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  1. LeeJohn

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    *Representative takes the tablet and puts it in his suitcase*
    You are the one to determine the price of a shield as a whole, based on materials and labor, we deliver the forementioned technology which costs 4300px per piece (not counting the discount you were granted).
    *Closes his suitcase*
    Pleasure doing business with you! Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask us via PM or reply on our thread. Have a pleasant day.
    *Leaves the building*
  2. JStheguy

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    Orion Shields, LLC Bulletin:
    Due to a lack of business as of late, Orion Shields will be moving into the handgun market to boost sales. We will be providing several civilian-grade revolvers and semi-automatic handguns for purchase. Patrons of Orion Shields should order our latest catalog to see the new selection of merchandise that will be rolled out.
    -JStheguy, CEO of Orion Shields, LLC
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    Yeah - The Corps section is currently undergoing revival. A team of people (including me and some other Corps members) are attempting to recreate Corps with a bit more direction.
    As a result of this, no one has been or is currently participating in the current Corps forums for a long, long time - since about June/July.

    It's nice to see people still wanting to participate in this, though - Good luck!

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