Spooky Obligatory Halloween Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyle, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Tyle

    Tyle Existential Complex

    I always think Nightmare Before Christmas is genius since you can watch it on two constructive major holidays and still be perfectly relevant

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  2. XelSlime

    XelSlime Scruffy Nerf-Herder



    ...I do a whole lot of nothing 'cause I'm in an apartment building, but also, this neighborhood doesn't bother to decorate.

    I miss actually doing stuff for Halloween, or having a good reason to bother, like a front yard.

    Give 'em hell for me.
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  3. Tlactl

    Tlactl Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm gonna be an astronaut. Hopefully my neighborhood won't be devoid of candy like last year.
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  4. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Happy Halloween

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  5. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

    The day has come.

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  6. Tyle

    Tyle Existential Complex

    It's Halloween and I'm still chilling at our lab with our bat homies. But hey, we have real bats in here!

    I just remembered one of our experiments takes place in the common bio lab - some others have a habit of taking dead wild animals back here for taxidermy - I'm usually the one in charge of setting up the props so every once in a while, in the dark, there would be just me, our props, some cameras, and a corner full of dead things in jars and taxidermied birds. Oddly soothing atmosphere to do things all by myself.
    That's my spooky tale.
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  7. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    It is time!

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  8. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Guest

    Happy Halloween everyone!
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  9. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    The best thing about kids is that they go trick-or-treating and you get to eat their candy when they're not looking.
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  10. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time


    Hello boys and ghouls,
    Time to commence the seance for Halloween 2018! I know I am just dying to partake in the festivities.
  11. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    i am gonna do a spooky wiggle this year. it will be aces.
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  12. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    I think I am going to try to join this festivities, I've never join this kind of festivities before. I am curious and also confuse.
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  13. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

    Is it a spooky wiggle?

    Simply wonderful! You can never have too much Halloween in your life, after all.
  14. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    moderately spooky; there might be children around
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  15. Relten

    Relten The Waste of Time

    Oh no! We cannot spook the children too hard, because otherwise they might never become unspooked.
  16. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Is this thread still going? Because I notice that this thread is not as active as last year.

    Oh yes, just want to remind you guys, that the Halloween is next week... on... Wednesday... right? Correct me if I am wrong, I am new to this kind of thing.
  17. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    yup, wednesday is the spookiest day of the year! except friday.
  18. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

    Increase the spookiness level.
  19. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Yeah! Yeah! YEAH! But how can I do that?
  20. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Yesterday is Halloween, right? So, I manage to make this art to celebrate it. I hope you like it. @Tyle has been tutoring me on how to make vector art, so thanks to her too, I can finally make something like this. So yeah, here it is, it took me a month to prepare and finish this.


    I think I am going to make some more of this in the future. Happy Halloween guys, see you soon!
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