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Discussion in 'Mods' started by ricochetray, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. ricochetray

    ricochetray Space Hobo

    I'm new to the forum so I'm sorry in advance if I mess anything up.

    For reasons I'd rather not explain, I can't really play games that have cussing in them. So when I got to summer and Alex said "D**n I could go for a burger," I had to turn the game off. (again please don't ask, I really don't want to explain it). I saw someone made a mod to make cussing, but is there a mod to remove cussing from the game?
    • Advize

      Advize Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      xnb_node can be used to extract the dialogue .yaml files which can be edited with a text editor and then repacked into .xnb files. As far as I know there is no mod that removes cussing from the game, because there isn't any cussing in this game.

      Here is a modified Alex.xnb, place in your stardew valley's Content\Characters\Dialogue directory.
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      • LaxoraNZ

        LaxoraNZ Void-Bound Voyager

        Yea, what Advize said. There isn't one because there isn't any swearing in the game, damn isn't really a swear these days it's been a long time since it's even been considered one (quite old fashioned to consider it one). But if there are more instances of words that you deem as swears that bother you then editing the .xnb files containing that line of dialogue is your only real option since this is quite a specific and personal thing for a mod and it wouldn't really make much sense for someone to make one to cover maybe like...4 words in the whole game. If it were a more common problem for people then I could see it being logical to just have someone do it once a release it as a modified .xnb, but other than that I'd just say learn how to modify the files yourself (there's plenty of guides around) if it is something that really does bother you but you still really want to play the game.

        Not trying to attack your opinion or reasons here, just trying to explain why there probably isn't such a specific mod out there and why there probably won't be one, but it's easy enough to edit the files yourself.
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        • Raijyn

          Raijyn Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Whether it's a swear word or not is up to debate, but not here. If the word bothers them enough to make them shut down the game entirely, they may also be unable to edit the word out themselves, as that would require seeing it. I'm not sure to what level cuss words bother them, but that's a personal reason that doesn't need to be discussed on an open forum.

          Richetray, I think your best bet would be to make a REQUEST thread here. I know there are some kind souls on the forums who have done game edits more complex, and this seems like a simple one, since as far as I know, Alex is the only one I've seen that does any sort of cussing, and only on the one occasion.
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          • bulbaswat

            bulbaswat Subatomic Cosmonaut

            I'm assuming that file removes the word in question from what Alex says, but if you find or know of anymore that you want removed, feel free to contact me. I also consider that to be a swear, and hate swearing myself. Not so much to force people to change, to each their own and all that. However, I like to consider myself a very kind person, and seeing as how our views seem to align here, I will gladly help you to the best of my ability on this.

            So in short, feel free to contact me on any further problems you have with swearing in the game. I know the curses and swears are few, but I also love to help others.
            • LaxoraNZ

              LaxoraNZ Void-Bound Voyager

              Hmm...Yea, that occurred to me later the same day I posted that comment originally. It also occurred to me that using the specific word in my reply was in poor taste, and wonder why I didn't think of censoring or referring to it by another name (ie: "specified swear word", "disliked word", "unpleasant word" etc.)

              Regardless, it still seems like a niche request to me, however there will be some bias and lack of proper data to justify that. It seems that they got the help they were looking for anyway, so that's good at least.

              I was most definitely insensitive and inconsiderate in the wording of my original comment, so I apologize for that. It was poorly thought out and lacked revision prior to posting, some days I'm better at words than others, that day was one of those days where I really wasn't so good with words, either way sorry for being a rude human being unnecessarily simply because our views differ greatly. Apology is mainly to OP but extends to anyone else who may have been offended by my original comment.
              • Brabbit1987

                Brabbit1987 Void-Bound Voyager

                No worries, I don't think it sounded insensitive at all. Though using the word without sensor was a bit of an oops lol. Besides, if they have such an issue with cuss words ... it would be pretty hard to get around on the internet. I, personally think it would be better for them to try and get over their issues with the words, rather than always dropping a game and trying to find a mod to remove them. I am not going to ask why they don't like cuss words, but I do think that is the best advice I can give. Being more comfortable with it will help them out in the long run. Not all games can even be modded easily, and with it being such a minor word, that is a whole lot of games they would never continue playing.

                In other words, I think trying to mod the word out is going about it the wrong way, when there is a much easier solution of simply learning to not let it bother you.
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                • LaxoraNZ

                  LaxoraNZ Void-Bound Voyager

                  Yea, using the word outright without restraint was definitely a big goof up on my part, my baaad. I agree, however in defense of the other side doing so could be incredibly difficult depending on their reasons for not liking specific words, if it's just a personal "Oh I just don't like those words" type of deal then it's easy enough to condition yourself to be okay with other people using them casually, but if it's a trauma based thing or something else deeply psychology related then that might be a lot more difficult as you would first have to work out what is too much and what is a good starting point for conditioning oneself to be okay in situations where you see the aforementioned words.

                  In theory it makes sense, but these kinds of things all tend to vary in different amounts from person to person and unfortunately there isn't one go-to solution that most definitely works for everyone. If OP and other can and have an interest in conditioning themselves to accept seeing these words without being greatly affected by them then that would be great, but perhaps it's just not that easy or they don't want to, which is their own decision. I realize that this is straying from the original topic here so I'll leave it here before I go too far, haha.
                  • Ciriun

                    Ciriun Void-Bound Voyager

                    Technically, the OP never said they don't like or are bothered by swear words. This could be a younger person with restrictions imposed by their parents, or their religion may forbid content with curse words in it. All we know is that they can't play a game that has certain words in it, and that they do not wish to explain themselves.

                    I'm honestly just really happy to see that the OP was able to come here asking for help with a problem many people wouldn't understand and was treated kindly and respectfully. There are so many places, both online and IRL, where that sadly would not have been the case. I love this community.
                    • endermaryn

                      endermaryn Zero Gravity Genie

                      Seeing the word in question in the game actually bothered me. All Alex had to say was something along the lines of, "Wow!/Geeze!/You know what? I could really go for a burger." An individual does not have to resort to cursing to get their point across. That's what inflection is for.

                      I'm glad that the OP got the help they needed here. @Advize , Thank you for supplying the edited file. I'll download it when I get back home so I have it for the summer time this time around. @bulbaswat , I tend to block out certain words when I come across them, so I cannot think of any other instances in the game right now, but if I come across anymore, I'll let you know. Maybe if others are found, the edits can be compiled into an official mod and posted in the WIP/Mods Released section.
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                      • blargsnarf

                        blargsnarf Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        But real people do that all the time.
                        • bulbaswat

                          bulbaswat Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Yes, but in the opinion of myself and those like-minded, it isn't something necessary. I don't curse, never wanted to. The closest I've come to actually cursing is singing song lyrics. So it's definitely possible, and in my opinion not hard at all. For people like me that never even started cursing, it can be hard to see why others would at all.
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                          • KingArtX

                            KingArtX Orbital Explorer

                            I just did a quick dialogue search of the same word, and Clint also says it, just in case someone wants to repack that one too. I unpacked everything, but I'm not totally clear how to repack stuff properly yet.
                            • bulbaswat

                              bulbaswat Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              Will see what I can do about that. When I finish I'll post it here.
                              • taintedwheat

                                taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                Cool someone's doing this and it's understandable people have preferences. I'm glad there's an option for people who must feel they need to seek it. Different people, different reasons, different reactions.

                                But just fyi, cursing doesn't mean lack of intelligence or ability to have a wide vocabulary. Quite the opposite and recent studies have been released as of late (just a few weeks ago) to corroborate that.
                                • bulbaswat

                                  bulbaswat Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  Oh I know it doesn't mean that someone is stupid or lacking vocabulary, I just don't see the need to do it, because as I said I never actually started cursing or saw any reason to start.
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                                  • taintedwheat

                                    taintedwheat Master Astronaut

                                    I feel it. It's also like a social thing, it's weird and interesting! Like probably could even be studied further in anthropology and sociology for sure (probably has been, haven't deeply searched).

                                    Like for instance, like who you hang out with/location/etc.

                                    e.g.: I grew up in the cuts in Richmond/Bay Area native hiptrash all my life, so idk - can't help it.

                                    It's also like smoking cigarettes (which I quit fine), cursing hard to stop. (Can't. Bawahwaha Dx)
                                    • bulbaswat

                                      bulbaswat Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Just made the edit. I think this is the file that controls it. I changed it to "jeez" as I felt it was the best way to change it while still getting the original, or at least a similar, feeling across. If anyone has a better suggestion for it, or there is a problem with that word as well, let me know and I will see about changing it.

                                      The file can be found here, and is placed in content\characters\dialogue. This was made with a file from 1.05

                                      Let me know if there is any more I can do, and especially let me know if that file gets changed in an update, so that I can update it.
                                        Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
                                      • Advize

                                        Advize Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                        I don't recommend downloading it, it was made for Stardew Valley 1.06 and I believe 1.07 made changes to the file.
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                                        • bulbaswat

                                          bulbaswat Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                          Was Clint's changed as well? It occurs to me now that the file I used for that was from 1.05, and I haven't even updated my actual game files to 1.07 yet.

                                          I need to update...

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