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  1. StarCrusader

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    So, I just beat the game for the second time (third if you count beta), and am about to start a glitch colony. I had a city built in beta, but it was wiped when the game came into update 1.0. I am dubbing the new settlement Glitchopeia II, and I'd love to see any ideas or colonies you all have built. Post away!
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  2. izzykuroneko

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    I'm currently working on re-doing my human colony because I want to use some mods that have really good items and I'd like incorporated. However, I want to keep a mod free suburb and one with the mod items. Once I'm done with it completely I'll post it here.
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  3. izzykuroneko

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    Finally done with the Reflection of Harmonia City. A City for Humans who have finally decided to settle down in a world and go back to their 'modern' ways before everything became futuristic. Every house is decorate to it's owner's taste and needs, you may even find a DJ's or a Geologist's home.

    Harmonia is a beautiful Suburb area that includes different entertainment facilities; several parks, Cafe, Arcade, Dance Club, Mall, Museum and Auto shop. Also includes a Solar and Water plant for your indoor plumbing and power needs.


    Humans to be spawned soon :'U
    Mods used: Prop Pack, Foodie's Furniture, Craftable Colored String Lights, Pixel Goods Store, Flask's Design Utilities, (Not) for Girls only and Castlevania mod.
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  4. aztruvius

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    this is cool and massive!

    but gave me some ideas and suggestion. how about you make uneven terrain, such as lake, or hill, with houses in there. because what i see is too flat and less natural.
  5. StarCrusader

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    I must give you credit for the build, as it shows dedication, skill, and well, dedication. I really like what you have done here, and I think it's safe to say that it's the best colony I've seen in my life (far surpassing my own from Beta).
  6. izzykuroneko

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    I understand what you're trying to say, however, I wanted to work on a flat space because:

    1. It's easier to travel with a hoverbike on flat surfaces
    2. It's more inclined on being a city than country-side town. It's a shame we don't have a city background to work with because toxic is dangerous and decayed is.. decayed. I know there's a Citybound mod out there, but it requires finding new lush planets and I build on barren planets because its easier.
    3. Most blocks don't slope to a smooth surface and it meeeh x.x

    Where the last picture ends it loops to the first one, it was a whole 3k planet that built on.

    The next thing I'd like to try working on is a Cyberpunk themed city thanks to Jonesy I got the inspiration. I'll see if I can incorporate a bit of uneven spaces and see how it looks, for now I'm just looking at blocks and selecting what I'd like to use. Too bad we don't have the neon (gem) blocks of Terraria, those would be really nice.

    EDIT:// I verified someone made a mod to make Citybound into terraformers too, but it's too late or that + I dont get why the buildings seem to have greenery on them? o-รณ
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  7. Bamboozler

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    Jesus.. unlike anything I've seen before. How long did it take you to complete it start to finish? I'd imagine at least months of work went into that.
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  8. izzykuroneko

    izzykuroneko Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well, it did take around 2 weeks when I had more free time to build the frames and background of each house then a few days to decorate the houses, this is the time I first ever did the neighbor, issues happened and I lost my files with my computer.

    2nd time around already had the screenshot of the previous attempt, I rebuilt everything and had a friend help me place items inside the house and decorate, that took around 3 weeks or so.

    However, the version I'm showing here is a version with mods, I got myself WEdit mod to copy building by building and redecorated the homes yet again, all of this myself this time, in 3 or so days I had copied the buildings the buildings, changed the type of materials for the building's frame. Cosidering that instead of neon blocks I was using painted bricks, then I did make a new building that would be the cafe, but took me like 2-3 weeks to decorate each home.
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