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  1. hitachihex

    hitachihex Void-Bound Voyager

    No way to discern if you've actually talked to them a certain day, because SMAPI cannot hook function required to check before the day restarts.
    Storm can when it gets released, though.
    • dubesor

      dubesor Intergalactic Tourist

      could you add no fence decay?
      • xcedra

        xcedra Master Chief

        help! how do I find the stardew valley folder? I bought it off steam but when I look there there is no mods folder in the app data... I cant figure out how to install stmp
        • Nypra

          Nypra Poptop Tamer

          You are looking in the main install folder?

          Mods folder is not automatically installed in the main install folder, you must make one.

          If you are looking for the Roaming Stardew Valley steam folder, I'd recommend enabling view of hidden folders. Go to the main drive, click users and whatever your account name is, then 'AppData', 'Roaming', and finally 'Stardew Valley'. Mine already had a Mod folder, but you may have to make one.

          This is how I have my main install folder setup:

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          • cantorsdust

            cantorsdust Phantasmal Quasar

            Added to mod list!
            • Ridesdragons

              Ridesdragons Void-Bound Voyager

              no, what I meant is make talking friend points = 0.

              the way it currently is - I don't talk to abigail, I go to sleep, I lose 2 points, then this mod adds 2 points. net gain = 0.
              the next day, I talk to abigail, and immediately get 2 points for talking to her. I then go to sleep, I don't lose any points (because I talked to abby), and this mod adds 2 points. net gain = 4.

              what I'm suggesting - I don't talk to abigail, I go to sleep, I lose 2 points, then this mod adds 2 points. net gain = 0.
              the next day, I talk to abigail, period. no point gains. I then go to sleep, I don't lose any points (because I talked to abby), and this mod adds 2 points. net gain = 2.

              also, can't you have it as "if (abbyPointsLost > 0) {abbyFriendPoints += 2}"? instead of checking whether you talked to an npc or not, it checks if you lost points for not talking or not, and then adds the points if you did lose points. but this is an alternate idea, different from what I initially suggested.

              that already exists here
              • hitachihex

                hitachihex Void-Bound Voyager

                The game doesn't add 2 when you talk, it decays 2 per day if you haven't talked (an it won't decay if your level is > 2500 at all, as well, that's the baseline).
                You gain 10 for talking (once) per day to any NPC (sans pets, farm animals, horse, etc). It decays 20 if you don't talk to your spouse per day also (regardless of baseline).

                Your first suggestion is actually how the first version works, but your gain is 4 only on the first time you load the game up, because SMAPI fires the DayChanged event when you load your game.

                Other suggestion is cumbersome to add without hooking the method to detect the previous friend value, and also still requires you to check the talked flag (which needs hook, because the event fires after the game changes it.)

                Second version prevents you from experiencing first dialogue for the NPC in the morning, but does not grant any net gain (it's a very small net gain, but for people that don't want it to change without them interacting, that's what it's there for).
                • Tyrindor

                  Tyrindor Space Kumquat

                  Can we get a livestock version of this? Talking to every livestock every day gets a bit tedious.

                  The mod prevents you from seeing the first dialog every day?
                  • hitachihex

                    hitachihex Void-Bound Voyager

                    I'll update it with livestock once Storm public releases roll around, if someone doesn't do a version before me.

                    The second version prevents you from talking to the NPC for the morning dialogue, but does not give you net gain, yes.
                    • Tyrindor

                      Tyrindor Space Kumquat

                      I'm just a tad confused by what you mean by morning dialogue and "first days" dialog. You mean when you first meet them after creating a character?

                      I'm on Year 2 and haven't noticed any missing dialog when talking to NPCs the first time each day (v1.1). I disabled the mod, went around town in the morning talking to people making notes of what they say. Enabled the mod and it was the same dialogs.
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                      • wordsalads

                        wordsalads Void-Bound Voyager

                        Does this mod change the daily +20 to +2 from talking to villagers?
                        • Ridesdragons

                          Ridesdragons Void-Bound Voyager

                          no, I simply didn't know what the gain from talking to villagers was and mistakenly thought that version A added 4 every day if you talked to a person every day, 2 from the auto-add and 2 from talking, when really it was something different.

                          if I read it right, version 1.0 allows you to talk to everyone normally and gain the friend points as per usual, but has a minor bug whenever you load the game (adding a few extra points to villagers). version 1.1 skips the first message of everyone and prevents you from earning friend points from talking, but there is never any decay and no on-load bug.

                          that said, tyrindor said that it doesn't actually prevent the first message, so I'm not sure what it really prevents, or if it actually does prevent you from earning points from talking or not.
                          • Tyrindor

                            Tyrindor Space Kumquat

                            I don't think this mod removes the +20 friendship/day from talking to NPCs, though if it does, I feel like gaining rep would be harder with this mod! +20 is a lot, similar to giving a "liked" gift, every single day.

                            I think 10 hearts is 2500ish points? That's only ~1 1/2 years to max every NPC just simply by talking to them every day. Throw in a "loved" birthday gift, giving +3 hearts, and you'd have everyone maxed in a year simply by talking to them and birthday gifts. Even less if you are doing the random quests you get. That's fast!
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                            • cpevors

                              cpevors Void-Bound Voyager

                              At one point, ConcernedApe said that friendship doesn't decay after you've reached a certain friendship level with someone. Is that still true? Or are people finding that friendship with even villagers at 10 hearts is decaying?
                              • Tyrindor

                                Tyrindor Space Kumquat

                                More testing with v1.1, definitely does not stop any dialog from showing not sure why the mod maker is claiming it does. I talked to almost every villager and wrote down how many times I could talk to each of them. Then I loaded the mod up, and the number was the exact same for each villager.

                                Did you perhaps upload the wrong file? v1.0 and v1.1 are the exact same file size.

                                It'll stop with normal NPCs, but it's a never ending battle with the 8 people you can marry. I assume it's a bug.
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                                • Acrimonia

                                  Acrimonia Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  A lot of this is guesswork; it probably looked as if it should cancel out first dialogues or did so on a test run, but on fresh installs does no such thing.
                                  In an ideal world, computing is like a repeatable experiment. Reproducing the same code on the same machine should produce the same result ten times out of ten.
                                  In the real world, eh...
                                  • stardewblue

                                    stardewblue Void-Bound Voyager

                                    Sorry, I'm super new to modding this game and every game is different. I know you said to install, the .dll should be placed in the Mods folder, but what should be done with the CS file?
                                    • Snaitf

                                      Snaitf Poptop Tamer

                                      Nothing, that's just the source code.
                                      • Tyrindor

                                        Tyrindor Space Kumquat

                                        WARNING: As someone mentioned above, I'm confirming that v1.1 removes the +20 points/day you get from talking to an NPC. This means, overall, you will get way less friend points unless you are an absolute loner who never talks to people. I cannot comment on v1.0 of the mod. If you want to check yourself, install social menu here:

                                        Without this mod: If you talk to a NPC every day, you'll max his rep in 125 days if you do nothing else. You can ignore them for 10 days, talk to them once, and you'll "break even" with decay (what this mod basically does). However, talking to them is roughly the same amount of points as a "liked" gift. If you give a "loved" birthday present every day for the first year, it'd only take 88 days of talking to everyone everyday to max everyone in the game. Throw in gifts, and you'll max everyone in less than 2 seasons!

                                        With this mod (v1.1): You only get points from gifts and quests. It'll take you a lot longer, and a lot more materials to get everyone maxed with this method. I've been gifting left and right and wondering why it's taking so long... well that's why. +20/day is a ton.

                                        Wish there was a better solution, maybe with storm API it's possible. I'm going to personally deal with decay, and remember to talk to each NPC at least 3 times per season. Any extra is bonus friend points!

                                        Yup, I suspect that's the case here.
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                                        • tomatix

                                          tomatix Star Wrangler

                                          I'm glad you caught that Tyrindor. Back to stock for me. I was wondering why nobody shifted at all after giving them everything they love twice.

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