Opinions on Shane as Husband?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Minaewin, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Minaewin

    Minaewin Void-Bound Voyager

    So I made a new save file to marry Shane, really curious about how he would change/behave once his life takes a different course but so far I'm not really happy with what happens, anyone else who went for Shane feeling the same way or even completely different? As far as his behaviour goes there's a few things that kinda let me down (see Spoiler, just in case)

    Even after moving in with his "loving" wife, there's still so much laziness and drinking involved, which dissapoints me to no end, especially after he says that he's going to get help for his issues - he still comes over like an alcoholic, standing in front of his little fridge pondering if he should drink beer or cider. I just hoped for him to open up a bit more and get his things together.. I'm going to wait and see if he changes after getting a child but this disappoints me a bit so far..
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    • Reddestiny921

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      Well he said he would cut back and considering how much he drank before he does pretty good, mostly he stays at home, though just a day iin he started giving more attention to Charlie. Waters my crops, cooks for me or gives me eggs, mostly fixes fences and feeds the animals and by then it's time for him to take his walk, as he mentions it was a hard walk because he knows he's out of shape. He visits Jas and Marnie, I just saw his line where he says he's a lucky guy and appreciates his wife he's a good guy, rough around the edges but good all the same. Not like Pam who is grouchy most of the time because of a hangover and happy when the saloon is open again :p
      • EltonScone

        EltonScone Star Wrangler

        He does get better, but you can't change a person just because you've married them!
        Personally, I love the guy, warts and all.
        He does still have his down days, but he's in a better headspace and doesn't drink even half as much as he used to. He really does get it together if you think about it.
        • Reddestiny921

          Reddestiny921 Pangalactic Porcupine

          yeah I mean as I said seeing him doing better mentally and enjoying helping out on the farm while still working on himself if he wants to drink but that doesn't stop him from going on then by all means. I admit I feel a little sad seeing his line where he wishes he could be taller and smarter and then he says something along the lines of you like me for me? I still don't understand that. I just saw it not to long ago lol but don't remember it word for word. He's struggling but pushing for better, what's not to love :D
          • Minaewin

            Minaewin Void-Bound Voyager

            It just bothers me a bit that he still does it so regularly, after his six-hearts event I was pretty happy since he switched to water and as a nurse I was like "Damn right, an alcoholic better not touch that stuff again" since you fall back into it basically straight away and then I catch him pondering about what to drink at 6am, oh dear me! :D He certainly has a sweeter personality than Sebastian for example but the semi-lazy drunkard-vibe is still strong in this one
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            • Reddestiny921

              Reddestiny921 Pangalactic Porcupine

              yeah but you don't come home to him in a drunkin' state and you don't get any slurred talk as if he gave in to temptation while you were out working, I've seen it can be hard to quit cold turkey and it could be worse.
              • Minaewin

                Minaewin Void-Bound Voyager

                Certainly could be worse and by all means, I didn't expect (or wanted him) to suddenly turn into a picture perfect husband, suit, shaved and sparkling clean, I picked him because he isn't that, there was just this slight hope that he'd be a bit more.. happy with himself? I mean he has a wife now, Marnie, Jas and by now even his own child (which did actually change his behaviour quite a bit) I just hoped for him to be a bit more content with himself and as said, maybe not drink first thing in the morning and get a nice beer in the evening instead :D
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                • loopdaloop

                  loopdaloop Space Spelunker

                  he has 2 problems 1. drinking 2. liying about not drinking. about 2 days after i got the event of him telling that he is not going to drink when i give him a beer he loves it what a lier.
                  nothing will change the guy.
                  • Xylia

                    Xylia Tiy's Beard

                    Did you stop to think for a second, that maybe CA doesn't have a way to change an NPC's gifting preferences in mid-game based upon what events you've seen with them?

                    Maybe the game's engine doesn't have that functionality yet?
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                    • Rauchschwalbe

                      Rauchschwalbe Cosmic Narwhal

                      That's why I would never marry Shane. Seeing a Dad drinking at 6 am in the morning...uh huge turn off.
                      • LuthienNightwolf

                        LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                        Just pretend it's something other than beer in the can. Maybe he's still drinking Joja cola.
                        • MarianT

                          MarianT Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Yes, it's probably impossible to change a character's likes and loves mid-game. That's why I stock up on Shane's other favorite -- hot peppers. I wouldn't want my farmer to make him fall off the wagon by giving him a beer, lol.
                          • Chlorruption

                            Chlorruption Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            Guh. That would fall into self-harm. D8
                            • lilly_ampleton

                              lilly_ampleton Void-Bound Voyager

                              Thank you for posting this thread.:iswydt: I was actually about to do the same, because I feel so disappointed with Shane. :cry:At first I didn't dare to voice this, because I don't want to seem picky or ungrateful. After all CA did a great job with the latest update, which was for free.:up: He gave us Shane, as many of us requested, but I can't help it. I feel sooo unhappy with the way he made Shane.:( As a social worker, I am aware that you can't just go and change a person completely. But I would have wanted him to be a bit more grateful and affectionate. I mean in his 2 hearts event he was quite emotional and at this point he barely knew the farmer. I thought that with more hearts he'd also get a bit more affectionate towards the farmer. I liked his events but I didn't really believe that he fell for the farmer. He could have been a little more specific about his interest in the farmer in his 10 heart event. I don't mind that his favourite gift is still beer, but his room....gosh, it is such a turn off.:saywhat: It just doesn't fit any longer. He started seeing a therapist, so why does his room still look like a drunkards chamber of booze? D:Most of his comments are okay. I can undersatnd that he still has doubts and insecurities....
                              Anyways my point is....I would have liked and expected him to become at least a little more affectionate and happy.
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                              • loopdaloop

                                loopdaloop Space Spelunker

                                i was joking i just wanted to say that i wont marry Shane thats all
                                • Minaewin

                                  Minaewin Void-Bound Voyager

                                  That's exactly my thought on this, no 180° turn-around needed, really, the fact that he's "flawed" really sets him appart from the others in my opinion and that's good but the room with the scattered beer cans and all the drinking is a bit sad to witness..
                                  When I saw the 8-heart scene I thought that maybe I'd get a husband that is rough around the edges, struggeling but going strong on his path to a better life since there's his passion for the chickens, his new wife and the "family" he already has at the ranch but his character still feels rather distant and more like a lazy roommate for most of the time with things like "What should I drink?" "Watched Tv the whole day now I'm feeling exhausted" etc. He sure does have sweet lines and as mentioned before, I prefer him over eg. Sebastian who comes across as pretty selfcentered but I had hoped for a bit more love and progress from his side.
                                  I know what you mean with not wanting to nag, I too was afraid to ask the question but I really wanted to know if I'm the only one seeing it this way, CA did an amazing job throughout the whole game, I love it to bits and pieces but as with every game there'll be things you aren't 100% happy with and this critic is by any means not supposed to make CA's work look bad, it's just an exchange of opinions :)
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                                  • EltonScone

                                    EltonScone Star Wrangler

                                    Well, depression doesn't exactly clear up over night, whether you have a 'good life' or what.
                                    Heh, although, I love when I gift him a beer and then he says 'This is just Joja Cola'

                                    • Minaewin

                                      Minaewin Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Of course it doesn't, I know that from my field of work :) none the less, as said, it would have been nice to see a hint of progress on that, you know small things like "Watched Tv all day, now I'm exhausted" being something like "Watched Tv but decided to look after Charlie instead", tiny things like that already give you a whole different impression on how he's trying to deal with it
                                      Most of his current dialogues feel so submissive to his condition, as though he's already given up actually, as said it changes a bit after the baby's born but for the time before that, it frustrated me, personally :)
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                                      • robingreenthumb

                                        robingreenthumb Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Wow, uh. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, and has family members who struggle with alcoholism, I am kinda thinking some of the stuff here is why I am GLAD CA made Shane the way he is.

                                        Like no offense meant, but... depression doesn't clear up just because we have things to be "grateful" over. Mental health issues take YEARS to deal better with- and we never truly "overcome" them. It's the kind of attitude that "well, he should just be happier!" that has actively damaged my own relationships in the past- because a lot of times they could never get why I would retreat or have trouble picking stuff up/cleaning, or doing active things, or etc.

                                        This is a lesson to what real anxiety and depression does. Shane has done, frankly, AMAZING in such a short period of time (even if we say it's 2-4 years- that's still pretty darn awesome). He has cut down significantly on drinking, going from drinking at the saloon every night to doing it once a week and being able to function (WHICH, I should point out, almost every townsperson hits the bar at least once a week). And I think it should be noted that his alchoholism is rooted in his depression- he even says he drinks to numb himself. So he has gone from numbing himself all the time, to probably just trying to be social/be out since there really... is not a lot to do in SV. Not great, and something to keep a eye on, but hey.

                                        And most significantly he has gone from being actively suicidal, to... not! He is HAPPY most the time! He has his good days and they are more frequent! He makes sure to spend days walking around, taking care of Charlie, and visiting Jas! He makes me so darn proud for how he does that and reminds me of my own struggles and how over the years I have clawed my way up to "better".

                                        Basically like I know the rest of media has lied to you guys, but Concerned Ape has done a portrayal of mental health that has honest-to-goodness been treasured by a lot of people who struggle with the same issues as Shane. Because honestly, people who come in expecting us to be "cured" or constantly showing progress according to their schedule are some of the most damaging people in my life and have caused me to backslide at points? And the fact that there is a portrayal out there now that goes 'hey guys, not a insta-cure and it's kinda a seesaw and always present' makes me hope that maybe some of the narrative will shift going forward in other media, which will mean people will be more understanding.
                                        • Red_Rose

                                          Red_Rose Phantasmal Quasar

                                          Yes depression is something not to play around with I know too well about that...

                                          But Shane reminds me of a drinking friend that you run into the bar he's 'that' guy but people do like Shane I myself never did try to marry Shane but I did noticed people are upset here and on Reddit that Shane did not change at all and they was 'bam I married Shane I want a miracle to happen to Shane and he was going to change' but yes miracles don't happen overnight.

                                          I like to think the people in Stardew valley all have a life lesson we have to learn and accept overall Stardew valley may look like a simple farming game but it has deeper emotional levels to it and that what makes it fun.

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