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    I love making colonies, and it's a bit odd when the colonists that you brought to the planet and have interacted with for months just say the same thing. My suggestion is to add a feature where your experiences with NPCs change the way they interact with you. If you've provided for them and been a good landlord, they greet you kindly, using your character's name and say something deeper than "The food back on Earth was the best!" (that was a quote from the early Beta, don't know if it's still in use). If you're visiting, say, a Hylotl City, and you break their things and steal some, they will greet you coldly the next time they see you. An example would be, "Oh, it's YOU again.", or "Are you going to take my things this time?"

    That would make the game feel a lot more real, and much more enjoyable for me.
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