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RELEASED Old Space Station Hub as Your Ship, Vannila Multiplayer Compatiple

Discussion in 'Vehicles and Mounts' started by BobdaBiscuit, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

    Well, I just started modding this space station myself a few hours ago, and only found yours now, but what I'm going to do is completely different from yours, so I'll keep modding. By the way, nice work finding the right coordinates in the dropship.structure. I'm having a really bad time trying to make my dropshipblocks image match with the ship image itself, but I guess I'll just keep trying in trial and error.
  2. Alsehr

    Alsehr Pangalactic Porcupine

    The grid size is 8x8, if you're using Gimp or Photoshop, it helps seriously to create a project file for your BG image, and overlay a grid of 8x8. You can align it later. The tileblocks image is exactly 1/4 size, and if you add another transparent layer over your BG image and replace the open areas with blue and the impassable ones with red, then you will only have to reduce the size. Make sure to use no correction or interpolation so that you don't get a fuzzy image or break your passabilities. Also remember not to merge your layers. Good luck.
  3. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

    Thanks for the info, it will come in handy.
  4. Alsehr

    Alsehr Pangalactic Porcupine

    I have finished three of the four sections, and will put the finishing touches on the fourth tonight if time allows. I have found and corrected many of the grid issues and made some massive changes to the style and layout of the fortress, as well as given it a name. Hopefully will post this for everyone who is interested soon.
  5. Yotan

    Yotan Orbital Explorer

    We used the space station for our music video

  6. BobdaBiscuit

    BobdaBiscuit Big Damn Hero

    Nice, we tried doing some music on servers but couldn't get in sync.
  7. Squeegy

    Squeegy Starship Captain

    Bit of wasted effort; I did that already.
  8. lavaknight

    lavaknight Void-Bound Voyager

    i glitch where when i teleport it puts me right back at the ship :(
  9. SanyaD_D

    SanyaD_D Poptop Tamer

    What you think about adding NPC
  10. Alsehr

    Alsehr Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hardly. :p I did so much more than just that.

    Note: These are only a preview, I'll have the actual mod out in a day or so, when I can mess around with object placement more.

    I got rid of nonfunctional "visual interest", tightened up the ship exterior, added space to the agricultural greenhouse, the dormitories, and removed wasted fake platforms and railings. I also gave it a name and made it mine, so I didn't waste my time. I also added the default ship doors and portals at each of the significant locations, and worked to make the exterior less dark. I think you'll find this is a -very- clean version of this ship, more than someone could toss together in an evening. =)

    Did you try using the "band" option when playing music? You need to all have the same music, or similar channels and have the same band name. I already have a large folder of .abc files on multiple instruments, and bands worked when we tried them.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  11. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior Poptop Tamer

    .........tried using the new pictures, couldn't figure out why everything was way down below me.


    I'll *suffer* with the old stations. lol
  12. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

    If I get what you meant, you forgot to backup the dropship.structure archive, or if you did backup, just change it back to the original, so you wil spawn in the normal position again
  13. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior Poptop Tamer

    I used the dropship.structure from the .rar with the pictures in the post directly above mine.

    spawned me way the hell above the graphics on an invisible floor with some ship doors and stuff there.
  14. Punisherbr

    Punisherbr Orbital Explorer

    That's because there are 2 different dropshipblocks and the dropship.structure you are using is meant to work on the Bobdabiscuit version, Alsehr didn't post his dropship.structure file yet, you may have to wait or try to match the coordinates yourself.
  15. Maul_Junior

    Maul_Junior Poptop Tamer

    which I realized, and said I'd "*Suffer*" with the old stations. :p
  16. Alsehr

    Alsehr Pangalactic Porcupine

  17. eran100

    eran100 Void-Bound Voyager

    what race does it use?
  18. Alsehr

    Alsehr Pangalactic Porcupine

    Actually, put it into whichever folder of whatever race you want.
  19. Kin0806

    Kin0806 Space Hobo

    Hey I may have missed it in the replies but
    Can I character I already created have this ship or do I need to create a brand new character?
  20. summitslaughter

    summitslaughter Big Damn Hero

    That is so AWESOME!

    Also have a few questions.

    1. Will my friends who don't have this installed be able to see it?
    2. Does the space station still have any functions, like building mechs?

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2014

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