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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Ditman333, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Ditman333

    Ditman333 Space Hobo

    Hi looking for one or more people to play with on a new farm! I am posting this at 6:54 pm Eastern standard time!
    Switch friend code : 6741-4865-6302
    --i will be active a ton and playing for the next several hours!! I am hosting now so add me and join I'll accept the invite right away!!!
    • Ditman333

      Ditman333 Space Hobo

      Bump cmon ppl add mee!!
      • Ditman333

        Ditman333 Space Hobo

        Doesn't anyone wanna play? I ain't going anywhere so let's play
        • SkelV

          SkelV Space Hobo

          Sorry this is a bit late, but I'm down.
          • Askew Designs

            Askew Designs Space Hobo

            SW-4699-9910-5973 is my friend code! Ill be active a few hours out of everyday except not sure on weekends! Add me!

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