Bug/Issue [Nintendo Switch] Local Multiplayer No Longer Available For Farm Created Before 1.4

Discussion in 'Support' started by ShoutHouse, Feb 17, 2020.

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    I've been trying to play local multiplayer with my fiance with a farm that we created before the most recent updates. I have been having the issue since the update but I just haven't reported it.

    I am able to create new multiplayer farms for local connectivity and they can be seen by my fiance, but the farm we've been playing cannot.

    We CAN play that farm via online multiplayer, however, this introduces stutters and freezing every few minutes or so and I am ALWAYS fishing when the freeze happens.

    Nintendo Switch

    Docked and undocked
    Wired and wireless networks
    Creating a new farm and playing that farm in local multiplayer and then trying to go back to the old farm
    Starting the farm in local multiplayer and letting a day pass before having the other try to access the farm via local multiplayer
    Power cycling both devices

    I'm not sure what else to include so let me know if I can add anything.
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