No Rain In Spring?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by belia-, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. belia-

    belia- Space Hobo

    My 1st spring have alot rain, in summer and fall too,
    but in 2nd spring (year 2), only 2 rain day happen iin spring, summer and fall got sosme rain.
    and not the 3rd spring (year 3) have no rain, its 17th spring for now, is this some bug? im waiting time to catch legend fish, but there no rain.
    • JazzHepcat

      JazzHepcat Seal Broken

      I don't think that's a bug. Once I only got one day of rain in the beginning of spring when trying to catch Legend. I ended up having to use a rain totem on the 27th because I missed it on that one rainy day.
      • ManaUser

        ManaUser Cosmic Narwhal

        Probably just bad luck. You might try using a rain totem if you have the recipe (required Foraging level 9).
        • belia-

          belia- Space Hobo

          The rain happen at 18th spring,and now im at 21st spring.
          I think this is ultra bad luck
          • Saraneth

            Saraneth Big Damn Hero

            The weather is fairly random (except during holiday events and wedding days, when it's guaranteed to be sunny). It's entirely possible to get a streak of sunny days.

            As others have recommended, use a rain totem.

            If you haven't already, consider setting up an area just for pigs. Pigs only root truffles out on sunny days (outside of winter). You can then use the truffles to make oil for the rain totem, and when not making totems, enjoy the pretty penny that truffles and truffle oil bring in.
            • BigBerries

              BigBerries Tentacle Wrangler

              Ya rain totems are your friend, they're a great tool for doing massive crops, too. Who needs sprinklers when it rains every day?
              • La Chair

                La Chair Big Damn Hero

                On my current game, Spring year 1 I had two days of rain the entire month. I've had others were it seemed like every other day was rain. Pure RNG.
                • Dragonic_xd

                  Dragonic_xd Space Hobo

                  Year 2, It's been almost 4 weeks of Spring, the season's almost over and summer is near. In short I spent the entire month without any rain. There has been no rain since I placed down sprinklers on my farm. Not necessarily the cause of it but just luck I suppose. Anyway the only way to get certain fish and the Mermaid's Pendant is on a rainy day. IDK if this no rain is a bug or RNG but for now it seems the only way to get rain is the Totem. Which means grinding to level 9 in Foraging. I'm a first time player btw so go easy on me :)

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