Bug/Issue NINTENDO SWITCH: Quests for Wizards being weird

Discussion in 'Support' started by adamdoestheatre, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. adamdoestheatre

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    This is gonna be brief: Some of the quests on the Help Board in the Nintendo Switch version are weird. They are the same wording but here's the wording: "The monsters known as Dust Spirit are throwing the elemental balance into disarray. I would like an adventurer to enter the mines and slay 0 of these fiends. - M. Rasmodius, Wizard -0g reward"
    This is very odd and has happened twice consecutively. It's not like when I accept it I can go visit the wizard and have it work. It still says "0/0 Dust Spirit defeated". I have taken a screenshot and will attach if needed/ required. It only shows what I've said before, also showing that it still has 2 days.

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