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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tyle, Sep 24, 2017.

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    So, I'm one of those people have very fond memories of my childhood, but growing up in the 90s, a lot of old places and shops I used to go to all the time are gradually being replaced - it just came to me that, how 'bout we start talking about things we missed when we were little that have changed/no longer exist? Places, brands, shops, culture, food, music...

    I came up with the idea for this thread because my parents just told me a bookstore I routinely go to whenever I'm home (I study in Taiwan and go back to HK for holidays around twice a year) had a small fire - it was not burnt down, fortunately, but a lot of things were damaged by the smokes and water when the fire was put out.

    21981561_10155009942588157_1291028616_o.jpg 21985559_10155009942323157_728754356_o.jpg 22014888_10212789273838185_860376483_n.jpg

    Note: Bookstores in Hong Kong in general also sell stationary, toys and other stuff for schools or kids.

    They're currently selling everything they can with 70% off to hopefully cover the damage as best as the shop can, but rumor has it that they're going to close down for good. It's a sad day.
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