NPC Dialogues and Timed events

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Should there be timed event for the singles?

  1. Yes, that would be Awesome.

  2. No, that would be Terrible.

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  3. That might be pretty cool.

  1. Jason2012

    Jason2012 Space Hobo

    Hi Chucklefish and Concernedape,
    I've been pondering this over for a while now and was wondering, what if you implemented timed events for the single characters both able to marry, and not able to marry (ie: Clint, Lewis, Marnie, Pam, Linus, Willy, Sandy, Gunther, Gus). My suggestion basically stems with Clint and Emily. We all know Clint is not so courageous however, what if a timed event was implemented for him and Emily with a less than/more than heart friend level with Clint or Emily, Where if you are less than 6 heart friend levels with Emily, Clint will make the move and tentatively change the outcome of the singleablity, or if you have a more than 6 heart friend level, with her Clint is rejected? It would just add that time aspect on things, as we all know things don't stay the same forever. What if all the single characters had timed events say after the 2nd year of summer, things slowly start to alter, based on heart friend levels? Let me know what you think.
    Thanks Jason
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    • Chris776

      Chris776 Subatomic Cosmonaut

      good idea, maybe we could be able to help clint tell his feelings to emily, in that way it would become more interesting, the game wont just become befriending the people, but rather help them achieve a stronger connection between other people they haven't been able to with for a long time being with them.

      And we might be able to also help other single characters to marry certain other single characters as well like haley and sam, sebastian and penny maybe? shes the only better candidate anyway, and emily is already a fixed character for clint to marry.

      that would be cool if we were to help them get into a date as well and also observe or see some of their dialogues before we go and give them some privacy when they are going on a date!
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