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Outdated NoBull#$!%: Take your ore with you when you die! 20140804a Rampaging Koala

Because it's Normal Mode.

  1. Fibriel Solaer

    Fibriel Solaer Space Kumquat

    Fibriel Solaer submitted a new mod:

    [Nightly] NoBullshit: Take your ore with you when you die! - Because it's Normal fucking Mode.

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. DraLUSAD

    DraLUSAD Giant Laser Beams

    I have no issues with lost ores, i'm just harder to be killed, because i plan ahead instead of aimlessly walking into every mob and trap, though this is a nice addition for players who are bothered in losing there ores, just this way, its a risk and reward factor, are you careful enough to make stair way paths, use blocks to block and support you, or are you really the type to rush in and win every time?

    yeah, so you could say "i'm done mining" and just simply quit, and then log back in, simple, you keep your ores, back on your ship, no problem, but i find it easy to be honest, i'm one of many who like a challenge.

    infect, if i could, i would mod in the stable to loose your ores, simply to make it more of a challenge, besides, there are other mining places not just where you are, there is plenty of ore to mine, and it gets denser the harder the planet, though each two levels the iron based ores change, so if its the primaries your after, can be a challenge

    All i'm saying is, this is a new experience, something new, and it would have been spoken about on the forums, they may change it in the up coming future, after all it is nightly, and they did say "Its broken, really its broken" so it makes a lot of sense the devs are trying something new.

    apart from that, good mod i say
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  3. Fibriel Solaer

    Fibriel Solaer Space Kumquat

    Alright, first off, you've passively insulted me and anyone who uses my mod right in your first sentence. Well, it'd be your second sentence had you used proper grammar, but either way, you weren't even remotely subtle about it.

    Secondly, "DURHUR CHALLENGE" is not a black and white affair nor is it a magic word to excuse bad game design. Challenge isn't what's important. Fun challenge is what's important. Dark Souls is a challenge, and it can be very fun; Ikaruga is a challenge, and it's awesome; Cheetahmen is a challenge, but it is not fun at all.

    Third, Starbound prides itself on choices. That's why we have Normal | Hard | Death in the first place, that's why races are all identical and not forced to take benefits and drawbacks, that's why Wooden Beds are just as good as Titanium Beds, etc. etc.

    Now you're right that the game is and always has been pretty damn easy... for an character with an FTL drive. After all, if a planet is too difficult or totally useless, you can just Warp to Home, grind trees for charcoal, and go find another one. If stable had this ore drop right here right now it would be merely a very large annoyance.

    Now welcome to Rampaging Koala, where you do not start the game with an FTL drive - you can't even leave the first planet. This combined with ore drop makes the game potentially Unwinnable before you get to really play it:

    Because of your planet
    • New characters cannot leave the first planet, let alone explore the entire universe, and therefore you are limited to the ore on the one planet. Depending on the size of your planet, this means the game can literally become Unwinnable within hours because no ores are left, unless you have either pro sk1llz or a mod. Like this one.
    • Your starter planet is not guaranteed to spawn with any large number of fiber sources . This not only prevents you from making a bow, thus severely limiting you in acquiring meat, but more importantly, you won't be able to make bandages. Your only method of healing will be to wall yourself in and put a bed down or hope for medpack drops.
    • Your starter planet might not even have reliable WOOD sources. It might be a fucking mushroom planet, and then what are you going to do?
    • Your starter planet can be just about any size, and the larger it is, the longer it takes to get down to the layer where core fragments start spawning - hell, the layer where COPPER starts spawning - and the harder the enemies become in the process.
    • When you head down towards the planet core, the enemies not only get more powerful, but also more numerous and in far more cramped quarters. "Careful planning"? Sure, if your plan is "ask Stargod to miraculously smite 3 of these enemies sitting in the same 2 tiles".
    • In addition to lava in the planet core, planets and asteroids have Dead Zones to mark the level boundaries. If you enter the dead zone, you magically die immediately. So when the bug is fixed, what do you do if your stuff falls in the lava or the dead zone? There's a reason Minecraft players turn off item drops immediately and it's called NoBullshit.
    Because of your character
    • New characters have no weapons or armor and die in one to three hits from even the weakest enemy. Want better armor? Too bad, you keep dropping it in the fucking lava when you die.
    • Every character dies very quickly after touching lava. For a newbie this is the first tick. Then you drop your items in the lava, and if they are not directly destroyed, you kiss death again trying to get them back.

    The other reason it's incredibly stupid to drop your ores in Normal Mode is because it's Hard Mode whose entire shtick is item drops. What are the most important items in the game - hell the ONLY important items - after the clothes on your back and the tool in your hand? Ores and ingots. So basically, Hard Mode is superfluous, because the game's most important non-equipped items drop in Normal Mode anyway.

    But the most insulting part? This pretty much only affects new characters. Once you have an FTL drive, you barely have to worry about difficulty at all.

    So in short, Starbound falls back on its own core design element - that of choice - and as a direct result, there is no major change to gameplay at all except that new characters have to be played much, much smarter than high-tier characters (wtf?!), or else the player cannot even begin to actually play.

    If you can't see the problem with that, well then, I can only hope most Starbound players aren't as clueless and shallow as you.
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  4. Shadestyle

    Shadestyle Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I love you.
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  5. Tymon

    Tymon Cosmic Narwhal

    AMEN! When I tried out the nightly, my starting planet had toxic water and toxic rain, and I found tons of iron, silver, and even some gold, but couldn't find any copper at all. stay above ground, get killed by 3 damage per second rain, go underground, run into tons of toxic water pools that poison you. couldn't find any copper to actually start making proper armor since this damn game uses 'upgrade' stuff rather than craft from scratch, and when I finally did manage to get to the damn layer where I found some core fragments, after almost two hours of mining since I was using a crappy stone pickaxe due to lack of copper, I got about 15 core fragments, then I mis-jumped and fell into lava. instant dead. Having all my mining work dumped because of one miss-jump killed my motivation to even bother with the nightly now, I basically uninstalled it after that. I know it's 'testing' and all but why would they add over the top punishing crap like this? It makes me wonder if the developers even play their own game if they can't see how ridiculously boring and tedious they've made the start phase now.
  6. Fibriel Solaer

    Fibriel Solaer Space Kumquat

    I've got another mod up that not only axes the test dungeon that everybody's forced to start in now, but also makes sure you start on a Threat Level 1 forest planet. That should reduce the toxic water and stuff. I'm not sure if I remembered to make it a smaller planet too; one of my first planets took an hour of straight digging just to GET to the core fragments.

    I also follow the strategy I use in Terraria: build a Hellevator. That is, a shaft leading from your base straight down. Naturally you will want wooden platforms or ropes to be able to get down it safely after it's complete.
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  7. carson3003

    carson3003 Phantasmal Quasar

    Maybe someone should make a no upgrade mod.
  8. claudekennilol

    claudekennilol Cosmic Narwhal

    I can't get the latest nightly to launch with this mod
  9. Spark The Folf

    Spark The Folf Space Hobo

    Is there a non-outdated version of this mod? I can't seem to get it to work even when in the mod folder (Yes, it's unzipped).

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