Tool Old asset_unpacker (& asset_packer) executables for .modpaks (win/mac/linux)

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    I could probably have posted it in this thread and it'll probably have the same effect but I didn't wanted conflicts?? If chucklefish doesn't want those tools to be around they have what they need to take down that post anyway I guess, and Mackinz' didn't replied in that thread since months

    How to unpack stuff:
    And if you want easy-peasy drag'n'drop unpack .bat:

    From The | Suit's post here:
    From Molly's post here:
    Just using the quote notification thingy to let you know guys, since it's been months since you posted that

    Note that, for the Linux and MacOS versions, you'll probably need to set the "executable" permissions before being able to use it. Some reference links:
    Generally it can be done via your file browser's interface, in the file's properties, otherwise via the terminal:
    chmod u+x asset_unpacker

    Virustotal (an online antivirus scanner) shows all green: Windows version, MacOS version, Linux version
    You can re-throw the asset_unpacker executables in there if you wanna be sure, the SHA256 should match and it'll probably tell you that the file was already scanned before (Windows version)
    (SHA256 is a fingerprinting method that, from a file, gives you a "fingerprint" that'd be different from the fingerprint of, say, the same file, but with eg. one more byte. It doesn't base itself just on the file's name and stuff so no trickeries like that (altho "collisions" (two different files having the same fingerprint) do exist, but that's somewhat of an in-depth technical topic and not something that could be easily exploited (yet) for SHA256): but you can re-run the test anyway for m a x i m u m s e c u r i t y )

    Feel free to post in there (or message me) if you have any questions about those.

    Edit: Added Upbeat Giraffe's macOS/Linux version
    Edit: Woops it wasn't macOS/Linux but macOS-specific, I'm an idiot; added linux32 version
    Edit: It seems macOS needs it's frameworks - updated

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    for different versions where the mod format was rewritten, u will need the unpacker from that version, for any1 wondering "y can't i just use the current unpacker?"
    the current unpacker is meant to unpack mods that were packed with the current packer, and spirited giraffe has a different packing system than now, so the current unpacker won't work
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    Thanks so much, it very helpful!

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