REQUEST Non-Cussing Mod?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by ricochetray, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. bulbaswat

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    Okay, I just got the updated files and made a new version that was sure to be up-to-date, and I also made an updated version of the one for Alex.

    They can be found at the previous link I posted, but just in case, here it is again. Let me know if there are any further issues.
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    • Jonesy

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      This is a reminder to remain civil. Differences in opinion will happen, but insults will not be tolerated. At the end of the day, it's a mod, and it won't affect you if you don't download it.
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        Locking thread till we can get a moment to get handle on the number of reports stemming from the thread.

        Not really sure how you guys managed to make a thread about a simple man asking to have profanity removed to some heated discussion but we will find out and evaluate the situation accordingly.
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          Alright unlocking thread, the thread got heavily derailed so all the posts were moved to a separate thread.

          If you wish to discuss the use of profanity in society use the link provided.
          If you want to discuss how to help the OP with the mod, feel free to do it here.

          Please avoid using profanity in this thread - you are free to use numerous other alternatives.
          • Acerbicon

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            Not sure who was edited in the new build, so I just unpacked them all and searched each dialogue file for curse words. I only found two instances, one on Alex and one on Clint. I've edited them, repacked them, and here they are. They go in the base dialogue folder. If anyone catches anything I didn't feel free to tell me and I'll happily fix it.

            D**n was changed into "dang" and "darn" for Alex and Clint respectively. If these words aren't good for you, just tell me and I'll change it :)

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            • endermaryn

              endermaryn Zero Gravity Genie

              Thank you, nichili, for releasing a current version of the mod that works with 1.07.

              bulbaswat made a version that is compatible with 1.07 as well. Both Clint and Alex's files can be found here under Side Projects.

              D**n was changed to 'Man' in Alex's dialogue and to 'It's frustrating being...' in Clint's

              It's great that there are two options to chose from. Thank you both! :love:

              Place the chosen files into the Stardew Valley/Content/Characters/Dialogue folder. Be sure to backup the originals first, just in case.

              If anyone notices another word that may need editing, please feel free to post it here and who says it so it can hopefully be taken care of. :mspaint:
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              • Ryhlac

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                I don't believe there's a mod for it, but isn't wanting a game without cussing a little overly idealistic? These are teens, they're "supposed" to cuss (to be realistic representations of actual teenagers).
                I was positively surprised to see that CA made Alex (who was probably the one most likely to cuss, just going by stereotypes) say damn, rather than "wow" or something like that.

                I respect your opinion though, and if I knew of a mod for it I'd give you a link.
                • Androxilogin

                  Androxilogin Cosmic Narwhal

                  Sheesh.. Now that all that ignorant nonsense is out of the way, I made a mod a while back that does this very thing although there was an event with Pam I forgot to edit so I'll most likely do that soon since this thread has resurfaced. If you're still interested, you can find it on Nexus called "Orbitz". I may have also started a thread here.
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