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    Opening .player files

    I'm not sure if anyone is aware of how to open .player files, but just in case some newbies aren't familiar with it and would like to look, here you go.

    Make a backup of your original .player file as a precaution.

    Firstly, make a text file with an extension that you want (I used .player).


    Locate your .player file, usually located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage\player".
    Copy that file to the directory your other .player file is located. (This isn't a requirement but for backup's sake...)


    Open Command Prompt as administrator. You will need to input three directories, one being the location for "dump_versioned_json.exe", which could be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win32\dump_versioned_json.exe".
    Then you need the location of the player file, being "C:\Users\Jack\Documents\Playerfile\63d600681eb5550cec2ea175d7a9f6d7.player" for me.
    Then you will need the location of the new file you created in a text editor of your choice, mine being "C:\Users\Jack\Documents\Playerfile\tutorial.player"

    If done correctly it should look similar to mine.


    If you're sure you've put the correct directories in, hit enter. If done correctly you should be able to open the text file your created, which now contains a readable format of your player file.

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    Added to modding guides sticky
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    how do you convert the txt file back into a player file?
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    To a certain extent, you're going to do the same thing. Except, you'll want to use "make_versioned_json" instead of "dump_versioned_json", and the first filename in the command line will be the txt file you created. The second filename will be a blank .player file you created, with the uuid of the player as the filename. Then, copy the resulting file back into your player folder.
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    Yes, Thank You!
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    "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage\player" is an easy way to make the link always work for steam users. (Unless you move steam files)

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