Complete Official MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod Contest (Win Starbound and Terraria Steam key)

Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by TooManySecrets, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. TooManySecrets

    TooManySecrets Sandwich Man

    Official MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod Contest

    So me and my fellow moders (MadTulip and HuggableCreep)from the MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod (here) have decided to make a fun contest for you guys to have fun and for us to see the cool stuff that you guys make.

    So the contest is to make the best ship that you can with MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod and post it here on this thread.
    You can take a picture of the ship or if its too big you can even make a YouTube video showing off your ship.
    1. Use MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod to make your ship
    2. You can use clothing mods
    3. You can use the vanilla game stuff
    4. You can use mods that let you spawn materials and
    items so you don't have to play to get all your items for your ship

    The winning ship gets three things:
    1. His ship picture or video will be put on the main page of the mod.
    2. A Starbound steam key for you to do whatever you want with.
    3. A Terraria steam key for you to do whatever you want with.

    Maybe more prizes depending on the donations.

    This contest will last for 14 days.
    Contest closes on the 12th of February
    23:00 (11PM) CET

    Please keep this thread clean if you can guys.
    Have fun guys and everybody please vote!!!
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  2. andreslkc

    andreslkc Big Damn Hero

    I cant enter but good luck everyone.
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  3. XxkeruxX

    XxkeruxX Aquatic Astronaut

    Sadly I can't enter since I don't have the game to create my own ship, but GL to who ever do enter :p
  4. Creedless

    Creedless Void-Bound Voyager

    Nah, k, i'm already out, thx to beeftimes awesome frig :(

    Anyway, good luck everyone! Show us what you got!
  5. DeadlyCool

    DeadlyCool Void-Bound Voyager

    Challenge Accepted
  6. TooManySecrets

    TooManySecrets Sandwich Man

    You need to make your ship from the stuff in Madtulip's ship mod you can use any other game vanilla stuff. You can use a mod like creativity mode so you dont have to mine the resources to build the ship.

    In fact i updated the rules for the contest and pls if you can remove your post Creedless so we keep this thread clean
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2014
  7. HuggableCreep

    HuggableCreep Big Damn Hero

    already two days into the contest and only one submission? com on guys I'd like to see some real great submissions
  8. SilentGuy

    SilentGuy Big Damn Hero

    Woot! I've been wanting to get Starbound for my friend for a long time. I hope that I will win this!
    Any spaceship is great for my space ninja! :D
    The picture is a little small...oh well.
  9. MagicHunter160

    MagicHunter160 Aquatic Astronaut

    Capture.PNG Here is my ship i hope i win that Starbound key its called the S.S. Robotech
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
  10. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Soo here we have my new home ins Space.
    And yes I was a bad boy and used the Creative Modl
    Who cares :)
    I was pissed my 1. ship was gine, what I did made "fair".
    So here the Protheus.
    I guess this ship is at the limit what this Engene can "handle". In the Backend it beings to lag why ever.
    Oh and eigther the Apex FTL Drives have no Hyperspace flame animation, or they are to far away from the Pilotseat., not that I care, only want to mention it.
    I used electric Securety to make the doors work "automatic".
    To be not so alone I spawned some NPC`s for fun :)
    I play at the moment the Nova Kids Mod Race so no fitting Tileset to my char, so I used this time the Apex Tileset.
    Natural like ever it is a Photoshop mosaic Picture, die the ship is pfff I guess 3 times the smales zoomlevel Screensize.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
  11. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Say this not so loud yours look cool too :) (serious).
    Scale does not matter ever.
    You did for example better work with the outside deco parts.
  12. Requiemfang

    Requiemfang Ketchup Robot

    Very nice Xentor I can tell that one is larger than the other ship you did. Maybe a paint job is in order? the tile blocks for ship detail, top and bottom decoration, and wallplates are colorable, all of them have a color pallet and can be colored with the paint gun. Just have a looksi at the ship I did in Madtulips thread.
  13. Deltira

    Deltira Void-Bound Voyager

    Gawd. Xentor's ship is too insanely well made. Maybe I should just give up :rofl:

    Also I made the concept outlines on a pixel editor but the scale was way too big in the actual game in comparison to in the editor.

    I've never really tried this mod due to my lack of designing capabilities. Maybe if there were a ship world editor this would be much easier though. :p

    Concept #1 : Ship 1.png Concept #2 : Ship 2.png

    Someone should really make a guide for making custom ships.
  14. LemonKnight

    LemonKnight Void-Bound Voyager

    My ship was made with the "Your Starbound Crew" in mind. 6 big rooms and a engine room, one room being my own. For me, the size is plentiful without it being overwhelming. There are two airlocks, and the entire ship is ventilated. I did a fan in each room because the fans get glitched when they're put through 1x passages above and below doors... and ventilation doesn't like to go through platforms for some reason. I tried vertical symmetry, and placing lights on the top and bottom so it'll look the same when the ship's upside down. Regardless of its lacking cosmetics, this is the best I can possibly conjure up as a ship I would actually use.
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  15. Requiemfang

    Requiemfang Ketchup Robot

    There technically is a ship world editor
  16. TooManySecrets

    TooManySecrets Sandwich Man

    Please guys keep this thread clean if you can.
  17. Linkgetsuei

    Linkgetsuei Void-Bound Voyager

    My ship was made with the thought of a theme. i got me some graph paper and sketched a koi fish best i could. the marked for squares required to make it big enough to hold what I want. after getting the basic outline i played with its design and ideas to theme areas till i had everything the way i liked it. while farming i found some NPC spawners and had a friend get me spawners for other races to give my ship a crew. the end result was this.

  18. Xentor Antarix

    Xentor Antarix Ketchup Robot

    Wow nice done :) *tumbs up*
  19. TooManySecrets

    TooManySecrets Sandwich Man

    Well there would be if we had more prizes
  20. Linkgetsuei

    Linkgetsuei Void-Bound Voyager

    =D why thank you, i like yours a lot as well, and the other ships i have seen on here are pretty neat toX3
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