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NPC Uses & Reverse Engineering?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by ProtoGene, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. ProtoGene

    ProtoGene Void-Bound Voyager

    Note: I wasn't sure if this would fit under the suggestion thread or this one. Pleas notify me if otherwise. I already know Penguin did this on YouTube already but I don't think he went too in-depth with it, but we have to consider that he couldn't research the features because there wasn't much info on the game at the time.

    Here I will be observing the given screenshot of NPCs and make a conclusion what there purpose might be. I would also suggest what new NPCs we could expect to benefit this game. I would like the community to get involved aswell.

    Starting from the top: We have this screenshot release on the last friday's update.
    (sorry for the ridiculous size T>T)

    This picture illustrates a battle ship, which is most likely the transportation you would use to traverse space and some NPCs that include: A mechanic (one with the wrench), two solders (inside loud-out of ship) and an engineer(Quantum suit) and what I would assume to be the player (In blue and red).

    Probable uses

    Mechanic: The mechanic should work under the assembling and repairing of mechanical tools, ships & other physically mechanical concepts. She should also be responsible for upgrading (?) weapons, defenses and vehicles.

    Soldiers: Obviously the companions that would be coming along to aid you in combat and exploration, could be useful for 'lone-wolf' players who prefer offline.

    Engineer: I could assume they would take a more realistic approach with the engineer by allowing the use of this character to explore new technologies through drafting unavailable recipes. I have heard that the devs are considering reverse engineering, maybe this character could make that possible.

    That was my opinion on the matter of NPCs. What is your's?

    (to be continued...)
  2. diskincluded

    diskincluded Big Damn Hero

    Cannon fodder and living shields :)
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  3. Offline

    Offline Astral Cartographer

    I agree with everything you said except the Engineer, because it's tl;idr.
    I'm sure you have it spot on, but there are many more NPCs not in this picture, I think a better speculation picture would be the one of the inside of your spaceship, with all the NPCs there.

    EDIT: Now that you've shortened the Engineer entry, yes, I agree. That's most likely what the Engineer will be used for, but they're not quite sure about reverse engineering they said, it might "break the game" in terms of what they had in mind. So we'll see how it plays out.
  4. JohnDevince

    JohnDevince Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I too want to become a big part of this community! But as of the npc's I think that npc's should come in handy! Likewise: If you choose to become a mage and not really involved into smithing that a Npc would come in handy to an extent. Because it would be unfair for a high leveled smithery to be able to repair his ship without any skill points.
    ~ Thank you!
    John Devince
  5. ProtoGene

    ProtoGene Void-Bound Voyager

    I was planning to add more to this when I find the time & a more fitting screenshot. To be honest, I don't think this picture is actually in game. And I will try to make the engineer bit shorter. Thank you for the replay!

    I was going on the idea that the game wasn't base on leveling, but more over resources, similar to how Terraria handled progression. But If that wasn't what you meant, please forgive me.

    Thank you all for the feedback!
  6. Nithilus

    Nithilus Big Damn Hero

    I agree with the engi and mach, One will research/design, The other will build.
    I like the Idea for the soldier as well bit helpful for if you are alone/starting out, or just need a hand taking down something tough.
    I do like the reverse engineering as well, Find some alien device of immense power and learn how to combine it into your weapons or ship.
  7. Offline

    Offline Astral Cartographer

    This is it already speculated, the picture I was talking about.
    Couldn't be bothered to find the original.
  8. Nithilus

    Nithilus Big Damn Hero

    Without a doubt those Liquid filled tubes are containment/stasis pods for researching living creatures/plants :p
  9. ProtoGene

    ProtoGene Void-Bound Voyager

    I actually thought the pods where used sleeping tubes..... >.>
  10. Ashen

    Ashen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The item you have labeled as door looks more like lockers to me, for storing your sweaty lab coats and or shoes.
  11. Starheaven07

    Starheaven07 Pyxis Tube

    It was two lines...

    By the way, that girl Engineer in the middle is the same as the one featured in Wallpaper #3, if you want a better look at her.

    It's plausible that the girl soldier inside the ship is also the one from Wallpaper #2, but that is just speculation.
  12. Offline

    Offline Astral Cartographer

    Obviously you don't know - he just shortened it. It was about 6 lines. I just edited my original post along with the Engineer speculation. :)
    I didn't speculate this, remember. I just found the picture on the forums.
  13. ProtoGene

    ProtoGene Void-Bound Voyager

    yeah, I did notice that. We could hope for more NPC wallpapers from fetalstar.
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