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Discussion in 'Wiki Discussion' started by M_Sipher, Jul 6, 2017.

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    So part of what I've been doing (and plan on doing way more of) is articles about concepts, stuff that's not just directly tied to game mechanics. Characters who only appear via Lore like Hiraki Corale, worldbuilding stuff like Avolite crystals, etc.

    Part of that would involve articles for characters who appeared in Beta Lore but have since been excised from the game. Thornwing, Hewlitt Deckard, etc. I think they deserve articles.

    But since they're not part of the final game (so far), it'd be a pretty good idea to have, right up top, a template saying that this information is no longer considered game canon, just to stave off confusion. The "unobtainable" templates don't really apply since they're not items you could collect. It should probably also be phrased so it can go in articles for stuff that IS in the final game but changed from Beta, like Greenfinger: the main article would talk about what they are in the current game, then a section with this template up top to explain the original iteration that is no longer canon.

    I'm not sure what graphic would be best for this, tho. Maybe one of the now-unused Lore Book icons?
  2. Katzeus

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    Cool suggestion. I agree, lore book seems appropriate.
  3. Guest0241525

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    It's actually the icon used by the "Dear Baron" codex, which isn't unused. But it probably fits the context, I think?

    Most old codexes used generic "book with a number" icons, which wouldn't be particularly useful.
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  4. M_Sipher

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    I dig it.
  5. rubyoctopus

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    Has someone added this already? because if not, I will.
  6. Guest0241525

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    I'm sure MSipher is working on it.
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  7. M_Sipher

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    I have not. I mean I can try and take a stab at it but I am tremendously trepidatious over attempting more complex wiki coding.
  8. Guest0241525

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    Well, here's my take on the wording:
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    Oh, you named it Beta-Release Canon. That works. Still, aside from the title, I think my wording could still work a bit better? Can't edit it myself though, since I don't have the required permissions.
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    Wanted to type "no longer considered" and ended up typing "no considered". Oops.
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