one proplem i had with the gameplay on the livestream

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rainbow Dash, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank

    this is one of the big proplems i have with the game at the moment

    when changing locations from arias (desert to woods ect) the screens dont blend well
    getting something like this
    *ignore the play button the screencap is from twitch*
    this is extreamly immusion breaking and i hope it gets fixed soon

    an easy fix i would do is have the game fade to black when switching from 1 area to the other

    if the 2 places are diffrent like *woods to dessert* (fade to black)

    if its the same 2 places then it should be the same *woods to woods* or *desert to desert* (scroll like it does now)

    does that make any sence? =p
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    • d2king10

      d2king10 Guest

      Hey man! Yeah this is something we have talked a lot about and will likely come up with a solution sometime before launch. I like the fade to black idea, but I wouldn't mind coming up with a more elegant solution. Stay tuned! :)
      • Rainbow Dash

        Rainbow Dash Oxygen Tank


        look forword to it

        it also seems to do this by the coast alot also
        (shoreline doent match up)
        • XDarkPhoenixX

          XDarkPhoenixX Pangalactic Porcupine

          I think a fade to black would be just as Immersion breaking. In the sense that I was in a desert one second and now Im suddenly in the middle of a forest?

          If this game wants to keep the 'Open world' part, then there needs to be waayy more space between biomes I.e it takes like a whole area to transition from desert to Forest. So some grass starts showing up here and there, maybe a tree or 2 until finally its more forest than desert until there is no desert left at all.

          Anyway, that whole massive line divide thing that's goin on between biomes, it needs to go.
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