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  1. Chlorruption

    Chlorruption Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Just found out about divorce being an option in the coming update.

    Heavy stuff. Pretty sure my guilt (over pixels and text on a screen, admittedly) would outweigh my curiosity. Any of you think you could go through with it?

    Side note: holy crap, CA really put the work in, didn't he? This guy deserves a proper vacation after 1.1
    • MoonlitBrenya

      MoonlitBrenya Existential Complex

      I don't know if I could. I, too, get "attached" to the pixels and the text. And yeah he does, he's gone above and beyond to make us all ridiculously happy and love this game even more. I am so stoked, I can't wait!
      • Chlorruption

        Chlorruption Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        I see why he was burning out. Every time there was an official blurb or post, 1.1 had MORE stuff. He's adding enough stuff that a lesser dev could've made 2 DLCs and paywalled us for.
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        • LuthienNightwolf

          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

          I couldn't do it either. Hell, I even feel funny romancing someone other than Seb on a different playthrough, so I'm gonna make a new farmer for my other saves. >u<
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          • musical74

            musical74 Space Kumquat

            Given that divorce will be an option, wonder if that means it would be possible for other married couples to break up?

            Think it'll always be Abby or Leah for me to romance, if Emily is added her too. Others are *meh* to me (seriously, how in the world are Haley and Emily related??)
            • Lazarus_long

              Lazarus_long Void-Bound Voyager

              If the game gets too good we'll have to pass a law to stop him from writing any others. Otherwise we will have to find a way to live without working, eating, or sleeping.
              • Chlorruption

                Chlorruption Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                I'd read somewhere that Robin could in some future update be marriageable. If true, that'd involve her breaking things off with Demetrius. Take that with a grain of salt, though. Totally unconfirmed.
                • BaconBaka

                  BaconBaka Subatomic Cosmonaut

                  Hell, even Pam was part of the poll.

                  Anyway, where are you getting this info, anyway? All I've seen was the Tweet of 1.1 coming very soon, above the ConcernedPotato pic.
                  • Chlorruption

                    Chlorruption Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Can't remember where I saw the Robin rumor, but CA posted about divorce on his tweeter recently.

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                    • MissKiki

                      MissKiki Space Penguin Leader

                      Wow! You guys lol always digging new gold of information. I can't wait. But I couldn't divorce Penny, she's had it too hard.
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                      • justme2

                        justme2 Contact!

                        I won't divorce Sam (even though he can't cook worth a lick -- same with my real-life husband), but I'll be starting a new save to romance Shane. I think he's just misunderstood and needs someone to understand him.

                        By the way, I just got a little tidbit today from Jas -- Shane is actually Jas' godfather, and was a good friend of her parents...who died. :nurusad: So I guess Shane and Jas came to live with Marnie at the same time? And maybe Jas just calls Marnie "Aunt Marnie" because Shane does. Maybe he had to give up his own dreams and take the soul-crushing job at JojaMart to support Jas, and that plus the death of his friends sent him into the spiral of alcoholism. Makes me even more determined to romance and marry him next playthrough. :nuruhappy:
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                        • LuthienNightwolf

                          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                          I'm definitely going to have a Shane save after the update, and my female marriage choice would have been Sandy. Maybe she'll be available in a later update sometime. I also think Sam is really cute...not my first choice but if I'm going to explore new territory might as well try him out.

                          @justme2 Seb doesn't cook either, but he does make coffee. lol Would be cool if we could teach them how, or at least send them to a cooking class taught by Gus.
                          • Erick648

                            Erick648 Pangalactic Porcupine

                            Well, when you think about it, the whole point of games (and least ones where story and/or characters matter) is to get attached to pixels and text. And the whole point of books is getting attached to text, the whole point of animated films is getting attached to drawings, etc. The whole point of fiction is to pretend it's real, and while some games lend themselves to favoring gameplay over the fictitious world (e.g. being a tyrannical warmonger in a 4X game because it helps you win even if you'd never do that in real life), I would not count Stardew Valley among them.
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                            • Minimanta

                              Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                              I'm definitely not going to get divorces in this game. Don't really see the point. So far I haven't been disappointed with the people I've married and I'm just going to start up a new save to marry the people I haven't married yet.
                              • sabrinatw

                                sabrinatw Phantasmal Quasar

                                I don't think I could divorce either, so a new save it is!
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                                • Rezzo1971

                                  Rezzo1971 Space Spelunker

                                  I bet she has lol ;) (yeah someone always has to lower the tone)
                                  • Declension

                                    Declension Cosmic Narwhal

                                    I can finally ditch Alex without starting over from square one. I for one love the feature and can't wait for it to come!

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                                    • Chlorruption

                                      Chlorruption Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      Abused by his father, a dead mother and a spouse that left him. ;c Poor little guy.
                                      • Tamorr

                                        Tamorr Supernova

                                        I just can't bare to divorce my recent marriage. I mean I finally married, so breaking up after a few weeks... seems a bit too harsh for me. Then again even if was long running with decades behind me I still wouldn't, I chose my spouse because that is the one I wanted for that character. All the towns folk are pretty lovable in their own way. Each with their own charm. I can understand how some would, but not something I would do myself. Sticking with my choice till the end.

                                        Like another mentioned, I would rather make a new save in order to choose someone else. :nuruhappy:
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                                        • gummywyrms

                                          gummywyrms Big Damn Hero

                                          Ah, nice. Probably will just go ahead and make new saves, but it's always good when they add options like that... I couldn't either, but I've seen at least one person on Tumblr who's trying to collect all the relationship dialogue in Harvest Moon or something by going through all the heart levels with the bachelorettes by going back down from red and then breaking up with them... Then getting back together again to unlock more dialogue (and maybe breaking up again, if it's possible? not sure).
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