Nintendo Switch Port? Anyone?

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Would you buy this game for NINTENDO SWITCH?

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  1. YES! I love this game and I love Nintendo Switch, It's a perfect match!

  2. Yes! I love this game and I'd buy a Nintendo Switch for it!

  3. Maybe. I love this game but I don't have/like Nintendo switch.

  4. Nope. I love this game but the Nintendo Switch sucks and it's not worth the try.

  5. NOPE! This game sucks, Nintendo sucks, I hate both of them and I hate you!

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  1. Pongozila

    Pongozila Void-Bound Voyager

    So I'm here for a far fetched appeal, which I probably know the answer, but I HAVE TO PLEAD FOR IT!


    I'd say this is a perfect game for it, full of retro games, being able to take it everywhere, and having the joycons as a two player control... this would be insane! I'd buy in a heartbeat! PLEASE do consider it! I'm sure this will be a huge hit if it's there! I do understand that porting isn't an easy/cheap thing to do, but I really do think your efforts would be more than rewarded! Please, please, please consider it!!!
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    • Saturnyoshi

      Saturnyoshi Aquatic Astronaut

      This would require 4 things:
      • Hopoo actually work on the game again
      • Hopoo port the game to GMS2
      • YoyoGames adds NS export to GMS2
      • Hopoo releases game for NS
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      • Althalus7

        Althalus7 Space Hobo

        At this point with Risk of Rain 2 snapshots, there may not be a port for the first version.

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