Modding Discussion [No longer Taking Requests] Making Custom Lightsabers for a Limited time

Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Zanderfel, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    I made fully working and animated lightsabers last summer... and i havent touched the mod since but i want to get back and make more so i dont lose the skills required

    So basically if you are interested.... Ill be taking requests for custom lightsabers for use in game for a limited time.

    post requests on this thread and ill see what i can do
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  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    Lightsabers are always of interest.
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  3. THEKraken

    THEKraken Void-Bound Voyager

    i would love to see a lightsaber mod! Been looking for one!
  4. ImHereForTheMods

    ImHereForTheMods Cosmic Narwhal

    Racial themed light sabers may be cool, or really any type you would like to make. =)
  5. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    interesting i will look into it
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  6. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    if you can give me a rough drawing of what your saber would look and the color you want<--(no restrictions on this) like i can make it for you and ofcourse the type of saber you want single, dual wield, cross-guard or staff <---(this is WIP so it could take longer...i can make the saber but the animations will be just like a 2handed sword until i can finish the custom animations)....and trust me these sabers are worth it, they work like the violium sword but only the activation and deactivation part everything else is made by me, the blades, color and light emission, animations, hilt, custom sounds for activation, deactivation, swing, and hit, and abilities....(that are within my capability), It would take a little more time but i can add as many strikes in a combo as you want and the speed of the swings and the stance, also if you have a certain "style" visually that you imagine yourself using i can tweak the animations to reflect this...I can even change the way your blade pulses and flashes while its idle if you want something unique.
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  7. ImHereForTheMods

    ImHereForTheMods Cosmic Narwhal

    Heh, I might give it a try, drawing out a style I'd like, (we'll see how that works out). Haha.
    Sounds like a you know a lot about this!
  8. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    just do the best you can, or alternately you can do your best to describe your design through words, im sure ill be able to make it reality....also im no expert but boredom can make you do some crazy things like learn Lua scripting and learning how to use audio editing software and mastering photoshop....and obsessing over perfection...all so i can have a proper lightsaber in starbound :)
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  9. ImHereForTheMods

    ImHereForTheMods Cosmic Narwhal

    Here is some conceptual avian themed lightsabers I came up with over the course of about 10-20 mins. (It's a lil sloppy yes) (and yes, I'm a bit obsessed with avians)

    I think I like the 1st (starting from the left) and 2nd the best.

    I would have them glow red, like avian crystals, and they would use coloring similar to the avian tier 4 hammer I attached. =)

    I may attach a staff style lightsaber design too, if I can come up with something.

    Would it be possible for the lightsaber to pulse on idle? If that's a lot more trouble, then never mind that, unless you want to.

    You don't have to use my ideas though (especially not all of them, I got a lot) hah.

    Also you can tweak the style, should you choose to use it.

    Thanks in advance!

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  10. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    the idle pulse is no problem, and you want the blade to pulse at the same frequency as the avian lamps and crystals?

    also do you want the classic white core for the blade or do you want it dark red like the crystals?

    those concepts are perfect i have plenty to work with thanks

    ill start construction this evening....and when i finish it you can give me feedback and ill update your saber as needed
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  11. ImHereForTheMods

    ImHereForTheMods Cosmic Narwhal

    I got a couple staff designs now, as well, and another dual one.
    Again, pretty messy, but just for inspiration.

    You can pick whichever you like, if any, to do. It's your mod after all. =)

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  12. ImHereForTheMods

    ImHereForTheMods Cosmic Narwhal

    The pulse being the same as the avian lamps and crystals would be awesome, if you can do that, thanks!
    I was thinking the blade could be red, since, that seems to suit the avian theme. But, whatever works!

    Phew, that's a relief... My drawing skills are not the best, but.. I guess they're good enough to show what I mean, haha!

    Sounds awesome! Thank you so much for doing this!
    Which one are you going to do? Just curious. =P
  13. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    im thinking the 1st one in the top left of the 1st picture and the second with the double blades in the same and ill make the 1st staff from the left if i have the time

    so im clear you want a dark red core blade with lighter reds on the edge then a red light emission on the environment with a pulse like the avian crystals in the villages?

    and finally would you like higher pitched sounds or lower tones for the sabers, and do you want a quick activation sound and animation or a lower toned one with a more dramatic animation?

    and your welcome! thank you for concept drawings, i hope you will like them! and i will try to get them done in a timely manner, of course ill send you them as they are completed so you can have things to tide you over until all sabers are finished one more thing...did you want me to make them a crafting recipe? if so how hard do you want it to be to craft as far as materials required?.....or I can add it to the Loot tables of the game as a random drop or boss drop.....or given more time i can make it so you start with a simpler avian saber and then have recipes that upgrade the damage and hilt design as you play through the game? the choice is yours
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  14. ImHereForTheMods

    ImHereForTheMods Cosmic Narwhal

    Cool! Thank you so much!
    The dark red core blade with lighter reds on the edge, and red light emission, with a pulse like the avian crystals in the villages, sounds good to me! That was a rather long complex sentence... ha.

    I think lower pitched sounds would be nice. I think a simple animation would be fine, but, what would a more dramatic animation be like?

    No problem, really as far as the drawings go, the hard part is definitely what you're doing for sure. But I guess ideas do help haha. Sounds good, whenever you can do it is fine.

    A crafting recipe would be nice, as I would like to be able to craft them in survival. Materials required... can be about mid-game, to end-game. (violium, solarium-ish) Either way.
    Starting with a simpler upgradeable one sounds really cool, but I don't want to put you to too much trouble, so, even just craftable would be fine.

    Thanks again! I look forward to having them!
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  15. Zanderfel

    Zanderfel Big Damn Hero

    ok! i have all that i need to make them thanks

    a more dramatic ignition animation would be like it goes slower with a more violent burst from the hilt before the blade is fully extended...or super fast activation with the same burst of energy.
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  16. ImHereForTheMods

    ImHereForTheMods Cosmic Narwhal


    That sounds pretty cool! But, whatever you have time for, or feel like doing. Simple animation would be fine too!

    Thanks again! Look forward to hearing more!
  17. THEKraken

    THEKraken Void-Bound Voyager

    So can I still draw or am I too late?
  18. THEKraken

    THEKraken Void-Bound Voyager

    If i can i will send you the drawings
  19. THEKraken

    THEKraken Void-Bound Voyager

    You can totally edit the drawing I made the things I really want is the greenblade and the name:That Lightsaber.

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  20. THEKraken

    THEKraken Void-Bound Voyager

    also if you need more I still have some ideas!

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