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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tinyhats, May 3, 2018.

  1. Tinyhats

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    The way you share things between players in the SV co-op is kinda inconvenient, as far as me and my friends can see the only way to pass things between players is A- gift one thing at a time (which isn't really smooth if you wanna pass an entire stack of wood) B- put what you wanna give them in a chest for them to pick up (not really viable when we're deep in the mines and our inventories are filling up with the same stuff) or C- dropping it on the floor and having the dropping player move away and the picking-up player ninja in there to snag it before it goes back in the original players inventory (which is hard to do!).
    I'm not sure if we're missing something obvious, but we've been mostly using option C) when we're in the mines or the forest, and I guess we're getting the hang of it but our suggestion would be adding like a "grace period" for the dropping player - i.e. that when you drop an item when you're standing next to someone else it won't be picked back up by you again for say 3-4 seconds. Or alternatively, a way to select how much of an item you want to pass, or like I saw in another thread some kind of "trade window" option so you could even pass several items at once. :)

    Edit: apparently :cool: is an emoji, haha.
    • gummywyrms

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      The trade window option sounds like a great idea!

      For now, though, couldn't one of you just take a chest with into the mine, have everyone put it what they want to pass on and have the others take out what they need? It's not optimal, but it should work for the time being.
      • Tinyhats

        Tinyhats Poptop Tamer

        Oh true, that is one way to get a sorta trade window, we hadn't really thought about that option! So I guess there's 4 :p

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