Npc and Crew members improvement

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Dark-Grunt, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Let's get right to the point:
    -Npcs can't see you if you are in the dark.
    -Npcs react when they see you steaingl or destroying something.
    -Possibility to sneak, so the Npcs sight range would be reduced a lot.
    -Ncps see a lot on the direction that they are facing, but just a little bit in the direction of their back.

    -Possibility to see crew member's life.
    -Possibility to give orders to your crew members like:
    -go to this place
    -attack this person
    -stay to this place
    For example, use the ''o'' key, then, select the crew member you want to act with, and then, left click somewhere to MOVE him where you clicked, right click somewhere to make him STAY where you clicked, or click on someone to make him ATTACK the person you clicked.

    That's about it!

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