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Discussion in 'Mods' started by gobbldygook, Mar 14, 2016.

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    So, I had a thought. It would be really nice to write a reminder to myself, and have it show up on a scheduled day to remind me of something. For example, I could mail myself a note to that would remind me to pick up an upgraded tool, check my kegs, visit the quarry, give someone a birthday present and so on. These notes would show up in the mailbox after waking up on the scheduled day, just like notes from NPCs etc.

    Several hurdles I see:
    • Need to be able to write the message in-game, so would need some sort of UI for that
    • Need to be able to schedule the message delivery - again, some sort of UI, though the calendar is already there and might be useful.
    I tried poking around with Storm, but it's wayyy over my head re: programming mods; if anyone else thinks this could be useful and would be able to implement it, you'd have my eternal gratitude! <3
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    • sprekken

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      Second this.

      Alternate/additional idea: give yourself a quest in the journal as the note and have it trigger the exclamation button in the UI on the marked day.

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