RELEASED NPC Map Locations Mod 2.2.2

Shows NPC locations on map. Uses a more accurate map page for more accurate tracking!

  1. Bouhm

    Bouhm Big Damn Hero

    안녕하세요! 모드가 엔피시들을 직접 sprite머릴를 표시 만들랴고 crop하고, 메뉴 옵션에 추가하고 해요. 이런것은 그냥 게임 데이타로 못해서 직접 계산하고 제가 넣아야되요. 저도 결혼 모드를 다운로드 한 다음 몰 할쑤 있는지 볼꼐요. 스켸즐이 없는 엔피시를 추가한 모드를 쓰면 자동으로 지도에서 표시하게 만들어 볼꼐요. 알려 주셔서 감사합니다 ^^

    근데 지금은 바뻐서 월요일 때가진 업데이트 못할수 있읍니다.


    If anyone's curious about the conversation, basically if you use Siv's marriage mod or any other mod that add schedules to an NPC that doesn't have a schedule or just add a custom NPC, the mod will break. This is because the values for cropping NPC sprites and adding options in the menu are manually hard-coded, as they have to be calculated and/or contain information that cannot be obtained from the game data. I will look into adding the reset of the villagers, and then making the mod automatically add them to the map if they have schedules. Mod compatibility with custom NPCs is extremely iffy, however.
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    • carnage157

      carnage157 Pangalactic Porcupine

      Is it possible to make an option that works the other way around?
      I want their markers to disappear when you've talked to them that day.
      Then next day it resets and all their markers are back on the map.
      I think that would be an easy way to keep track of who you need to talk to by looking at who is left.
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      • Inccubus

        Inccubus Star Wrangler

        That's a really good idea. If it could be combined with them not initially appearing at all until the first time you talk to them then it'll be even more useful while also being immersive.
        • mdqp

          mdqp Void-Bound Voyager

          This mod is really cool, and a very much needed solution to the "I can't keep track of all these people" problem. I have a question about a possible feature: I realize there are already 3 different settings for this, so maybe adding yet another one is just silly, but would it be possible to have the mod start tracking people on the map only after you have reached the first 2 hearts or so with a character? I think that might be a nice gameplay/immersion compromise, by showing a deeper friendship with a character by a better knowledge of where you might find them (since you know their habits better).

          Anyway, good job on this mod, keep up the good work!
          • FluffyRuri

            FluffyRuri Void-Bound Voyager

            Ermm I found out that Shane and Sam are still located at JojaMart in the map
            even though the mart is closed for good
            . Are they supposed to be there?
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            • Bouhm

              Bouhm Big Damn Hero

              I don't think there's anything in the game that revise villagers' schedules even after the mart closes.

              What can I say, brand loyalty is a really powerful thing.

              Thank you for the suggestions! Will add these to the next update.
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              • Bouhm

                Bouhm Big Damn Hero

                Added new immersion settings. Now looks like this:

                Always show villagers:
                Same ol' thing, shows everyone.

                Show villagers player has talked to:
                Only shows villagers the player has talked to. Resets everyday.

                Hide villagers player has talked to:
                Only shows villagers the player hasn't talked to yet. Resets everyday.

                Only show villagers in player's location (toggle):
                Same as before, only shows NPCs in player's current location. NPCs inside of buildings will count as being in the respective location.

                Only show villagers within specified heart level (toggle):
                Only shows villagers whose heart level (check on the social tab) is within specified heart levels. Min and max are inclusive.
                For example, if you only want to show NPCs with less than 4 hearts, set min to 0 and max to 3.
                If you only want to show NPCs with at least 4 hearts but less than 11, set min to 4 and max to 10.

                Include/Exclude NPCs: Extra NPCs
                I added this mainly for compatibility with mods that add schedules to NPCs that normally don't have schedules. Only shows the relevant NPCs if you have the mod installed; mainly, Siv's marriage mod for Sandy, Wizard, and Marlon. For most people, it'll just show an option to include/exclude the Traveling Merchant.

                Manifest.json also now correctly shows the version of the mod.

                Probably won't do another big update for awhile unless it involves bug fixes. Hope you like these changes!
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                • Zelnite

                  Zelnite Big Damn Hero

                  Thanks for the update!
                  • Nurio

                    Nurio Cosmic Narwhal

                    Thank you for this!
                    • mdqp

                      mdqp Void-Bound Voyager

                      Wow, thank you so much for adding my suggestion, that was insanely fast! Glad you are such a dedicated modder. :)
                      • mdqp

                        mdqp Void-Bound Voyager

                        By the way, you might want to change the link to smapi in the first page, as it links to the 0.39.2 version, which of course isn't compatible with the mod.
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                        • wafunyanko

                          wafunyanko Space Hobo

                          Nice mod. Can move location tooltip Bottom-left corner?
                          or erase location tooltip? it promote trancelated gameplay.
                          • Bouhm

                            Bouhm Big Damn Hero

                            So if I wanted to completely remove location tooltips, I have to completely create a new map window.

                            I assume that the problem is the English location tooltips are covering the translated location tooltips for your patched Stardew Valley game. The best way to do this is to find someone who knows how to modify files to translate the text from the mod in-game. This also depends on how the translation patch works, but try contacting someone who works on the translation patch for translating mods. Note that you can't just directly translate the text in the mod file, as it will show up as symbols in the game.

                            Here's a version of the mod without the location tooltips on top. This means that the NPC markers will be on top the location tooltips, unfortunately. The tooltip location will be in the bottom-left corner by default, but you can change the settings by pressing 'Tab' with the map open.
                            • Hitgirl911

                              Hitgirl911 Big Damn Hero

                              Hello! I've been using your mod and it's really convenient if I'm looking for an NPC.

                              However I noticed that the game crashes when I'm making a new game. The crash happens when I try to enter a text in the name box, and others.
                              • Bouhm

                                Bouhm Big Damn Hero

                                Hi, can you tell me what other mods you have installed (if any)? Also, did you check to see if the game still crashes without the map mod?
                                • MeggiClover

                                  MeggiClover Void-Bound Voyager

                                  It's not working :nurusad: I'm clicking TAB and nothing happens...
                                  • Bouhm

                                    Bouhm Big Damn Hero

                                    Hi, check this image tutorial to make sure you have it installed and run correctly:

                                    If you're already familiar with SMAPI, let me know what other mods you have installed. So far I know that some mods that modify NPC schedules or custom NPCs will cause incompatibility issues.
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                                    • Tyrindor

                                      Tyrindor Space Kumquat

                                      Please update for 1.1.
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                                      • jacknurse

                                        jacknurse Void-Bound Voyager

                                        It doesn't work with V.1.1 of Stardew Valley, even without any other mods. Too bad, really. This is my favourite mod so far.
                                        • Bouhm

                                          Bouhm Big Damn Hero

                                          I just found out the game was updated. I'll be working to update the mod.

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