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    For a while now I think the gaming community has been obsessed in creating Massive Multiplayer Online experiences (MMO), but frankly what I am craving for is Small Multiplayer Online experiences that create a community based environment incentivizing the investment in other players stories. I think this country life RPG platform has just the right foundation to create that experience. Essentially I want to be involved in a community where I can share my creations and achievements while finding a use in enjoying the achievements of others. This involves having my own space to create while sharing some common spaces where we have to work together. It involves heterogeneous differences in character skills, and item sparsity that promotes trade in both items and skills. Importantly, it involves a small community such that I can expect to see the same group of people each time I get on and there's an expected probability of seeing 7 people online at prime hours and 3 people at low hours. It needs to be the same people in order for me to feel like I'm investing in not only some self-fulfilling mutual exchange but also their story; the community. I think the multiplayer addition helps with this but of course we don't have our own space and we have to seek out players to join with us. I'm excited to see what this game evolves into and I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

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