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Resolved No reaction to controller input - DLC campaign - Switch

Discussion in 'Support' started by Merenween, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. Merenween

    Merenween Space Hobo


    After finishing the vanilla game, I decided to get the DLC Double Trouble in order to try new units and the campaign.

    I can launch it, and I can also see the whole introduction (and pass it if I want, because the issue arrives after it), but at the moment I have the message "Player 1 - Please do any input" while showing Wulfar picture, no one is recognized.

    I tried everything, plug and unplug the pro controller, use the base controller, plug 3 of them and try commands on each of them, none could do anything (even if they were recognized because they were used to pass the scene. This happens without passing the scene too).

    I restarted the game 3 or 4 times, checked for any update, but I cannot start the DLC campaign at all because of this.

    Exception made of this, the whole game seems to work (at least puzzles, i didn't try to get back to the vanilla campaign).

    How could I do ?

    Kind regards,
    • Merenween

      Merenween Space Hobo


      I'm a moron(ween), it took me 3 days to realize that you have to press the button way longer than normal campaign mode to make it count.
      Everything is good, sorry for the inconvenience,

      Kind Regards,
      • Pangaea

        Pangaea Forum Moderator

        Marking as resolved and closing.
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