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RELEASED Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) v1.63

Converts stuff into seeds. Farm stuff!

  1. CopperBoltwire

    CopperBoltwire Subatomic Cosmonaut

    So i felt the need to make a quick little guide to make this mod a bit more cheaty for those who wants to do that, and link it on the Stream discussion for the ones who would like to do this too.
    Also, a few people on my streams (yes i stream with this mod, modded) - So here it is, how i did it;

    This editing won't work on the Steam workshop version, as it's a contents.pak file.
    Not a jumbled mess of loose files as this pure, lovely, version is here from Chucklefish.
    Install is rather easy though, but unlike Steam workshop version, if an update comes out, you gotta manually update.
    First, a few extra quick words to explain a quick detail:
    Most times in the original mod is about 50+ to 2000+ seconds. (2000 seconds is about 33 minutes, just a fyi)

    This, obviously, requires you to edit the files of this mod, but if you keep the .zip around, you already have a backup!
    So go crazy!

    On my stream, my plants grow at a speed of 1-2 seconds per stage. - very cheaty, but i don't care, cause i have fun!

    How to: (As per example here, we gonna edit Iron Ore, and pixel plants, in this order)
    * Download and install the mod, you should have like 5 folders in the "mods" folder.
    This guide just tells you how to edit the vanilla version, and thus hopefully also believes you are smart enough to figure out the rest.
    * Open the folders in this order:
    - Ore Plants+ (RAMs Version) v¤.¤¤
    - objects
    - farmables
    - iron
    * Now open "Iront0seed.object" in an editor like Notepad or better yet, Notepad++
    * scroll down to "stages". There you'll see 2 "duration", and in the square brackets, some numbers.
    NOTE: Think of the numbers as in the plant will grow up in 55 to 65 seconds.
    * Now just change the first number to 1 and the other number to 2.
    This means that the plant will take 1-2 seconds to grow through that particular stage to the next.
    * Do the same with the next "durations" and, if any more Durations, just change the numbers to (1, 2)
    And then you are good to go.
    * Save and move on to the next tier seed if you like, and voila. you now have light speed growth.

    * Now to edit the Voxel or Pixel(Money) plant, they are located in their own folders.
    Find them through this path:
    - Ore Plants+ (RAMs Version) v¤.¤¤
    - Objects
    - Moneyplants
    - Moneyplant (or voxelplant)
    * open moneyplantt0seed.object (or voxelplantt0seed.object) in your editor.
    * edit the duration from what ever to (1.2)
    (But remember to use SQUARE BRACKETS, NOT the curved parentheses .)
    * Save and either move on to the next tier seed or go back in the game and have fun.

    Quick Q/A:
    Q: Can this be done mid game?
    A: Well, yes and no. Depends on what you mean "Mid game".
    If you mean "mid games" as if the game is still running, then NO! - Turn off/close down the game first. Exit it.
    Save the changes to the files, then start up the game again, so it can read the files with the new changes.
    HOWEVER, if you fear you need to start a new character, then you can breath safely, cause the the game would not know the difference between 1 or 55 seconds when it reads the files. And will just continue delightfully with the NEW changes. No chance of corrupting your game with this minor change.

    Q: If I see a typo, can I fix it?
    A: sure, just remember to report it here to GreenRAM can include the fix in his new update.
    It's easy for him and anyone else to go a little bonkers with the repetitive nature of this mod, and thus, if a typo is made, easy to not notice until someone says anything.
    So do everyone who loves this mod a favour, report the typos for GreenRAM to fix for the next update.

    Q: What if GreenRAM releases a new version while i edit my files.
    A: I highly recommend you read up on what GreenRAM changed in the changelog.
    That way, you should have a pretty good idea on what to copy from the new version into the one you have.
    Hopefully, if GreenRAM changes the layout/style of the .object files, he will tell us, so we can adjust.
    But until then, you won't need to overwrite the files you edited your self.

    With all that said, Hope this little guide helps someone...

    Made a guide on YouTube, via my streaming, explaining a faster and easier way to change the duration of Ore Plants+.
    This method is like 500% times faster, and pretty much edits every plant, and it's easier too.
    So far, haven't hit ANY issues.
    But remember, it NEEDS Notepad++ or any other Text editor with same function.
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  2. bdloner

    bdloner Void-Bound Voyager

    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/glitchrainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'glitchrainmaker2000'
    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/humanrainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'humanrainmaker2000'
    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/avianrainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'avianrainmaker2000'
    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/hylotlrainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'hylotlrainmaker2000'
    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/novakidrainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'novakidrainmaker2000'
    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/floranrainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'floranrainmaker2000'
    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/avalirainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'avalirainmaker2000'
    [Error] Could not load recipe /recipes/oreseedmachine/apexrainmaker2000seed.recipe: (ItemException) No such item 'apexrainmaker2000'

    how to fix this?
  3. CopperBoltwire

    CopperBoltwire Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You need the "Uros IV" Mod also made by GreenRAM: http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/uros-iv-rams-version.2940/
    Or, go into mods folder and find the folder named "Ore Plants+ (Uros IV (RAM's version) addon)" and delete it.
    Or you can also just ignore the Errors, and leaves the files alone and NOT install Uros IV.
    The game won't blame you, but will still let you know Uros IV mod is missing via those errors.

    Hope you'll accept this answer. If not, get off your bum and go back several pages and see other people reporting this, and see that even GreenRAM replied with similar response.
    (I'm just beating him to the response this time around ^_^)
  4. bdloner

    bdloner Void-Bound Voyager

    thx bro it's work.
  5. CopperBoltwire

    CopperBoltwire Subatomic Cosmonaut

    ((Posted this on both Steam workshop and Chucklefish forums, will delete the steam message when it's updated...))

    Found a minor bug/typo you can fix for next update
    Item: Blue Dye
    Problem: Won't grow Due to:
    " "spaces" : [ [ 0.5, 0 ], [ 0, 0 ], [ 0.5, 1 ], [ 0, 1 ] ], "
    should actually be:
    " "spaces" : [ [ 0, 0 ], [ 0, 1 ] ], "
    I did this on my own version, but might want to consider fixing for new version.
    Not sure why, but it seriously just don't do a darn thing if not fixed to match yellow or red dyes code.
    I got no clue as to what this "Spaces" thing are, but i know that if i match them up, it at least makes it work.

    Again, i chalk this up to a typo/oversight.
    However, i got the Chucklefish version, not the workshop.
    So this can't easilly be fixed on the Workshop version unless GreenRAM fixes it.
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  6. Hchchc

    Hchchc Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    How do we use the fish staff's second ability?
  7. MokahTGS

    MokahTGS Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Is there any chance that you could add the ability to use these seeds in grow beds?
  8. Legogod

    Legogod Cosmic Narwhal

    Like the Growing & Hydroponics Tray from FU? The seeds and produce for the trays are defined in their own .object files. Support would have to be added in through an extra patch, then the question becomes how to handle the seed and produce output. Ore/Liquid plants don't exactly scale like standard crops, which is what the trays are designed around.
  9. mightybuck

    mightybuck Orbital Explorer

    The Seed Converter is not showing up for me at the Infinity Express- not sure if this is an install error, but everything is in the mod folder where it should be!
  10. greenRAM

    greenRAM Giant Laser Beams

    greenRAM updated Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    I've discovered a few bugs/oversights with the Steam version of OrePlants/Oreplants Seeds I felt like passing on:

    - Copper Ore Plants T1 are dropping T0 seeds
    - Tungsten Bar seeds are growing substantially faster than other base bar seeds, even Iron grows at a far slower rate then these.
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  12. greenRAM

    greenRAM Giant Laser Beams

    I see. I'll add those bug fixes in the next update. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The costs are too high.
    For nearly four thousand tungsten you can get a single plant that drops about twenty tungsten per growth cycle, which will be paid off in about three hundred cycles. By the time a garden of them is planted, the player is unlikely to need more tungsten, and so at present rates it's better to use tungsten directly rather than investing in plants.


    Drop rates were calculated by summing the pool, for example (5/10 * 4 + 3/10 * 8 + 2/10 * 16)
    Break-even point in number of growth cycles calculated as cost in ore divided by dropped ore/cycle
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  14. Hopalongtom

    Hopalongtom Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Can the plants added by this be used by the Fracking Universe Planters and Hydroponics trays?
  15. greenRAM

    greenRAM Giant Laser Beams

    The math is probably close enough to being representative of how the ore plants function in game. Or, at least it's true that having a vary small garden is expensive and the yields don't easily make up for the cost, but what if we had a large garden? Let's also take into account the "seed drop addon" that adds in a seed drop about every twenty drops for good measure. And, we'll also be using Gardenbot 2.0 to make it easy on ourselves with these much bigger garden plots. I don't know the math of this, but when I've used this method of large-scale, automated gardening these upgrade costs seemed about right for me. .

    I get your point though. For awhile now, I've been thinking about ways to make small scale gardening much more feasible while moving through the tiers, while not changing the challenge of large scale farming. I have a few ideas so far, but none that I'm satisfied with. My initial idea was to mimic the original Ore Plants mod and have a rare seed drop for each plant of the next tier's seed. This is really fun, but ultimately leads to something similar to an exponential growth of ore with little effort, initial ore investment or time-cost. An alternative to this might be to create alternative costs to upgrade. Perhaps you could pay money to get it upgraded? It could be like a Ore Plant black market. :rofl: I'll think about that one some more.

    No. I'm not going to patch FU's objects to do something like that. Feel free to create an addon mod for something like that if you like though. Just make sure to get permission from FU's mod author first.

    I just realized I never thanked you for that one! Thanks a lot for pointing that bug out. I fixed it right away and already added it in an update.

    If you have a .log error that you can look up and share that might give a clue as to what is going on. The .log files should be in your Starbound/storage folder.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  16. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    How much ore and time went into making that "bigger garden plot"?

  17. greenRAM

    greenRAM Giant Laser Beams

    I've actually had to tweak things a lot to bring down the multiplier effect of scaling up production so that it doesn't ramp up yields too quickly. In the original Ore Plants mod that multiplier was intense, but fun. Production scales in this newer mod still, or at least I designed production to scale relatively quickly in this version without getting out of hand too quickly.

    I'm not sure how that relates to your comic though. It's a funny comic, but it talks about working with the market equilibrium to give you a normal profit, not how scaling up production tends to cut costs per product within limits. Usually the limits are illustrated as a bell curve. In the mod's case I'd say that the bell curve is probably based on the system's limitation for how much area is tracked by the system around your character. I'd like to think that I've created a kind of agricultural simulation, where production scale becomes necessary as you expand your farm.

    To that end, I'd like to keep any changes within this production-scaling spirit of the mod. If you have any cost-yield systems that would achieve this in a more balanced way I'd be happy to take a look at it. I am also willing to brainstorm any alternative costs per upgrade ideas for smaller scale farms.

    If you have some good ideas feel free to shoot them my way.
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  18. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    How much ore will a player need throughout the course of a game of Starbound?

    More specifically, how much ore is needed to upgrade all the benches and equipment to each tier of usefulness? Those points form a timeline of needs, and so can be used to develop a supplier of resources to meet those needs.
  19. Gratuitous Lurking

    Gratuitous Lurking Space Kumquat

    Well it also depends on your plans with it. Is your ore farm going to fuel everyone? Do you ever want to build with blocks that require ore? Are you playing a mod that requires growing far more resources?

    I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you here, just pointing out that oreplants works differently depending on if you need a trickle for vanilla or a flood for completionism of far more complex mods.

    Mind when it comes to my game right now I've got 5 rows of 3 25 block growing areas (Avali Aerophonic tubes, so no water required), and with all but one with just Tungsten T5 seeds I can get a around 6 or so stacks of ore and a good 30-40 seeds. Mind if I didn't have the seed add-on the ore yield could probably be better too. And yes, it took a while, I'm mostly trying to grind all my lower-tier seeds (all 200 of them!) to the higher-tiers now. Luckily it should work a little faster when I move to the other ores I've collected.
  20. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    How long is "a while?" Are all your benches top tier, or are there still upgrades to perform? Do you already have the best armor, augments and weapons available in your mod set?

    Here's the needs/costs of my latest pass on the initial orbit, before moving on to a desert world or other place where tungsten is available. The list doesn't include quest material usage.
    Yellow is Frackin Universe, green is Alchemy mod, and purple is Idle Miner mod. The Coal driller is able to produce the needed coal, copper and iron during this phase of the game.

    There are of course alternate methods of meeting some of the needs. For example, I could convert wood and copper into wall clocks and then exchanges them for woven fabric at Infinity Express.
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