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    Wanderlust Adventures Dialog
    If your going to post here please keep it in the format I have. Limit to amount of post per person is 1. Just edit your post with new content!.

    Pirate Scene
    When you talk to Squarby.
    Talk to Squarby!
    Squarby - Ahoy!, I be talkin' t' ye!
    Player - Who me?
    Squarby - Who else could I be talkin' to!
    Squarby - I Have a need for ye. I need ye t' round up some meat for me crew. I don't want filth, I want that tasty Sandshark meat!
    Player - But why me and not someone else?
    Squarby - I have talked t' other land-lubbers, but they ended up in Davy Jones' locker.
    Player - You want us to take such a dangerous job, well you found the right people for the job!
    Squarby - Now off with ye!
    (You run off and kill sandsharks.)

    Talk to Graybeard!
    Graybeard - Does ye has shiny tokens for trade!
    (Opens a menu like blacksmith and jeweler.)

    Random Event if bandits nearby!
    Graybeard - Squarby t' Bandits took our jewels!
    Squarby - What!, Round up everyone after t' thieven varmits!
    (They proceed to attack bandits that are nearby.)

    Random Event if animals are nearby!
    Squarby - 1st mate, protect your captain from this filth.
    Graybeard - Aye!
    (Graybeard is the only one that attacks.)

    If Graybeard is killed!
    Squarby - How dare ye kill me 1st mate, arhhh!
    (Squarby Starts attacking the object that killed Greybeard!)

    If Squarby is killed!
    Greybeard - Captain, o'god Captain, ahhhhh!
    (Greybeard starts attacking the object that killed Squarby!)

    Desert Outpost
    When you talk to an Npc.
    When you talk to Raul.
    Raul - Good (morning,afternoon) traveler!
    Player - Same to you mister?
    Raul - my name is The Royal Avain, Uster Laung, but you can call me Raul!
    Player - Nice to meet you Raul!
    (Raul looks like royalty!) (Also a Starbound reference)

    When you talk to Thomas.
    Thomas - I want to be an adventurer like you, someday!
    Player - Train hard everyday and you can be like me.

    Random Encounters
    When walking around outside.
    Alberto - I think its time for me to go back to the ship. (Is teleported away)
    (Starbound Reference.)

    Drew - Ahuh ahuh ahuh
    (He is running around the room.)

    When entering a house.
    Quinx - Help Me!
    Ghost - Die!

    If Quinx is helped.
    Quinx - Thank you, I want you to have this.
    (If helped gives a reward.)

    If Quinx is not helped.
    Quinx - Noooo!
    (If she dies, she drops 1 material of bones.)
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      A1Legged can you please make a quick code guide for how you made the show spoiler buttons?, something other posters can copy paste to post in this forum, because at the moment people might be deterred by not knowing how to do that and just not reply. Thx for your time :3
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        [spoiler=This Is My Title, You Clicked on My Spoiler!] 
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        If you don't want it to say anything different when you click on the spoiler, just don't put a comma and close the bracket right after the title. Like this:
        [spoiler=This Is My Title]
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            Thx FreshSheet :3 and here is my post:

            Mining Outpost
            Deep in the mines or outside by the entrance you see a miner clutching a yellow pickax. When you walk up to him or talk to him he says "I need to find the teleporter quickly, else they will come for me." after that he will just repeat "...those beastly creatures...".
            [Risk of rain reference]
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              Lol Nice Keep it going.

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