NPCs (Villagers) gets tired of the same gift you gave him/her last week.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by dtrix3281, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. dtrix3281

    dtrix3281 Intergalactic Tourist

    I am finally reaching Year 3! And one thing I noticed, it is very easy to get hearts for NPCs.

    For example, just get salad for Leah 2 times a week, and you get hearts just by doing that till she reaches 10 hearts!

    Now, instead of accepting same gifts over and over, being all "OMG Thank you, I love it", I would like to see NPCs gets tired of the same gifts. Maybe with a response something like

    "Thank you, but maybe you could switch things up" something along the lines.

    Just my opinion to make things a little bit more challenging. Anyone else thinks the same?
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    • Jumboshrimp

      Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

      I'm not sure about you if someone give me a gold bar or a tiramisu, I'll take it any time. :p

      Favorite gifts they wouldn't get sick of it, but the choice to switch up the gift is up to you, I guess.
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      • SimsMovieGirl

        SimsMovieGirl Void-Bound Voyager

        not a fan of this suggestion. if i wanna give sammy pizza all the time, i wanna do it, i want him so bad, he's so cute.
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        • dtrix3281

          dtrix3281 Intergalactic Tourist

          Now that you pointed it out, that actually makes sense. I totally forgot that "Liked" meant favourite.
          • HakuroHanagata

            HakuroHanagata Space Hobo

            I'm with you, and I don't think Sam would get tired of pizza anyway lol
            • Tamorr

              Tamorr Supernova

              @Jumboshrimp tiramisu... :nuruawe: :drools:

              @dtrix3281 hmm... Would be an interesting idea, although I personally don't give the town's folk the best of the best of the best most favorite items all the time. I just give what I can that I know they will like. That is me though. (Note: am not a wiki user)

              I like the idea, but seems like a stretch for being they get tired of it weekly. I would say maybe if it has been a range of days, like 2-4 since last gifted said item they will not be too thrilled; at least where food is concerned. The old too much of the same thing can lead to distaste type of thing.

              On another note being it this way would be... at least where food is concerned, that they enjoy it that much to have it daily. So on that I would say would be the other 50% being no for the idea.

              Think might be best to have multiple loves, if they don't already.

              overall I am 50-50 on the idea. :nuruhappy:
              • Kixelated

                Kixelated Master Chief

                I like the idea, it adds more challenge to the game
                • Lilliput

                  Lilliput Supernova

                  It's an interesting idea. In fact, even if something is a 'favourite', that doesn't mean that someone might not get a little bored with it after a while. I'm not sure how you'd determine where the saturation point is, or how to apply it in the game mechanics. A slight but cumulative drop in the reward a gift nets with each time you give the same thing? There's a rub in that the 'same thing' may not always be exactly the same thing. Leah loves wine-- but is my giving her apple wine one day and peach wine the next the same gift? Wines, jellies, pickles-- these are all popular gifts but have a lot of varieties based on the ingredients. Hmm. The idea has some merit but would need to be worked out carefully in the game.
                  • Jonn Conn

                    Jonn Conn Tentacle Wrangler

                    This actually works a whole lot better with a little reverse physiology. Instead of stuff being worth less after consecutive givings, it would be better if the first time you give someone something its worth more than usual. Or perhaps when you give someone a new (within the last month) gift, you get a stacking bonus to all social interactions for that month (to a cap, say 25% idk). The main point is to encourage variety, not discourage repetition.
                    • ChaosAzeroth

                      ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

                      I just feel like this is one of those things that if people think it's too easy they can challenge themselves personally.

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