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    Due to the addition of a mod releases section to the forums, I will stop updating this mod list and start a new OP focused on how to mod, modding tools, current modding progress, and general mod discussion. I will leave this post here for posterity, but make no further update. I recommend you migrate over.

    ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO JUMP ON #stardewvalley-mods ?

    (you are, come join us)



    Stardew Modding API (SMAPI) originally by Zoryn4163, now updated and maintained by ClxS.

    Storm API by Demmonic et al. Offers improved feature list including events as well as wrappers for every field and method. Compilable source code on GitLab available for modders, general public binaries not yet released.

    Mod Managers

    SDVMM by yuukiw. Simple mod manager with a GUI that can install and update Storm and SMAPI for you as well as installing and managing DLL and XNB mods.


    XNB Node (0.2.1) by Draivin. RECOMMENDED FOR XNB PACKING, UNPACKING (now packs/unpacks PNG, text (YAML) data), and map files. PNG transparency issues should be fixed.

    XNB Builder NOT RECOMMENDED, FOR POSTERITY Alternative for PNGs if you're having trouble with white borders or transparency issues with your sprites.

    XNB Parser 0.7 NOT RECOMMENDED, FOR POSTERITY. (unpacks PNG data, unpacks text as XML, but the XML file cannot be repacked!)

    SimpleXNBDemapper (1.1) by Pinkishu / Inari-Whitebear. NOT RECOMMENDED, FOR POSTERITY. Map / level editor.

    Notepad++ RECOMMENDED(editing text files)

    Save Game Editor by etsmsj.

    Modder's Guide by Alpha_Omegasis

    Step by Step Guide with Pictures for Unpacking and Repacking Mods by cantorsdust

    Audio Editing Guide by Drogean

    Map Editing Video How to by Pinkishu / Inari-Whitebear. See also the instructions on the github.

    Font Editing Guide by Chrisblue

    Crops Modding Guide by SgtPineapple1st.

    Modding Streams

    SgtPineapple1st (forums thread)


    General disclaimers: As always, be wary of random EXEs downloaded from the internet. I have scanned the two EXE mods below and not found any viruses, but please be safe. For all mods, be sure to backup your files and back up your savegame, located at %APPDATA%/StardewValley/Saves. If your files become corrupted, you can redownload them by going under Steam, Game Properties, Verify Game Cache.

    Content Mods

    Game Data:

    Easier Fishing by steffjes. Edits Content\Data\Fish.xnb to make fishing a little easier. CURRENTLY CONFLICTS WITH ALL OTHER FISHING MODS.

    Easy Fishing by Zippy199522. Edits Content\Data\Fish.xnb to make fish easier to catch--they don't dart around so much. CURRENTLY CONFLICTS WITH ALL OTHER FISHING MODS. There can only be one edited XNB at a time. I'll make a compatibility patch soon.

    Harder Fishing by steffjes. Edits Content\Data\Fish.xnb to make fishing harder. CURRENTLY CONFLICTS WITH ALL OTHER FISHING MODS.

    More Artifacts by zanderb22. Edits Content\Data\ObjectInformation.xnb to increase the frequency artifacts are found from digging.

    Penny No Rocks by cantorsdust. Edits the Bus Stop map to clear 3 rocks along the bottom of the path potentially blocking her route.

    Random Keyten's Stuff by keyten. Edits the cave on the farm to expand its size.

    Welcome to the Rice Fields by SgtPinapple1st. Adds a new item, rice, as a farmable crop. Very impressive use of XNB modding.


    All About Shane by EltonScone. Gives Shane a new sweater.

    Animal Crossing Digspot--Worm Replacement by Lechet.

    Bald Hairstyle by ShamanKem84.

    Beard with Glasses by ShamanKem84.

    Bearish Harvey by Quart de Carton. For those who like em big and bearded.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bishie Elliot and Turtleneck Maru by Cavador.

    Black Cat Replacement by Exodus13. Replaces the original cat with a black one.

    Bobtailed Cat and Brown-Haired Penny by Lechet.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bok Choy Hat by _syntaxera_.

    Cane Corso Dog Mod by Mr. Teatime. Replaces the dog sprite with a black one.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Character Portrait Overhauls by Kamirose.

    Chocobos Mod by NachDevs.

    Cute Portraits by vstoto. Modifies character portraits to look cute, starting with Abigail.

    Darkrown's Portraits by Darkrown.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dog Replacement- Annoying Dog from Undertale by FinalMantasyX.

    Dog Replacement Nanaki (Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7) by Alaswing.


    Dog Replacement--White German Shepard by Heymunk.

    Dust Spirit Recolor by FinalMantasyX.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Gandolf the Grey Portraits by Toumato.[​IMG]

    Goat Spritesheet Fix by Kamirose. Fixes one stray pixel on goat spritesheet.

    Have I Watered My Hops? by serupento. Makes hops sprite slightly smaller for easier watering.

    Harvey Bearded by kurona_bright For those who prefer a beard to a moustache, but not the full bear. (author's link is to SA, probably not work safe, first link is direct download).

    Harvey No Longer Looks Like a Pedophile by Glloyd. Removes the 'stache.

    Harvey Sprite Glasses Removal by Yppit.

    Hispanic Alex by FinalMantasyX.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Horse - Shadowmere by animandan.

    James009's Sprite Shack. Grey cats and Abigail resprites!

    Jojo Mart by asdasdgfrw. REMOVE JOJA.

    Leah Resprite by Galebourn.

    Lewd Bachelorettes by AirplaneRandy et al. You get the idea.

    Make Wizard a Cute Girl by Breakgate.

    Make Wizard a Cute Guy by Cavador.
    ADDITIONAL FILES: I edited JuminoNotes.xnb and Cursors.xnb to replace other images of the wizard which appear, specifically his teleport and his picture on the billboard in the Community Centre. So if you have another mod that uses either of those files (like the one that turns the worm dig spots into Animal Crossing style cracks in the ground) then these will obviously conflict. MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE APPLYING.

    Maru Resprite by Galebourn. Replaces Maru with an earlier portrait and sprite.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mod Portraits Anime Style by toonyoza. Mods sprites to look more like anime.

    Mod Portraits Like Anime with Glasses by Breakgate.

    Mod Singles Portraits by cont_roller.

    Overhauled Marriage Candidates by Rupert484 and GIANTDIX. Replaces the bachelors and bachelorettes' portraits and sprites with versions from earlier development.

    Pet Replacements by WildSpirits.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Pokemon Valley--Pokemon Retextures by ninjatulio et al.

    Retextures: Horses to Dragons or Pegasi by Aternova.

    Round Female Farmer Face by Beret. Makes the female farmer sprite have a rounder chin, not a flat one.

    Scribble Cat by Cavador.

    Sebastian Portrait Mod by pantang001.

    Some Portraits by jdrum.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tiny Graboid Worms by Campaigner.

    Tools Icon Pack Mod by PatPZDestiny.

    Tractor-Horse Replacement by Pewtershmitz.

    Twinkling Rock--Artifact Worms Replacement by Drogean.

    Undervalley Mods by keyten. A series of Undertale-themed mods.

    Vanilla Bun's Animal Retexs by BunnyBuns.

    Volcanic Cat by Mr. Teatime.

    Zhuria's Horse Recolors and More by Zhuria. Full suite of horse and building recolors.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Ambient Music with Rain by Drogean. Adds some moody music over the rain audio.
    Ambient Music with Rain 2 by Drogean. Adds Undertale soundtrack music to the rain.
    More Music Mod by Drogean. Adds more music to areas currently without it.

    DLL Mods

    Require the SMAPI above. All of these are installed to %appdata%\Stardew Valley\Mods. Alternatively, as of SMAPI v0.3 and higher, you can place them in your main Stardew Valley installation folder under Stardew Valley\Mods.

    All Recipes by redteam. Adds the command player_addrecipes to the API console which adds all recipes to the player.

    cantorsdust's own SMAPI Mods:
    All Crops All Seasons Enables planting and growing any crop in any season, including winter.
    FreezeInside Mod Freezes time while inside, unfreezes when you go back out, like Harvest Moon.
    TimeSpeed Mod Adjustable day lengths via editable config file, longer or shorter.

    CJB's SMAPI Mods:
    In Game Cheat Menu. Extensive cheat options controlled by easy to use in game menu.
    Items show sell price in your inventory. Exactly what it says. Very handy.

    Handsome Matt's Mods:
    Junimo Deposit Anywhere Allows players to drop off materials for the Junimo / Community Center quests anywhere. Handy!
    Calendar Anywhere Quick mod that allows you to open the calendar from anywhere, simply click the date in the top right.
    Durable Fences With this mod fences will never break.

    hitachihex's Mods:
    No Friendship Decay. Prevents heart loss from not talking to people every week.
    Social editor menu. Allows in-game editing of NPC relationships.

    Inventory Rotator by Hobbit9797. Allows you to switch among the rows of your inventory. Very handy!

    natfoth's mods:
    Stamina Regen. Allows for configurable stamina regeneration over time.
    Weather Controller. Allows you to set the weather for today and tomorrow.

    SmartMod by KuroBear. Shortcuts for moving and item storage.

    Stamina Regen When Idle by MiZiPex. Release of natforth's Stamina Regen for SMAPI 0.37+

    Taxes Mod by bdawson1993. Adds configurable taxes to be charged to your farm.

    Variable Grass Growth by dantheman999. 3 options for increasing and 1 for decreasing grass growth speed.

    Warp Mod by Seberoth. Allows teleports to custom waypoints.

    Yoshify's mods:
    Rise and Shine! Configurable wake-up time. Configurable wakeup time if you don't want to wait for shops to open.
    Sprint! Increases your movement speed and drains your stamina when you press a configurable key.

    zippy199522's mods (aka Alpha Omegasis)
    Auto Speed Mod Auto-loads your chosen player_setspeed command from a text file every time you start the game. Convenient!
    MoreRain Allows you to configure the percentage chance for rain each day. Very neat!

    Zoryn's own SMAPI Mods:
    Instant Fishing Catch: Catch fish instantly upon starting the minigame.
    Less Fishing Loss: Overshooting the fish in the minigame does not lose fishing progress as quickly.
    Stardew Test Mod: Only a test, will crash your game if used.


    NB--Messing with movement may interfere with doors and NPC cutscenes.

    Stardew Injector by boomer678. Edits the EXE to allow for a wide range of options.


    I joined the forums to report on my progress modding Stardew Valley so far. I hope that this will stimulate further discussion and progress.

    Stardew Valley has a simple file structure. All data is under the Stardew Valley\Content folder. Unfortunately, all data (except for sounds) is stored as .xnb (XNB ) files, which are not the easiest to mod. XNB files are binary containers for Microsoft's XNA game development platform. XNB files are compressed versions of ordinary game data such as pictures, text files, etc. To my knowledge, Editing them in straightforward programs like Notepad++ etc is not possible.

    All graphical data in the game is can be extracted as .png (PNG) files within XNB files within the folders Content and the subfolders Content\Animals, Buildings, Characters, LooseSprites, Maps, mines, Minigames, Portraits, TerrainFeatures, and TileSheets.

    All fonts in the game are extracted as a PNG file paired with a text (as of v0.1.0 of XNB Node, a YAML, but previously JSON and XML) file within XNB files within the subfolder Content\Fonts. The text file appears to note which pixels in the PNG correspond to which symbol.

    All game data / tweaking values can be extracted as text within XNB files within the subfolder Content\Data. The data within are stored as text strings of unlabeled values, making modding these values likely trial and error until we get better descriptions of what each value does. Fortunately,

    Sounds are stored within Content\XACT under Wave Bank.xwb (XWB ). This is the only content not stored in XNB files.

    Fortunately, 3rd party programs have been developed to unpack data from XNB files and repack data back into XNB files. There are also 3rd party programs to extract sound files from XWB, although I haven't played with those myself yet. I have succeeded in making a simple proof of concept mod that changes the title screen picture. I'll describe the steps below.


    1. Unpack XNB files.

    To unpack graphics and game data:
    This is done with an XNB unpacker. The one I have found to work with PNG files is one which appears to have been made to unpack files for the game Fez, but works generically. Link here. Version 0.7 appears to be most recent, although 0.5 worked just fine for me as well. Unzip the .zip to a convenient folder. Within you will find .bat and .py files. The .py files are python scripts requiring you to install Python 2.7.3 on your machine. Fortunately, under the bin\python folder in the zip, you will find python_mcp.exe. Run that to install python.

    Then to decompress XNB files, drag and drop them over read_xnb.bat. They will output as the base files (.png and .xml) in the same directory as the original XNB file. Instead of dragging and dropping, you can also use the command line "read_xnb.bat [File Name]". Do note that if the file is not in the local directory you would need to specify the full file path. You can decompress entire folders by using read_xnb_dir.bat. The command line there is "read_xnb_dir.bat [File Directory] [Output Directory]".

    Note that some files will error and not output correctly with this. You can try using other XNB unpackers and see if they successfully output. I tried GXView and could not get it to work with this, but you may have better luck.

    One simple way to extract everything to look through would be to copy and paste your Stardew Valley\Content folder to the folder where read_xnb_dir.bat is located. Then start cmd.exe and cd over to where read_xnb_dir.bat is located. Run the command "read_xnb_dir.bat Content ContentUnpacked" to unpack all XNB files possible to the ContentUnpacked subfolder in the same directory as the .bat file.

    Draivin's XNB Node version 0.0.2 and up now supports packing and unpacking both graphics and text.

    Use Draivin's XNB Node as posted earlier in this thread. Mad props to Draivin! Unzip the file so that xnb_node.cmd is in the same directory as your Stardew Valley.exe. Again, use the utility with the command line. Start cmd.exe, cd over to the Stardew Valley folder.

    Unpack files by using "xnb_node.cmd extract [input directory] [output directory].

    Do note that xnb_node creates an associated YAML file for each PNG file it extracts. These YAML files are associated with the PNG and should be kept with it. It will need the YAML with the PNG when you repack the file. THE PACKER WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THE YAML WITH THE PNG.

    Now that you have extracted files, it is time to edit them.

    2. Edit your files.
    Open up ContentUnpacked\Minigames\TitleButtons.png in your graphic editor of choice. Scribble across the Stardew Valley title. Congratulations, you have edited the file. Be sure to save your work under the same name, TitleButtons.png

    For YAML, many good text editors exist. I recommend Notepad++.

    3. Repack your loose, edited files into .xnb files.

    To pack PNG and YAML files
    I have been using the program XNB Builder to create files. Download here. Run XNAFormatter.exe. Select your source file(s). Select your output directory (default to wherever you installed xnb builder\Content). Leave the target platform as Windows and the target profile as Reach. Check the Compress Output? button, and feel free to check the Log Output? button. Click convert. If successful, it will say Build Completed in the bottom right hand corner, otherwise, Build Failed.

    Draivin's XNB Node now supports packing YAML and PNG.

    Pack files by using "xnb_node.cmd pack [input directory or file] [output directory] from the command line. To pack PNGs, make sure the associated YAML is with them in the same directory. THE PACKER WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THE YAML WITH THE PNG.

    Take your new XNB, make sure it is the same name of the file you are trying to mod, and replace it in the original file's location in Stardew Valley\Content. It would be wise to keep a backup of the original file, but I'm a post, not a cop.

    4. Start your game and confirm your changes.


    Below is a sample file of TitleButtons.xnb which should show the word MOD written in black over the title on Stardew Valley's start screen. It is a basic proof of concept. Place it in Stardew Valley\Content\Minigames. Be sure to back up the original!


    1. Can unpack most XNB files. Some files, notably those in Characters and Maps appear to have additional file types not supported by unpacking software. Check the error messages for more info.
    2. Can repack PNG files.
    3. Can repack YAML files.
    4. Can modify the EXE at runtime using Stardew Modding API and Stardew Injector
    5. Can add custom items with custom graphics to game using SMAPI, but cannot save them.


    1. Cannot repack XML files. Gives a BUILD FAILED error. The logfile reports "XML is not in the XNA intermediate format. Missing XnaContent root element." Googling for the problem shows that when XML files are turned into XNB files, they require an XNA Content root element that specifies the type of the data being saved. See here. In short, XML files require an <XnaContent> tag at the beginning, followed by a <Asset Type="whatever the type is"> tag. The XML files in Stardew Valley's XNB files lack these tags. Further reading noted that this tag is part of an automatic creation process for XML to XNB creation added later on in the XNA timeline. Earlier projects had to create a custom content pipeline to convert XML to XNB files. I suspect Stardew Valley was started early enough to require such a pipeline. If so, it may be difficult to ever create XNB files from XML files without developer support.


    2. Cannot unpack special file types within XNB files. These appear to be file types not handled by the XNB Parser program I posted above. As the program must write a handler for each specific file type, someone would have to manually write one for each currently unsupported file type. I lack the programming ability to do that, but someone out there should be able to. This currently prevents modding any XNB containing those file types. Even if the other files are output successfully from such an XNB, they would not be able to be repacked within a new functional XNB while the other files that we cannot yet unpack are missing.

    PARTIALLY SOLVED--XNB Node 0.1.0 and up support unpacking/packing font files. Along with SimpleXNBDemapper for map files and 3rd party programs for sound files, most if not all files of interest can be accessed.

    3. The XNB data format allows edits to data currently stored within XNB files, but does not allow execution of new code. Modding XNB files would only allow for tweaks to existing game mechanics and graphics.

    IN PROGRESS--SMAPI in development

    4. Item Creation. The XNB data format is limiting--only one person can make edits at a time to the same file. API modding would allow for more flexibility, adding items on the fly from multiple people.

    IN PROGRESS--SMAPI can create items, but cannot save them. An extension to saving must be attempted.

    5. Creating new NPCs. Again theoretically possible but impractical with XNB modding. Would require creation of a portrait, sprite, schedule, dialogue, and insertion into existing locations, events, and festivals.


    6. Modifying existing NPC dialogue, making other NPCs marriagable. More research required as to the requirements for marriage and whether anything is hardcoded as a requirement. Presumably API modding will make this practically easier.


    7. Modifying existing maps. Success by Pinkishu into editing and adding onto existing maps. Adding to the right and down would be most practical for now--there are coordinates that count from the upper left corner of the screen required for moving between areas, NPC positioning, and likely other things.

    SIMPLE MODS COMPLETED. See Penny No Rocks.

    8. Adding new maps. Theoretically possible by creating a new .tide file with existing spritesheets and packing it into XNB with SimpleXNBDemapper. There are many hardcoded scripts for each area, however, and it's not clear how functional new areas would be yet.


    9. Translation projects. Most text is located in Content\Characters\Dialogue, Content\Characters\schedules, Content\Data\Events, Content\Data\Festivals, and Content\Data\TV. Item descriptions are scattered through the files of Content\Data. There is some text that is hardcoded by the game. The biggest barrier to translation projects, however, are the font files. They are only in English characters, and no accented or unusual characters included. So any translation not using Latin characters is not possible until fonts are created. I font XNB files can now be packed and unpacked by XNB Node 0.1.0, so creation of a font is now theoretically possible.

    The second barrier would be loading new font graphics into the game. Font characters are defined using an associated text file with a list of glyphs corresponding to each letter. You would have to edit the font graphic, then define each character in a list of glyphs. This would then have to be repacked and successfully loaded by the game. To date this has not been achieved, but it is not known whether it is not currently possible.

    BEGUN! Apparently it's not too bad to add fonts, unlike items. See Chrisblue's post.

    10. Editing existing game functions and adding new features. Becoming more and more possible through APIs, but only for those with C# programming experience.



    In conclusion, I'd like to thank ConcernedApe for a fantastic game. The modding community would be greatly benefitted if he would help in the following ways:

    1. Find a way to allow edited XML files into the game. He could either allow loading of loose XML files to take precedence over XNB files or release some way to repack XML files into XNB files. This hopefully would not require the creation of a full modding API and would allow reasonable gameplay modding to begin relatively quickly.
    2. Clarify the values defined by each XML file so that we are not editing numbers entirely blindly.
    3. Clarify what "special files" are not getting successfully unpacked by XNB Parser, allowing more talented individuals than myself to possibly extend the program to cover those kinds.
    4. In the future, once Stardew Valley is patched up and a good stopping point is reached, work on adding a full modding API allowing modification of game code.

    Let me know if you guys get farther than me on the XML problem, have any ideas, new mods, etc. There's some good data for the wiki in those XML files, I think, once what numbers mean what becomes more clear.

    edited to make (XN:cool: into (XNB ) :)
    edited to update people on Draivin's progress
    edited to update with first edited exes for speed
    continuing edits to add mods and updates to tools/modding guides
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    • animandan

      animandan Void-Bound Voyager

      Awesome progress so far!
      • Caped Baldy

        Caped Baldy Tentacle Wrangler

        Thank you sir, when I saw everything was packaged as xnb I decided to binge first, tinker later. You've saved me some work. :nuruflirt:
        I suspect ConcernedApe will be very busy for a week or two quelling the numerous bugs and readying a new build, however he has said he'd work with modders if they needed help. I suggest waiting a bit and contacting him on twitter.
          Last edited: Feb 27, 2016
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        • oath2order

          oath2order Parsec Taste Tester

          oh that's cool
          • Draivin

            Draivin Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            Internally the XNB files do not have any relation to XMLs, they are an encoding of system C# types and XNA specific types.

            Last night I was looking for a way to unpack the XNB files and found the XNB format specification at (It would have been a lot easier if I found the Fez unpacker you posted here), so I ended up creating my own unpacker for XNB, currently I can unpack and repack those text files and the repacked version will be identical to the unpacked one.

            My primary motivation was translating the game for my friends who can't speak english, but I took a look around the text files and could not find any reference to the input boxes on the character creation screen, which makes me believe they are hardcoded, so I lost a lot of the motivation.
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            • Beret

              Beret Subatomic Cosmonaut

              That sounds great! Would it be too much to ask for a download? XNAFormatter isn't really working for me, installing one of it's requirements fucked up my computer so hard that I had to do system restore xD
              • cantorsdust

                cantorsdust Existential Complex

                If you could post that packer/unpacker, proper basic gameplay modding could begin. Bad news, though, I looked all over the XML files and couldn't find anything related to movement speed yesterday :(
                • Draivin

                  Draivin Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  I will clean up the code a little more and complete the repacker for some data types that are missing then I will try posting it.
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                  • zipy199522

                    zipy199522 Pangalactic Porcupine

                    From what I can tell movement speed is a hard coded value inside of the game and that there doesn't seem to be any way we directly modify it for the time being. Maybe we could create a boots item that would help speed up movement speed somehow in the future. That packer/unpacker tool would be a gift from above. Thanks everyone for that great work so far!

                    *EDIT* After looking into the Boots.xml I'm pretty confident that the values at the end of every <Entry> tag are values associated with the game object data. It seems like the format goes along the lines of value/(speed?)/(health?)/(defense?) More testing will be done once I am able to play more.
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                    • cantorsdust

                      cantorsdust Existential Complex

                      Boot data looks like so:

                      <Entry key="506">Leather Boots/The leather is very supple./50/1/1/2</Entry>
                      All boots here:

                      Looks like 4 numbers after the boots. Price, and then 3 others? If none of those 3 are a speed bonus, then I don't see a way to easily mod in speed boots.
                      • Draivin

                        Draivin Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        Alright, not as polished as I would like, but I believe it is enough for testing:


                        Usage: xnb_node.cmd <command> <input> <output>


                        extract <input> <output> extract XNB file or all files in directory
                        pack <input> <output> pack XNB file or all files in directory


                        -h, --help output usage information
                        -V, --version output the version number

                        xnb_node.cmd extract Content ExtContent
                        xnb_node.cmd pack ExtContent Repacked
                        xnb_node.cmd extract Content/Characters/Abigail.xnb Abigail.json
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                        • zipy199522

                          zipy199522 Pangalactic Porcupine

                          Draivin, you a great friend to this modder. I greatly applaud your efforts. With your tool I was able to decompile Penny's dialogue script, edit it, and recompile it. Results? See for yourself.

                          *Edit* I guess I should get to work trying to piece together all of the info inside of the .xml files now and see if I can't make some sort of modding guide.

                            Attached Files:

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                          • WatcherCCG

                            WatcherCCG Giant Laser Beams

                            I'd also suggest getting in touch with Mr Anti-Fun, the game trainer guy. He has a trainer for the game already and his insights might be helpful.
                              Last edited: Feb 27, 2016
                            • cantorsdust

                              cantorsdust Existential Complex

                              Fantastic work! It successfully pulls out JSON files instead of XML files, and the JSON files indeed have a xnbData tag, suggesting that these are the real deal. They're also a bit easier to read. It successfully packs JSON files creating an XNB identical to the original.

                              Problem though, I can only extract and pack JSON files with this. No PNGs. So all pictures and fonts can't be unpacked or repacked.

                              In combination with the other unpacking utilities, this successfully solves problem #1, though. I'll update the OP.
                              • cantorsdust

                                cantorsdust Existential Complex

                                Updated OP with Draivin's progress, and also added a link to some modified EXEs with faster run speeds and slower game time. I have not tested them at all, please use at your own risk.
                                • zipy199522

                                  zipy199522 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                • artdekdok

                                  artdekdok Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I hope you can find a way to repack fonts or make new files.
                                  • cantorsdust

                                    cantorsdust Existential Complex

                                  • WatcherCCG

                                    WatcherCCG Giant Laser Beams

                                    One thing that ought to be a priority is messing with the fishing meter. That minigame might be the one weak link in the whole game with its truly absurd learning curve.
                                    • Galebourn

                                      Galebourn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      What's the current status on savegame modding? You can easily change values like money, but that's not what I'm looking for. I accidentally sold a daffodil but I really need it, so I wanted to put it in my backpack somehow. I can't find the right values, though. Any help?
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