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Bug/Issue No ancient seeds glitch

Discussion in 'Support' started by keithwalrus, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. keithwalrus

    keithwalrus Space Spelunker

    I think i may have a glitch where there are no ancient seeds in my game? I've had multiple saves before and in my old ones before i downloaded gameplay mods, i would encounter ancient seeds usually in my first year and nearly every other week or so at the traveling cart, but i'm in year 5 now and i've been going to the traveling cart twice a week since the beginning and i haven't seen ancient seeds being sold at all. Please help!
    • One More Day

      One More Day Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      This is probably not a bug.

      Plantable ancient seeds do not appear "every other week or so at the traveling cart". Like many other items, they have a 1.26% chance to appear on the cart on any given Friday or Sunday. Not appearing in five years is maybe fractionally unlucky, but at about a 13% chance, it's not exactly remarkable.

      As for getting the ancient seed artifact (not the same item as the plantable ancient seeds) from a dig spot or fishing treasure chest, that's just the RNG; sometimes it gives, sometimes it doesn't - sometimes you find three in the first week, sometimes you wait years. The same is true for all artifacts really, but this one, along with the dinosaur egg and the dwarf scrolls, are the ones people notice are missing, because they can offer the player something other than being donated or sold.

      Ancient seed artifact is also a small chance to drop from insects, so if you kill enough of those then you'll get it eventually. Best bet is probably the mutant bug lair in the sewers, where dozens of them spawn every few days. Keep going back to massacre them, the artifact will drop eventually, and you can donate to the museum to get the plantable seeds. Equipping the burglar ring for added monster loot might be a good idea here too.
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      • keithwalrus

        keithwalrus Space Spelunker

        thanks - yeah, i've been going to the mutant bug lair quite a bit but i guess i'll keep going until i get it lol.

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