second best choice for [untitled 1] and we had a very hard time deciding between the two. That's why, as an added bonus, you'll be getting a Risk of Rain download code also ;)
                                        Token Geek (Doctor I think I have flat-line incoming!)
                                        Justin Himble (Daunting Dark)
                                        lonelyhornet (Contingency)
                                        Resty (Escalation)
                                        Satheus (Into the maw)

                                        Autorelic (Adagio for Peace)
                                        Capt. RedBeard (Lachrymose)
                                        Zebe (Floating Sensation)
                                        pheonstar (Town of Leaves)
                                        The Farlander (Constellation)
                                        jamstronaut (Homeward)

                                        You guys will all be getting a d/l code for the OST from me later this weekend! Congratulations!

                                        As for the rest of you lovely people, we would really like to thank you so much, it has been really great to read all your submissions! I hope you all enjoy the OST for Wanderlust Adventures (even if you didn't win it will be fully streamable for free on on YouTube so...) ;)

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                                        • Genghis Ken

                                          Genghis Ken Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Sweet! Didn't think I would win.

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