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    *Before you start reading, this is probably the millionth thread about Novakids not having anything to interact with.*

    -It's a little hard implementing Novakid related stuff because Novakids, as a species don't have anything...huge. They don't have any major/popular cities. They tend to forget stuff relatively quickly as they live in the moment and they don't write down their history, but that doesn't mean Novakids should be playable only and the Devs most likely know this and have heard the community, but I wanted to throw in my suggestions.

    -I can't imagine Novakids NOT having settlements, it just goes against anything evolution has made, so I'm going to suggest three things Novakids could possibly do...or all three I don't know back on topic

    1-One of these types of living is called "Nomadism", and to quickly explain this idea, Nomads move from place to place, never settling in one area too long, they usually move from place to place for resources for themselves and/or their livestock, this type of living is more common in areas with limited resources. This way it wouldn't limit to where they would spawn, but the most common areas would be Arid, Deserts, Grasslands and Savannahs. The Novakids could be around livestock, like the Fluffalo and Mooshi. They usually live in groups of 5-10. As a side note, More Novakids in the group = More livestock.

    2-The second idea is better known by as Peripatetic Nomadism, and this means that some Nomads prefer to live in cities or towns, but instead of using natural resources they live off of what they buy and sell, and when they run low or out of supplies they move to get more stuff and they repeat the process. This would explain why you would see Novakid Merchants in a city run by any of the other 6 major species. These type of Nomads usually live alone or in small parties, like 1-4 of them. This would lead to a lot of traveling merchants.

    3-And my third idea is Small Settlements. It's been said that Novakids don't make settlements, well these types of structures with NPC's would be rare to begin with. I wouldn't expect them to be everywhere, and these settlements would be small, like the settlement itself would probably deteriorate if the Novakids were not there, I would expect these to spawn only in Arid areas, places that would be difficult to traverse to the point where it would be dangerous, but they set up a small town their...for a while anyway, most likely nothing longer then 10 years, and not big enough to attract a lot of attention from the other 6 species.

    (But again, 2 of the suggestions are based on the idea that Novakids have a Nomadic way of life, with only a few of them who deter from the path, and those Novakids go on to build small towns and stuff.)
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