RELEASED No More Dinosaurs - Wallpaper and Floor Texture Overhaul

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    This mod replaces almost all wallpapers and floors within the game. Some were deemed not horrible and were left alone. Some were only tweaked slightly. I also offer four choices to replace the children's (dinosaur and egg) wallpaper so that the upstairs hallway (which is otherwise unchangeable) has a more pleasing design. Also available are files with only the wallpapers or only the floors replaced, or only the children's wallpapers replaced.


    From now on, the entire game will never show you the children's dinosaur wallpaper or egg flooring ever again, but instead you will see your choice of design. You will not need to physically change anything in the game. From day one of having your fully-upgraded house, the wallpapers should be normal, nice wallpaper - not dinosaurs.

    This mod should be completely compatible with any interior farmhouse mod unless that mod overwrites the one file used by this mod.
    (Tested with Bathroom In House).


    1) Backup your files!
    2) Copy and paste walls_and_floors.xnb into the game's Content/ and Content/Maps/ folders (the former is used for actually displaying the texture, the latter is used for the inventory icons).


    I don't know if I'll make further replacers for this mod. If you have any requests, please let me know.


    [download at nexus]


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