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  1. AstronautDown

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    The competition is now closed and we have our winners! Please see this post to find out if you've won! Thank you all for participating!


    Hi there, me again.

    I want to let everybody know that we love the titles you've all come up with—no less than 169 of them up to this moment! Since the OST is all prepped and ready to go up for pre-order very soon, we are going to be wrapping up this competition on Friday (the 22nd). So, get your last-minute submissions in and I'll be announcing the winner(s) here on Saturday! ;)

    Good luck!


    Hey everybody,

    I was having a bit of a hard time coming up with titles for all of the tracks so I thought you might give me a hand!

    Here's how it works. I have here two tracks that are currently untitled:
    • [untitled 1] (this is an action-oriented track that will most likely trigger during fights)
    • [untitled 2] (this a track that will likely play in a safe, town environment, probably during nighttime)
    Go listen to them and post your suggestions on this thread, or tweet it at me (@AstronautDown). Remember to take the descriptions with a grain of salt, in fact feel free to stray away from them as much as you like, we're not really looking for titles like "Town" or "Action", (in fact these are more or less the current for-reference titles, that's why we're doing this). For the people that are new to the game, here's a trailer to familiarize yourselves with the style and feel of it—hopefully it'll prove inspirational ;)

    And here's a SoundCloud playlist with more music from the game for even more inspiration!

    Yeti Trunk and I will decide on the two titles we like best and whoever suggested them will get a copy of the game and the OST! I will also give away two copies of the OST for the two runners up (possibly more if the suggestion are really great).

    Please post in a way that makes your submission clear and obvious. For example:

    untitled 1 - Bad Music is Bad
    untitled 2 - Abomination no. 9

    ... or something similar, you get the point. As long as it's not like this:

    track1 should hav the title. i didnt think this through. and track2 entitling is my middle name, no it isnt

    Considering my preference for neatness I would suggest you try and stay proper with your capitalising and spelling unless there's a specific reason for going off the rails (like a pun or something). Lastly, people who know me from Risk of Rain will know that I have no problem with profanity, as long as it's used... elegantly :)

    Have at it! We're looking forward to your suggestions!

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    • lonelyhornet

      lonelyhornet Title Not Found

      Well, I have multiple suggestions and I couldn't choose one in particular so:

      [untitled 1] - Contingency / Uncharted
      [untitled 2] - starfall / moonlight / Andromeda

      Each word is a different name suggestion up there, I wasn't sure if we were allowed multiple suggestions but there you go.
      • AstronautDown

        AstronautDown Title Not Found

        Post as many as you want for whichever track you want (you don't need to post suggestions for both tracks to be eligible).
        • UniClad

          UniClad Space Hobo

          Hello there,

          Thank you for presenting me with this oppurtuinity of having a chance to win your amazing game.
          These are the best suggestions a girl can come up with at 4:30 am.

          Untitled 1 - Armageddon/ or Ascendancy.
          Untitled 1 (Second Suggestion). - Bittersweet.
          Untitled 1 (Third Suggestion). - Impending Doom./ or Abolished.
          Untitled 2 - Tranquility.
          Untitled 2 (Second Suggestion). - Daydream/ or DayDreamer.
          Untitled 2 (Third Suggestion). - Embarked. or Embark.

          ~I apologize for the multiple suggestions, I just couldn't settle on one. These two tracks present two vastly different feelings, and thoughts to mind.
          In spite of the vastly different ambiences they portray they are both equally amazing and delightful!

          Thank you once again, This oppurtunity is much appreciated!
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          • zfsnips

            zfsnips Orbital Explorer

            My suggestions:
            [untitled 1] - Bash down/Heat rising/Escape from serenity/Last stand
            [untitled 2] - Escape/Escape from reality/Serenity

            Thanks for the opportunity to get the game and OST, is much appreciated :3
            • Zebe

              Zebe Space Kumquat

              Well, as I see multiple suggestions are accepted here is few for both!

              Untitled 1:
              Ominous Encounter
              Presentiment of Danger

              Untitled 2:
              Floating Sensation
              After Dusk

              Thanks for the competition and chance to win this game, very much appreciated!
              • Resty

                Resty Space Spelunker

                here are my suggestions :

                Untitled 1: Escalation / Prelude to battle / Presentiment
                Untitled 2: Lullaby/ Nightfall / Peaceful night
                • pheonstar

                  pheonstar Void-Bound Voyager

                  Untitled 1: Confrontation / Dissidence / The Sewers / In the Dark / Blind Strategy / Unseen Threat - Feels like sewers, low visibility, and tension
                  Untitled 2: Rolling Hills, Starlight Sky / Moonhaven / Nightglade / Morning Mist / Umberfall / Town of Leaves - Feels like world map, night, lake, or enclosed tree surrounded town
                  • Failoan

                    Failoan Space Hobo

                    Untitled 1: Fervor
                    Untitled 2: Flight of strings
                    • Satheus

                      Satheus Space Spelunker

                      Untitled 1:
                      • Into to the Maw
                      • Dangerous Implications

                      Untitled 2:
                      • Leaves in the Wind
                      • Oatmeal Ogre

                        Oatmeal Ogre Void-Bound Voyager

                        Also posted on twitter, though I'll post it here as well.

                        [untitled 1] - "Prowling"
                        alt. [untitled 1] - "On the Prowl"

                        [untitled 2] - "Longing"
                        alt. [untitled 2] - "Still Longing"
                        • Mono1ith

                          Mono1ith Space Hobo

                          Untitled 1 - Tooth and Nail, A Devils Shamble, Urgent Business, Pressing Matters
                          Untitled 2 - Solace, Long Awaited Respite, Sails in the Sunlight, A Hidden Cove
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                          • Maxwell Demonic

                            Maxwell Demonic Master Astronaut

                            Untitled 1 - Cacophonous Dissonance
                            Untitled 2 - Windswept Plains

                            (Couldn't think of a really good one for the second track ><)
                            • PeachTeaPls

                              PeachTeaPls Space Hobo

                              Untitled 1 - Clash / Take Up Arms / Confrontation
                              Untitled 2 - Night's Reprieve / Adventurer's Respite / Dusk's Embrace / Nighttime Recess / Lull of the Night
                              • FreshSheet

                                FreshSheet Pangalactic Porcupine

                                These names are awesome! Keep them coming guys!
                                • Dark_Matter

                                  Dark_Matter Orbital Explorer

                                  Untitled 1 - Mysterious Entity / Tension / Shadows Overhead / Terrifying Enemy
                                  Untitled 2 - Rememberance / Bittersweet Memories / When I Look To The Stars / Starbound (could be a nice little reference)
                                  • The_Farlander

                                    The_Farlander Aquatic Astronaut

                                    Untitled 1 - Eyes in the Shadows / Creature of Nightmares / Fear
                                    Untitled 2 - Starlight Symphony / Constellation / Harmony
                                    • The Demon of Borders

                                      The Demon of Borders King Homestuck 4.13

                                      Untitled 1 - Basilisk / Wurm / Calamity All Around
                                      Untitled 2 - Lake God's Lament / Pharos / Windchimes
                                      • Finn Learson

                                        Finn Learson Lettuce Bring Peace!

                                        Untitled 1 - Stalkers
                                        Untitled 2 - Early Morning Mist/Reflection Pond at Night
                                        • Arkoonius

                                          Arkoonius Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                          - Untitled 1 -
                                          Rogue's Den
                                          Ominous Engagement
                                          Eerie Encounter

                                          - Untitled 2 -
                                          Night's Majesty
                                          Remembrance of Silence

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