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Discussion in 'Mods' started by cantorsdust, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. Pinkishu

    Pinkishu Phantasmal Quasar there, also with a precompiled one
    I wasn't sure if XTile license allows me to add it's DLL into that download so I have people DL it extra...

    It is a bit clunky now to work with it though haha. Not sure what to change other than including xTile DLLs maybe, since I can't include the XNA DLLs i think... especially not the ones to pack the content. Might be easier if SDV was changed to load blank tbin/tide files instead of xnb packed ones.
    Might look at writing a custom thingy that uses the xTile DLL instead of having XNA pack it. Pasted some crap tiles
    • Quart de Carton

      Quart de Carton Master Chief

      Hi ! I've made a small mod if anyone's interested. If you're like me and prefer bearish, big bearded cute guys, or if you just don't like his default appearance I dunno, I've made an alt version of Harvey. It's a quick, pretty rough sprite edit, and I might rework it to make it more polished if I can find the time to do so, but I quite like it !

      I'd call this mod "Bearish Harvey", if it needs a name.
      Anyway, here it is (and what it looks like) :

      Link :

      [​IMG] [​IMG]


      How to use (for those who don't know yet, I guess) : Just drop the xnb files in the appropriate folders, in Content (in the game's local folder)

      Enjoy o/
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      • Rupert484

        Rupert484 Title Not Found

        I've updated Overhauled Marriage Candidates to version 1.1.1
        It's mostly (really important) mistake fixes as well as a few tweaks.

        Changes to 1.1.1:
        -Reworked all bachelorette eyebrows to make them seem less like they were drawn on with MS Paint
        -Tweaked Abigail's surprised expression
        -Tweaked Haley's happy and blushing expressions to look less evil and a little more sweet
        -Combed through all of the overworld sprites for semi-transparent pixels that I missed
        -Fixed Alex's white rectangle above his head in his normal front facing sprite
        -Fixed Alex's tiny white squares around his head in his football animation
        -Now include GianTDIX's overworld sprites in the preview picture

        The download link is here:!YV8R0bLT!wBpuM_qtrmeScycicebBWcoPMv9OXULATmVFvjkpnPM
        The old download link will be removed now.
        If there's any problems, let me know. It's easy to miss stuff.
        • Pinkishu

          Pinkishu Phantasmal Quasar

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        • DJOkamical

          DJOkamical Space Kumquat

          It'll be really exciting if one day the modding community can figure out how to add new crops, tools, items (ect), and locations to the game.
          Maybe even some new skills and such!
          • krisbam

            krisbam Void-Bound Voyager

            Other than the outdated .exe in the OP, has there been any work on slowing down time? I'm a very slow person who likes to take my time, so I'd enjoy this game way more if I didn't have to plan what to do every day (even if the game is designed around these short days) :)

            I looked at the SMAPI and it seems it can just set the time to a specific hour, not slow it down.
            • Swit

              Swit Scruffy Nerf-Herder


              I just wanted to let you know that the mod that Replaces the bachelors and bachelorettes portraits is no longer avaible on mega.

              Also any chance for a mod that swaps npc? For example I would like to date Jodi so would it be possible to swap her with Abigal?
              • Zoryn4163

                Zoryn4163 Big Damn Hero

                I'd enjoy this too and will do my best to add a timescale feature to SMAPI, but for now I'm unsure of anything that does this.
                • Irtan

                  Irtan Void-Bound Voyager

                  boomers678's Stardew Injector has the option to change timescale to your liking, on top of other things. Same as you, I really enjoy taking my time in games and even though game has no ending, days can pass pretty fast so I just changed original 7(?) seconds per 10 minutes to 15 seconds, which works pretty damn well for my slow-paced gameplay and I'm still more or less restricted by my character's energy, so I can't really do too much more per day than on vanilla timescale.

                  Also, a quick question. Is there a way to change running speed but leave walking speed on default? One of those first .exes uploaded here did just that but Stardew Injector seems to change both running and walking speed (that messes with the cutscenes?).
                  • sn00ze

                    sn00ze Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Hey Guys,

                    thanks for the nice mods! Small question:

                    Is there any way (i.e. with data tweaks) to enhance the growth rate of the grass starter? It seems to grow extremely slow and stupid animals eat everything.

                    How much grass tiles you need to get one chicked fed constantly?
                    • Muffinsforever

                      Muffinsforever Void-Bound Voyager

                      boomers678's Stardew Injector seems almost perfect for what I would like from this game (I'd probably change the timescale to like 50 or something)

                      Also, setting the movement speed to 1 seems to be vanilla speed (starts at 0) so maybe the game wont break then?
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                      • DrWilly

                        DrWilly Space Spelunker

                        im trying to change my farming skill lvl 5 profession from rancher to tiller. i found this in the saves folder now im wondering where i can find the values for all the professions?

                        Also if this isnt the place to ask this just tell me.
                        • cantorsdust

                          cantorsdust Existential Complex

                          No obvious professions list that I could find. Your best bet might be experimentation--change the values and see what comes out! I know that CA had once tweeted to change a 6 to a 7 (or vice versa) for someone asking a similar question for a different profession. I would suspect that the difference between rancher and tiller is just 1. I bet if that 12 is changed to an 11 or 13, that would do it. Or 18 to 17 or 19, etc. Give it a try and publish a list of them for us!

                          This is phenomenal. Can this be used to add area to a level, not just sprites to an existing map? That is, could I make my field area twice as large? :D I'll work on updating the OP with all these new modding tools and mods posted overnight.
                          • DrWilly

                            DrWilly Space Spelunker

                            so far the only thing that has happened for me is the game crashing if i change it to 11 or 13. but i might be editing the wrong file. ill try some more numbers and see what it brings me
                            • cantorsdust

                              cantorsdust Existential Complex

                              See this tweet:

                              Definitely make sure you're using an XML editor/viewer to make it easier on yourself. works online.

                              OP updated with a bunch of new tools, guides, and mods!
                              • krisbam

                                krisbam Void-Bound Voyager

                                Oh, sweet! I was thinking of putting it at around 15 sec too, making each day about twice as long. Thanks, friend!
                                • cantorsdust

                                  cantorsdust Existential Complex

                                  So there's this stuff in Content\Data\MineRooms.xnb. Looks like it could be configs for the rarity of various stuff spawning in the mine, but it's entirely unlabeled. Someone who can look at the code might have a better idea of what they're doing than me. Alternatively, you could always try experimenting in the classic way. Change something to 999 or 0 and see what you get, repeat.
                                  • cpevors

                                    cpevors Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    I adore this mod. I can't wait to get home from work and put it to use. I love Harvey either without his mustache or with the 'stache/beard combo.
                                    • Handsome Matt

                                      Handsome Matt Aquatic Astronaut

                                      irc #stardewvalley-mods @

                                      if anyone is interested, it'd be nice if we could bounce ideas on how things should work, I'll be idle ready to answer any questions people have about how the API works
                                      • Pinkishu

                                        Pinkishu Phantasmal Quasar

                                        Have not tried, but should be doable. Adding entirely new maps probably needs gamecode modification though
                                        Also trying to simplify the tool use a bit haha
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